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Hi I am Mahesh live in Mumbai. I am 30 years old. My family consists of my wife Purvi 28 years old. As we were married early so we also have one son who is 4 years old. I am going to narrate an erotic story, which is real. You can read and imagine how my slut hot and sexy wife was fucked and gangbanged at work by my bastard bosses.

I was working in a company and had a reasonably good salary. We had bought our flat on bank loan. But one day we were told that our company has been acquired by an American company. A party was organized to celebrate this occasion. I also went to the party with my wife. wife fucked at work

Now let me describe my wife. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and of slightly dusky complexion. As she was actively involved in sports in her school and college days, she has got a perfect figure. She looks like a model. She has a very cute and innocent looking face. On the day of part she was wearing a light blue color saree. She was looking stunning in that day. Everyone was looking towards her. I introduced to my bosses which also our new American boss who was a Negro.

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A week later my world shattered when I came to know that my name was also on the list who were supposed to be handed pink slip. I immediately went to my boss and pleaded him but he said that there is no other option. I went home said everything to my wife. She said me again to request to my boss.

Next day I went to my boss and again pleaded to my boss. He said that he will have to talk to our new boss. So he went to our new American Negro boss whose name was Jason. My boss whose name was Mohit came out after about 20 minutes and said me to go in Jason’s cabin. I went to him. He said that I will get my job on only one condition. I eagerly asked me the condition as got a hope that I will get my job back. But I was shocked to know the condition. He said that If I let him fuck my wife then I will get my job. I came out dejected.

When I reached my home my wife eagerly asked me “did you meet your bosses.”

I said “yes.” wife fucked at work

Then she asked “what about the job.” I said “they are ready to keep me back on job but I have to pay for it. She asked “how much money?” I said” dear its not money.” She again asked “then what?”

I said “they want to fuck you.” My wife, “what?” wife fucked at work

After that there was no discussion about that. I tried to search for a new job but I did not find any. After one month did not have money to pay flats installment and even to buy food. One night my wife said “Vikrant tomorrow you go and meet your bosses.” I said “you know what they want.” She said “we don’t have ant other option.”

That night I was not able to sleep thinking what will happen.

Next day I went to my boss Mohit. I said “Sir please give me job.”

Mohit” are you ready for the demand?” I said “yes sir.”

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He smiled and went to Jason’s cabin. After 5 minutes they called me inside. Mohit said “you will have to bring her to our guest house the day after tomorrow that is on Sunday 11 in the morning.” Then he handed me a envelope and said “there is money inside this envelope ask your wife to go to the parlor and get her groomed.” Then Jason gave me a packet and said “I have brought clothes for your wife ask her to wear this on that day and apply that cream on her entire body from today, we are going to make her our personal whore.” Both of them started laughing. I left and returned to my house. wife fucked at work