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On reaching house, my wife asked “what happened.” I said everything to her and handed over envelope and packet. The packet contained a white color top and a black heel length skirt and a black colored sexy panty. There was a note kept there, it was written” wear the top without any undergarment and clean shave your pussy.” We shocked to see their preparation. My wife lifted the top and said “my god it has only one strap each one both the shoulders, how am I going to wear this?” I said “dear we have no other option.” She asked “where are they going to do me?” I said “they have asked me to bring you to the company’s guest house on Sunday at 11 in the morning.”

The next day that is on Saturday my wife went to the parlor and got her self prepared for fucking. One the night I saw that her skin had become smooth like silk and it had a strange glow on it. She said that the cream given by my boss is very expensive one. That night passed in anticipation and we both were unable to sleep. wife fucked at work

Next morning I left my son in my uncle’s house. When I returned from uncle’s house my wife was ready. She was really looking very sexy and gorgeous. In that appearance anybody would love to fuck her. Her nipples were protruding from the tight fitting top. She was feeling very shy and embarrassed. She covered herself with a jacket and we went to the guest house.

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We reached there and went to the room said at the reception. I pressed the door bell and Mohit opened the door. The room was well arranges it had a sofa on three sides and a large bed at one side and a small center table. My other senior boss Narang who was about 60 years old was sitting there and was watching TV.I wanted to kill that old guy. Everyone wanted to fuck my wife.

Narang also got up and welcomed us and he was too straight on what he invited my wife. He straight away said me, “what a beautiful and delicate wife you have, is she really your wife or any call girl, are you trying to fool us?” Before I could tell anything Mohit entered and he said, “She his wife I have met her in the party and that’s why Jason have called her.” Then he said me to sit. My wife was also about to sit with me but Narang said “dear you are going to sit with your husband for entire life, today come and sit with us.” She was hesitating to go ahead but he got up he held her and made her to sit on his lap. wife fucked at work

He kept his finger on her lips drew a line over her lips and said “what lovely lips this whore has. “Soon he planted kiss on her lips and the other hand was on her breast rubbing it. With other hand he lifted her skirt and exposed her long legs. He started rubbing her thighs. Now he was clearly sucking her tongue. I was feeling so much ashamed that I was not able to look into the eyes of my wife. Once I saw her looking towards me helplessly.

Then Jason came from other room and went straight to my wife and lifted her from Narang’s lap and took her to another sofa and sat there. Though my wife is tall she looked like a doll in front of him. He made her sit on his lap facing him and planted a kiss on her lips and with other hand lifted her skirt and started pressing her ass. With other hand he started pressing her boobs. She was so nervous that though he was not keeping his hand behind her head she did not move her face away from his face for sometime. When she realized that her head is free she pulled her face away form him. He was looking very wild in his approach. After sometime he was hurting her. After about 20 minutes he left her. Then Mohit took control of her. wife fucked at work