Wife Swapping is fun

Hello Indian wife swap sex story readers, my name is Shweta & am from Bangalore. My figure size is 34c 28 32. My hubby name is Munjal. We both love each other and are always active in sex.

Love to fuck whenever we got a chance. As days passed sex was getting boring and we wanted to spice up our sex life, Munjal came up with a proposal saying why don’t we try Wife swapping, I reacted like I was shocked (in reality I was excited to try it).

I said no Munjal this is not fair, we traditional family etc etc … then finally he convinced me, my next question was with whom do we swap? Should we go for strangers or someone whom we know?

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Then we started thinking about friends how about Kunal and Pooja, both are good looking and Munjal will love fucking Pooja boobs, he always stares them whenever we meet. You are reading this awesome Indian Wife Swap Sex story on desi bahu dot com. But they are also little conservative not sure if they will agree. How do we start etc, lot of things were running in our mind.

Kunal is 5.9 inch tall and nice physic. Pooja is 34 30 32. Both of them make a great pair

Finally we decided let’s give it a shot, we will plan for a trip to goa and we can plan to seduce there.

I called up Pooja and said lets plan for a trip to goa and she readily agreed. We started our journey on a Thursday night and reached our resort by morning. We got fresh and thought of going to beach for swim.

While we reached Arambol beach around 4pm, it was cool and calm with very less people. All 4 of us went for swim and we were playing in the water. While playing I was observing that Kunal was looking at my boobs and my hubby glancing at Pooja. After a nice play we were tired and decided to drink.

Went to hotel room, order few vodka and whiskey, as we were talking slowing I got the topic of sex and how sex can change relationship. Then Pooja said these days wife swapping is a common way of spicing up sex life, me and Munjal were shocked and also happy that they are also interested in wife swap.

Drinks kick was getting high and I asked have you guys tried swapping.

Chudai kahani – Pati ki saamne chudai ka mazaa

Kunal: no we have not, but would love too, looking for a right couple.

Me: what type of couple are you looking for?

Pooja: someone who are open minded and also who know us well (I think she was referring to us)

Me: hmm interesting,

Pooja: have you guys thought about swapping.

Munjal: staring at Pooja’s boobs, yea we have spoken about it but nothing serious.

Pooja: then let’s get serious.

We were like shocked, never expected we will full fill our fantasy so soon.

Munjal: we are OK, how do we start

Akshay: lets first swap place, Pooja you sit next to Munjal and Shweta you come next to me.

We quickly switched places, vodka and whiskey effect was getting high and romantic

Munjal quickly placed his hands on Pooja thigh and started kissing. I interrupted and asked should we go to different rooms or fuck in front of each other.