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Then Narang came and inserted his cock in her mouth. He mouth fucked her for quite sometime. When his cock was completely erect he pulled it out of her mouth and parted her legs. He kept his cock on her pussy and gave a push. His entire cock went inside smoothly as Jason’s monster cock had stretched it beyond limit. He fucked her like that for about 20 minutes then he said her something. Both of them got up and went towards study table. My wife kept both her hands on it parted her legs and bent. Narang inserted his cock inside her pussy and started fucking her. Soon she again reached orgasm but he kept banging her for another 25 minutes. He again took her to bed and made her lie on her front. Then he said her to spread her ass crack. She placed both her hands on her ass separated them. He sat on her legs and inserted her pussy from back. He fucked her in this position for another 10 minutes and cummed inside her. I was amazed to see his stamina at this old age.

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Then he lifted her to the bathroom but he did not close the door. She cleaned herself and peed. Again he inserted his cock in her mouth and fucked her mouth for 5 minutes. Then she cleaned herself and he lifted her and placed her on the bed. Now Mohit came and said her to give him blow job. Like an obedient student she started giving him blowjob. After about 5 minutes he made her sit in doggy position on the bed and inserted his cock in her pussy. He Started banging her with so much forced that she was loosing her balance and her legs were lifted. She was moving to and fro. Her boobs were swinging lovingly. After sometime she adjusted herself and now pushing her ass back to take cock more inside her. She was looking like a true whore.

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Then Jason came and inserted his cock in her mouth. He also started moving his hip front and back. All three of then were in rhythm now. Both Mohit and Jason were pushing at the same time. She was getting deep throated. They banged her like this for about 20 minutes and they both filled her holes at same time. They took her in the bathroom and made her take bath. She was completely exhausted and was hardly able to move.

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