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Then waiter came and asked me “who is she?” I said “it’s none of your business.” He said “I thought she is new recruit as every new female recruit’s final round interview is done this way.” Then he said is there any Asma madam in your office?” I said “yes she is 22 year MBA student doing her project in our company, she is very good girl, how do you know her?” He grinned and said “sir she is everyday fucked by someone here, even I got chance 2-3 times.” I was shocked to hear what was going in our company.

After one week she was called everyday to the guest house and was banged by someone in our office. Once, Narang took her to Delhi for 2 weeks for conference. After returning she said that there she was fucked by more than 30 different men. I came to know that it was a trap to fuck my wife. They planned to fuck her when they met her in the party. Now Jason is going to US for a month and he is planning to take her with him…