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He also made her sit her on his lap and he kissed and pressed her boobs and ass. After about 20 minutes he removed his face from her and said “Vikrant you have got really very sexy and attractive wife, she will be fuck of the life.” He made her stand and placed his hand on the rim of the skirt and unhooked it. Skirt fell on the floor encircling her legs. Now she was stand in her top, black panty and high heeled sandal. She was just looking like a porn star. Seeing her Narang said “wow she id just looking like a high society call girl.”

Then all the three got up and pulled her in the center of the room and made her sit on the floor. Then they surrounded her and they opened their pants zip and pulled their cocks out. They told her to hold their cock in her hand but she was not doing as she was conservative and had never done suck thing before, she was also very nervous. wife fucked at work

Jason angrily said “see your wife is not cooperating with us.” Saying this he caught her hand and forcibly placed her hand on his cock. He said “you bitch just jerk it.” But she did not move her hand. Then he caught her wrist and started moving it to and fro. Narang also did the same thing. Soon Jason lost his interest and left. Mohit replaced him. Soon Narang also left. Meanwhile waiter came in, she tried to cover herself then Narang said “don’t act like Sati Savitri, he has seen many whore like you.” Then he made the waiter to kiss her ass.

After sometime Jason got himself completely nude and stood in front of her pushing Mohit aside. She still was shy and nervous with the whole thing. He held her head and was guiding her to suck his cock. She hesitated to do as she had never done this in life. He was upset by this and said to me, “Bitch is feeling ashamed in front of her husband, you go, and come at 7’o clock and the evening and take her.” I saw the wall clock it was 12 noon. Then I saw towards her, she was very nervous and afraid, she was left alone with strangers.

As I was coming out Mohit came to me wearing his rob and led me out. He said “see how we are going to make your lovely and conservative wife a high profile whore.” Saying this he opened the door of the adjacent room and led me in. I was shocked to see, the room had a glass pane from where the other room was completely visible. Then I realized that the mirror in the other room is one sided glass. Each and every sound made in that room was also clearly audible here. Seeing me shocked Mohit said “both of these rooms are purposely made in such a way for our enjoyment.”

He smiled and went away. wife fucked at work

As I anticipated my bosses became more aggressive now. Jason held his now semi hardened cock which was in this condition also very long and thick with his one hand and placed it over her lips. But she removed her face. Then he held her head’s back with one hand and with the other hand he pressed her nose, not letting her to take breath, when she opened her mouth for breath he forced her face and he inserted his cock in her mouth. He was forcing his cock in and out of her mouth.

She was gagging and was not able to take it completely inside her mouth. Only half of its length was going inside my lovely wife’s small mouth. This went on for a long time till his now fully erect cock was going completely inside her mouth. I can bet that his cock was going deep inside her throat as it was very long and huge.

Her mouth was completely stretched and only “ammmm ammmmmmm.” Sound was coming out from her mouth. Though she was in pain, she had started enjoying that as there was no way out and she was also thinking that I have gone. She was now moving her head to and fro herself now. It went for about 20 minutes then Jason pulled away and sat on the sofa. wife fucked at work

Then Mohit came and stood in front of her. I was shocked what I saw; my wife herself caught his cock, opened her mouth and took it inside. Seeing this Narang said “it seems bitch is enjoying it.” Everybody laughed. Then Jason said “don’t worry we are going to make her our personal whore.” She wildly started sucking his cock. Then Mohit said her to stop and he caught her head himself and started mouth fucking her. After about 10 minutes he loaded his entire cum in her mouth and told her to drink it.

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As she has never drank my cum also, half of it fell from her mouth. She took it in her hand and ran towards bathroom to clean her mouth and hand. Meanwhile Narang said “this bitch is going to become excellent whore, just we need to train her.” Saying this he got up and switched on the TV and inserted DVD into DVD player. wife fucked at work