My hot wife’s audition for a TV Serial

I saw the expression in Rani’s face when the director said that. She was genuinely pleased with the director. She looked at him thankfully. Even I had to re-assess my opinion of the director. Afterall, the man was a gentleman who knew his art well.

The director immediately turned to Shyaam and said,
“get her another panty!”. Shyaam rushed to the adjoining room where costumes were kept. The director yelled to the touch up boy to touch her up. The touch up boy went near Rani and gave her a wiping.. In this costume, much of her flesh was exposed and he had a jolly good time wiping her thighs and neck. While wiping near the cleavage, I felt that his hands slid further and even penetrated her bra a little, but my wife showed no emotion After finishing wiping her top portion of the body. The boy kneeled in front of her. Rani was still sitting in the bed with her legs on floor. She was cross legged. The touch up boy said,
“Didi, pls spread you legs !” and gently uncrossed her legs himself. As he uncrossed her legs, her milky white thighs and the her panty was seen by all. Till yesterday, even if her sari raises a few inches above her foot, my wife would immediately lower it. But today, she was sititng in front of all these men spreading her legs and showing everyone her panty! What a transformation! The boy who had knelt in front of her had a close up view of her thighs and panty. The boy proceeded to wipe her thighs and even from this distance I could sense that he accidently brushed his fingers against her panty too. My wife remained blissfully unaware of this and she treated the boy in a very brotherly way affectionately because he had called her Didi. After his touch up was over, she even patted his buttocks in a friendly way. The boy shyly went to the corner of the room.

By the time touch up was over, Shyaam brought a while laced panty which was matching the white mini that she was wearing. He gave it to her and Rani immediately took it to the adjoining room. Again, She dint come out for quite some time.

The director was getting annoyed…..
“ Yeh Sali kya kar raha hai! Dekhne keliye Natraj ko andar beja tho who bhi time lega! ( What is this whore doing! If I send Natraj to see, he will also take his own time…) .

It was amazing that he dint have a tinge of hesitation to call my wife “Sali” when I was there. After a minute, the director became impatient and said,

“Rani….! Come out now! Its getting late!” There was such a commanding tone in his voice that my wife immediately rushed out of the room. The sight that we saw was simply unbelievable. My wife came out in the mini. But the panty which Shyaam had given her was just upto her thighs. It had not gone up the skirt at all. My wife was so scared of the director that she had come out of the room halfway wearing her panty. My God.!

Even the stubborn director was taken aback by this sight.

“Arey, Rani, U shud have worn it fully and then come out!” he said.

“No Sir, I tried but it is too tight for me!” Rani’s voice was almost feeble and it looked as though she wud die of shame. The director lost his cool again….

“Arey, what if it is tight, u shud have adjusted and worn it! “ So saying, he went near her and placed his hands on the panty and pulled it up . The director tried to pull it up but the panty was not able to accommodate the big buttocks of my wife and stood at thigh level only. Only then I noticed that while the director’s hands went beneath my wife’s skirt, the panty stood just where it was. His hands lingered inside her pantyless skirt for a few seconds. Rani was eaten by shame at this situation where a sixty year old man was trying to make her wear a tight panty in front of other men. All the men’s eyes were glued to her skirt and everyone’s mind was guessing what the director’s hands wud be doing under them. Rani was almost on the verge of tears because she thought that it was her fault that she was not able to wear the panty in time. After having explored with his hands himself ,the director by now was convinced that it was not Rani’s fault that she had such a big rounded ass and so he said soothingly,
“ hey, poor girl, this panty is too small for her! What can she do? Shyaam, u have to get another panty for her!” .
Rani who was almost on the verge of tears was now slightly relieved that the director understood that it was not her fault. She even gave a faint smile still oblivious to the director’s hands under her skirt. Seeing that the colour was returning in Rani’s face, the director pinched her ass cheeks mischievously and said in a joking way,
“Saali ki gaand bahuth badi hain!” (The ass of this whore is too big!). Everyone except me laughed at this lecherous joke about the ass of my wife. Even my wife dint mind being called Saali or being pinched in her naked ass cheeks and she too gave a relieved smile that the director was not shouting at her but instead joking at her. The director removed his hand from her skirt and went to discuss the lighting with Natraj. Rani rushed back to the room to change back to her old red panties. I noticed that she dint wait for a second to go into the room once the director had left her and I was proud that my wife still hadn’t lost her shyness and she remained the same loyalhousewife who was ashamed to stand pantyless. She returned wearing her red panties with the same mini on her.

Shyaam went to the adjoining room and returned with a dozen panties but they all were about the same size as the white one. Since these panties had been ordered for regular slim heroines who sometimes had to use pads also to fill in these panties , they were all too small. Because Rani was a 28 yr old housewife with big fleshy buttocks, this panty problem has arisen. This time Natraj gave a suggestion.

“Ok, there’s a shop nearby, we will buy some new panties which will match Rani’s size”

The director too agreed. But neither Rani nor me knew her size since we always used to take one of her old panties to the shop and buy a new one.
Shyaam went to Rani and asked her the panty size and Rani simply blinked. She turned to me and I came to her rescue. I told Shyaam that we always buy giving the old one as sample. Immediately Shyaam said,
“OK, give me any old panty that u have!”. Since the prospect of Rani needing another panty never struck us that morning when we had come for audition for the tele-serial, obviously the only old panty of Rani was the red panty which was wearing now. Since I felt almost guilty that I dint even know the panty size of my wife despite having been married to her for 3 yrs, I cud not bring myself to say that to everyone. So before somebody cud raise a question, I myself told Rani to give the panty that she was wearing. Rani again looked at me as if to confirm whether I am actually asking her to remove the single panty that she had and remain pantyless before all these men.

I told her , we had no other option and anyway, she cud always cover up with her skirt. So Rani went to the adjoining room and removed her panty and came out and gave it to Shyaam. Shyaam collected the panty as if it were a gift and I saw him taking a sniff of my wife’s just worn panty while he was walking out of the room. My wife too noticed it and it was very clear that , she was highly embarrassed by the whole situation. After giving the panty, my wife walked upto the bed taking all possible care not to expose beyond her thighs and sat on the bed carefully crossing her legs so that there was no real danger of exposure. I too was relieved that my wife had handled herself with common sense and still managed to save her pride in front of these men. Thye director was busy telling Naren what he shud be doing in the scene while Natraj was adjusting the lighting for the forthcoming scene. Only myself and the touch up boy were standing idel and the director must have noticed this. He also noticed that my wife had started to sweat again! He immediately told the touch-up boy,