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She shouted in huge pain. They were still enjoying her pain. He continued to move in and out of her ass hole, he was not even bothering that she is also a human. He got more aggressive as each time he went in and out of her ass hole. He was pushing his full cock and pulled it out entirely. His waist was beating her on her ass sides that gave heavy movement to her body that she was going forward till she got the other person’s cock in her throat.

His bag under his cock was hitting her pussy hard each time he was going in her ass hole. She must be having in huge pain in her back but none of them cared for it. They were enjoying it. It was looking so erotic that even I was enjoying the scene. In that position he continued to do her in her ass for about more than 20 minutes, after that he increased his speed. I understood that he was going to blast. He pushed too hard inside her and he blasted in her ass hole. Meanwhile Narang pulled his cock out. Jason fell on her, he was too heavy for her she was not able to bear his weight on and she fell on the bed.

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Then he inserted his cock inside her mouth and started fucking her mouth. After about 5 minutes he pulled it out. Then he said something to her. She smiled painfully and got up and both went towards the door on the opposite side of the room. He opened the door. That door opened on the terrace. He took her towards railing and made her catch it. Then he bent her and started inserting his cock in her ass hole. She again started screaming, they again started laughing. Mohit said “I think her ass hole is very small.” Then Jason said “yes as she was virgin there it is very small and tight, but don’t worry after some good banging she will start enjoying it.” He kept her banging mercilessly for about half an hour. Then he stopped moving, he must have cummed inside her. Then he said something to her and she kneeled there and she started licking his cock. Then he started to come inside the room but she was unable to walk a single step due to may be sharp pain. Narang came inside and said to Mohit “if you want to fuck her, bring her inside, that bitch is unable to move.”

Mohit went out lifted her and took her to bathroom. After sometime they came out of bathroom and Mohit made her sit on the sofa which was closest to the mirror. Then he said “bitch start sucking my dick.” She obediently started sucking his cock. After sometime he took out his cock out and placed a cushion in front of the made her kneel on it. Then he pushed her on the sofa. He placed his cock on her ass hole and gave a powerful pushed. It went inside completely. She was even not having power to scream she just moaned. Only “aah aah” sound was coming out of her mouth each time he was pushing his cock inside her.

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After sometime he made her sit on the sofa and said her to lift her legs and he pushed them towards her boobs and made her catch them. Now her ass hole was facing ceiling and it was open like a flower. He inserted his cock and started banging her. She was making “uhmm uhmm” sound from her mouth. While banging Mohit asked her “Purvi did you like it?” I was shocked to hear the reply. She said “yes I liked it, keep fucking me.” She started saying “fuck me…….fuck me……tear my ass” He banged her for 20 minutes and he also discharged. He made her clean his cock by licking it. Then he lifted her and took to the bathroom. Then he brought her and laid her on the bed. They gave her tea and made her eat some medicine.

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Again after half an hour Jason wanted to fuck her. He woke her and inserted his cock in her mouth. I must admit that after day long banging also she was looking very cute and seductive that anybody would like her to fuck again and again. Now he lay on bed and made her sit in his cock. Now she started moving up and down on his cock. Due to her jumps her lovely bobs were also jumping. Everybody fucked her once more.

It was now 6:30. Then Jason announced “lets gang bang her.” Everybody agreed at once. My wife looked with a blank face as she did not understand the meaning of gang bang.

They again made her suck their cocks. Jason lay on the bed and made her sit facing his feet. He placed his cock on the mouth of her ass hole and lowered her. It smoothly went inside completely. I was shocked to see 11 inch cock going in completely. I was sure that now she has become whore and she will not be satisfied with my average cock. She slowly started jumping on the cock. After sometime, Narang came on the bed. Jason pulled her towards himself and made her lay on him. Narang slowly started pushing his cock in her pussy. My wife screamed “no… not like that, it will pain too much, I will…..” Before she could complete her sentence Mohit’s cock was inside her mouth.

Now they started banging her rhythmically. After 20 minutes I saw watch it was 7 o clock. I saw her in great pain. They must have not tried everything on a single day. So I decided to go inside. I went and knocked the door. After about 2 minutes Mohit opened the door and came out. He said “dear except you and me nobody knows that you were watching.” Saying this he went inside and I followed him.