My hot wife’s audition for a TV Serial

“Bhaiyya, chodo na muje!” ( Brother, fuck me !” ) I was shocked to see my wife use such words, that too to a young boy who was half as old as her. I realized that my wife had become too desperate now. By this time Shyaam and Naren also had returned but were just standing in a corner and watching this amazing scene of my wife begging a 14 yr old for a fuck. For Ramu, all this must have been too much. After all he was just 14 and this experience of a heroine sucking his cock and spreading her cunt and asking him to fuck him must have been a new experience for him and he had become too very emotional and dint know what to do. My wife mistook his silence as if he wants some more cock sucking and she dutifully licked his cock for some more time. This was too much for Ramu and just as my wife withdrew her mouth from his cock , Ramu ejaculated. The drops of his cum just missed my wife’s face . The whole scene of a 14 year old boy ejaculating in front of my wife’s childish face made me real hot. My wife looked like a cheap whore when those cum drops of a low class touch up boy flew near her face and I found that this was too erotic for me and my cock was throbbing like anything. My strokings increased and I too ejaculated. My wife looked annoyingly at the semen drops that flew from the cock of this boy. My wife cud not have her fuck again. She was very disappointed. Instinctively she turned and looked at me and saw that I was also enjoying an orgasm and this must have infuriated her further. Everyone seemed to enjoy an orgasm except for my wife.
Just then the director approached my wife and saw what had happened. He glanced down and saw that Ramu had wet the floor and told Ramu
“Hey boy, woh tho Randi hain. Kuch bhi karega. Kisiko bhi chodega! Magar thum behave karna chahiye na!”
(She is a prostitute and she will do anything. She will fuck anybody. But you have to behave yourselves!)
Ramu repeatedly kept telling “Sorry Saab! Galthi hogaya!”
The director must have taken pity on him. Afterall who can resist such a beauty like my wife spreading her chut and sucking cock! The director said matter of factly,
“Ok, clean this mess!”
Then he went to Rani who was still in an agitated state after having missed a fuck with the boy. He gently place his arms around her in a comforting way and said,
“Ok Sali. Today we will stop this audition and continue with the shooting tomorrow!”
He turned to Shyaam and asked him when is the distributor’s meet. Shyaam told it was on the day after tomorrow. The director turned to me and said, we are planning for a small party for our main distributors that night. U can bring ur wife and we can introduce our new heroine to the distributors. I nodded my head. Then he turned to my wife and helped her get up from the bed. My wife who was expecting that another scene wud be shot and somehow she cud get Naren fuck her this time was disappointed that the audition had come to an end.
The director understood this and gave her a friendly hug. He said to her,
“Are meri sweet randi, I know how u feel! That’s why I have got a gift for u. He then put his hands in his pocket and took out the car keys of a Honda City. He kissed my wife on her lips and said,
“Sali, this car is for u ! Because I know how hot u feel, I have arranged a car driver also!”
he then called out
“Daniel, come here…..!” and next moment a well built Six feet tall Negro walked into the room. He was dressed in white and white in a driver’s uniform. He obviously did not wear an underwear and his penis had slid to one side of his pants. My God, it was almost touching his knees. Daniel went and stood dutifully in one corner. The director pointed towards Daniel and said to my wife,
“He will be your personal chauffer!” I cud see that my wife was ogling at the crotch of this negro and when she saw that this negro was quite well hung, I cud see that she was again licking her lips.
The director pulled my wife towards himself and put his hands into her skirt. He pinched her cheeks and said in her ears softly,
“He can drive anything u want him to! He will be your slave” He gently licked my wife’s ears after saying this.

I cud see that my wife was too very overjoyed upon this new development. She was looking at Daniel as if he were a toy and she was a baby who cant wait to play with it. The color returned in her face now and she was back to her cheerful self.

The director turned to me and put his arms around my shoulders . he took me aside and said,
“I am telling u from my personal experience . I have worked with many actresses. They are all Randis. And ur wife also has become a Randi today. So u alone cannot keep her in control. Its better to keep a guy like Daniel by ur side to satisfy her if things go out of hand!”

By this time, I was too shocked and dint say anything.

My wife was now telling good night to the director. She herself went and hugged him and gave him an affectionate kiss .The director also hugged her affectionately.
“Thanks for the special gift!” My wife said to him.
“Enjoy kar, Sali”the director said . He pinched her cunt and said,
“Sali ka chut masth hain. (Bitch’s cunt is very good) . But shave and come for next shooting. Otherwise in swimsuit scenes, your bush will also be seen. Then everyone will fall flat like our touch up boy looking at your hairy cunt!” everyone including my wife laughed at this joke. Then Rani went up to her co-star Naren .She playfully put her fingers on his hair and said,
“Hey Boy, U cud not even hold ur dick for some time. U wet it so soon .I am making u sooo hot and u call me Didi…Anyway better luck next time Bhaiyya!”
Naren smiled and accepted her wishes.
She went to Shyaam too and kissed him and squeezed his cock with her hands. Natraj himself came to her and knelt in front of her and raised her skirt, gently pulled her panties and planted a soft kiss on her cunt. My wife took this kiss on her cunt gracefully and moved ahead. Just as she was about to leave the room, she remembered the touch up boy Ramu and called him towards her and fondly hugged him too. She even slid her fingers into his trousers and gently squeezed his cock. I cud see that some of the cum that were still on his cock came on to my wife’s hands too. But she dint seem to mind squeezing his wet cock.
I said to her softly,
“Rani, shall we go!”
She said , “ Ya Guhan ji, just make sure that Daniel is there!”
My wife’s audition was successfully over……