My hot wife’s audition for a TV Serial

Naren immediately started executing whatever he was planning with my wife during their talk. He pulled her closer to him and kissed her lips. Within a few seconds, he started licking her lips. I saw a change in my wife too this time. She too kissed him passionately and she also boldy extended her tongue and licked Naren’s lips. Both their tongues were alternatively going into each other’s mouth and it was difficult to tell whose tongue was where. Natraj also was facing the same problem. So he must have told the director. Immediately the director called “cut”. The director went near Naren and my wife and adjusted their faces such that their faces were sideways to the camera. He then asked them to kiss. As usual they were kissing each other very intimately but nothing was seen from outside. The director was not satisfied with this. He asked Naren to get up and he himself sat next to my wife. He then kissed my wife on her lips. Because, it was a sixty year old man and that he dint look that good enough, my wife was not very inclined to kiss him. But her fear of the director made her sit there and receive the kisses. The director held my wife’s head and tilted it expertly so that the camera cud clearly see what was happening. Then he put out his tongue and slowly licked my wife’s lips. His tongue was running through her lips as if he was licking some jam. He then ordered,

“Rani, put out ur tongue!” Rani did as she was told. Then again in open view, he met her tongue with his tongue and played with it. After having demonstrated how to lick my wife’s lips clearly, he told Naren to do as he he had done and came back. This time Naren did exactly as he was told and camera cud capture the meeting of my wife’s tongue with Naren’s tongue very clearly. Then Naren slid my wife on the bed and started kissing her from her feet. He went up slowly and kissed her knees and thighs. He gently raised her skirt and planted kisses just near her white laced panty. He even licked the insides of her thighs. My wife bit her lips and was enjoying the tongue caressing of Naren in her thighs. Naren then took his face further up and brushed his face on her breasts. Since in the already shot mother care scene, he had put his head on her breast, this time also he stuck his head in between my wife’s big boobs and my wife automatically encircled her arms around his head and pressed them against her boobs. Naren kissed her cleavage and licked the ridge between her boobs with his tongue. He then went up to her face and kissed her lips . The director said “cut”. Naren was about to get up. But the director said,

“ No Naren, u remain where u are! Once I come near and tell u , u can continue from there onwards” He then proceeded to discuss the camera angles with Natraj leaving my wife lying on the bed with Naren on top of her. Seeing that the director might take some time, Naren again started discussing with her something intimate. I cud see that in the position that they were lying, my wifes’ skirt was raised well above and her panty was exposed and Naren’s cock (inside his pants) was just pressing against my wife’s panty. I even saw that while talking to my wife, he was slowly moving his hips so that his cock brushed against her panty. It was clearly evident that once again he was discussing about her sex life as I cud see my wife lower her head shyly. Naren’s face was so close to my wife’s face and sometimes his lips brushed against hers also. The sight of my wife lying there with her skirt raised and her panty exposed must have been very tempting for anyone and I cud see that the touch up boy immediately went near my wife and started touching up her legs. My wife cudn’t even see him because Naren was on top of her but by this time she was very familiar with the touch of this 14 yr old boy, she dint even raise her head to see who was rubbing his hands on her legs and thighs. Naren too slightly spread his legs and exposed my wife’s legs to accommodate this boy’s touching up. Even as Naren spread his legs , I noticed that he did not move his hips away from my wife’s and his cock was still pressing against my wife’s panty. With Naren on top of her and Ramu rubbing her thighs my wife must have looked like a seasoned whore to anyone and Shyaam who was watching all this found it too very hard to resist.

He just went up to my wife and sat by the side of the bed. He took her hands in his hands and kissed it.
“U look so great Rani, too sexy, just too good! You acted out this scene very well” he kept saying and wud have planted atleast 20 kisses on her hands. My wife simply blushed.. Seeing that my wife was not treating him as an intrusion, Shyaam felt encouraged and he turned to Naren and said,

“ Naren, I saw that u were sucking her lower lips. Why don’t u try sucking her upper lip alone….? See, let me show u…….” So saying, Shyaam bent upon my wife’s face and kissed her and sucked her upper lips alone. Naren too got the hint and once Shyaam removed his lips from my wife’s lips, Naren sucked my wifes upper lips and asked Shyaam,