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When my wife came out of the bathroom, Narang called her towards him and made her sit on his lap and said “dear you have to learn how to suck cock properly, so see the clip and do it on my cock.” He played the clip and started to kiss her on her neck. With one hand he was pressing her boobs and with another he was rubbing her pussy and thighs. They were facing towards me as the screen was just on the side of the mirror. Then I saw her smiling and slowly she started rubbing his cock over his pant. After sometime she opened his pants zip and pulled his cock out and started giving him hand job. After sometime she and Narang got up. Narang then completely removed his cloth and sat on sofa facing towards my right wall so I was able to see the sidewise.

The tool was so tall that Narang was almost standing on it. Then my wife seductively moved towards him, lifted her top above her boobs and sat in between his legs like a pro. She caught his cock and encircled her to finger around it and moved it up and down 4-5 times. Then she moved his foreskin back and opened her lips little bit and started moving it up and down over his cock’s tip. Then she slowly opened her mouth and completely took his entire cock in her mouth. Then she started moving her head to and fro. Meanwhile Jason came from back and started playing with her pussy and ass. After about 20 minutes he unloaded his entire cum in her mouth. This time she completely drank it and liked each drop of it from his cock. Narang said “that’s like a good girl.”

On hearing this she smiled and went to the bathroom. wife fucked at work

When she came out Jason called her towards bed. He was sitting on the bed. When she reached there he spread his legs and without saying any word my wife sat in between his legs and lowered her head, then her head started moving up and down. I could not see because her back was towards me. Then after about 10 minutes he pulled her up. Then he pulled her top aver her head and she cooperated by lifting her hand. Seeing her boobs he shouted in excitement “wow what lovely round and firm boobs!!” He grabbed her both boobs in each palm and started pressing it with his full strength. She wriggled in pain. She said “sir do it slowly it is paining.” But he did not listen and kept pressing them. Then he again sat on the bed and made her sit on his lap. He started playing with her boobs.

He was sucking one boob and with one hand he was kneading the other boob After about 10 minutes he got up taking her in her lap and threw her on the right side of the. Then he caught her legs violently and pulled her towards the edge of the bed. He parted her legs and pulled her panty aside and started licking her pussy. Then after sometime he pulled her panty and my wife raised her waist. He pulled completely down her legs and threw it. He again violently started licking her pussy and meanwhile he was pressing her boobs. My wife was enjoying as her eyes were closed and she was moaning slowly.

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After about 5 minutes ha said something to her and she smiled and got up. wife fucked at work

Then he caught her hand and walked towards center table. She was walking seductively which even I never saw. I was thinking whether really she is becoming a whore? When they reached there Jason took a cushion from sofa and placed it on the floor near the center table. Then he made her kneel down on it facing the table. Then he pushed her on the table and made her in doggy position. He spread her legs apart. He caught his cock in his hand and was about to place it on her pussy then he suddenly stopped and said “guys do you have condoms.” Mohit said “come-on fuck her without condom, she is still not a whore, she is just a conservative housewife, and if she gets pregnant then its Vikrant’s headache.” Then he slapped her ass very hard and started rubbing his cock on her pussy. My wife was looking towards her back. Her face was showing her fear as his cock was very long and thick.

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Then my wife started seeing towards Narang, then again he started rubbing his cock. My wife again looked back, he again stopped. I understood that he wanted to insert when she is not prepared. He signaled to Narang. Then Narang asked her “have you been fucked by person than your husband?” She said “no.” Then he asked has he fucked your ass?” Her mind was diverted towards Narang and before she could say anything Jason with a sudden and powerful push inserted half his cock in her pussy. She screamed loudly due to pain. All the three bastards started laughing loudly; they did not care for her pain. Without any mercy he again gave a push and anther 1/4th went inside. My wife started crying. He remained there for about 20 seconds and again gave a powerful push and his entire cock was inside her pussy.

My wife was crying loudly and it made Jason more exited he started moving his cock in and out and at the same time he was slapping her ass. Slowly he started to increase his speed. After sometimes my stopped crying and she started moaning. Sound like cats meow was coming from her mouth. Now Jason started pulling out his cock and pushing it inside completely in one push. Mohit and Narang came on the either side of the table and placed her hand on their cock. She smilingly started jerking their cock. Her ass was looking red due to continuous slapping.