My hot wife’s audition for a TV Serial

Is it like this?”
Shyaam and Naren kissed and sucked my wife’s lips alternatively for 4 ,5 times. My wife was just lying there allowing her lips to be licked at by 2 strangers.
“while kissing, why don’t u put a hand on her boobs sideways like this and press them together so that the fleshiness of Rani’s boobs gets exposed well through this top cut of the mini.” Shyaam kept his hands on both sides of my wife’s boobs and pressed them. Naren too followed suit and they took turns at pressing my wife’s boobs. My wife had by now reached a highly charged state and she was eagerly responding to their kisses. At one stage both Shyaam and Naren were extending their tongues in front of my wife’s face and my wife met both their tongues with hers. She was feeling extremely hot and her cunt juices were flowing out of her panty too. The boy who was touching up her thighs and was fondling her very close to her pantyline saw that juice was flowing out and he started rubbing the juice on her thighs. My wife was too engrossed in licking both the men’s lips and tongues that she failed to notice that Ramu’s hands was gradually entering her panty and was slowly trying to explore her mound. While trying to rub my wife’s panty , the touch up boy’s hands came in contact with Naren’s cock which was pressing against her cunt and he rubbed both my wife’s cunt as well as Naren’s cock. This cock rubbing had a great stimulating effect on Naren and he forcefully kissed my wife and bit her lips. When he had bit my wife’s lips in the morning, my wife was new to all this but at this moment she was in highly passionate mood and she put both hands on Naren’s head and sucked his lips with great passion. Naren was pleased by this and once she released him, he said,
“Thanks Didi!” Watching this, Shyaam was stroking himself in his pants. When Naren and Rani broke their kiss, Shayam asked “what about me?” My wife looked at him as if what he wants. Shyaam was sitting sideways near my wife’s hands and he gently took her hands and placed it on his bulging cock. My wife started to strike it while she again tongue kissed Naren. Suddenly Shyaam must have remembered something and said,
“Rani, U r so good! Why don’t we sign the agreement today itself?” Since my wife was too deeply involved in licking Naren’s face she failed to hear this. Shyaam turned to me and called me nearby to discuss about agreement. I went and stood near the bed where my wife was oblivious of my presence and she was running her tongue wild on Naren’s ears and face. She was also fervently stroking Shyaam’s cock. Despite my wife stroking his cock Shyaam very professionally asked me , “ Guhan, shall we sign the agreement today itself?” I thought that things had gone too far and decided that there was no point going back now. I said “OK , we will sign it today itself!” On hearing the voice of her husband in such close quarters, my wife gave a jerk and withdrew her face from Naren . She also stopped stroking Shyaam and turned and looked at me.”Guhan ji, when did u come?”she blurted out. Though my wife cud control herself and withdraw on seeing me, Naren was by now too deeply passionate and he kept licking my wife’s face while she was talking to me. Shyaam’s cock too was by now enjoying the soft stroking of my wife’s hands and he too promptly took back her hands and placed them on his cock and started rubbing her hands against his cock. My wife was highly embarrassed to face me in this position. Imagine facing the husband with a guy lying on top of u and licking u and a guy is being stroked by u and a boy who is sniffing at your cunt . must have been really awkward position. But still my wife managed to say,
“Guhan ji, practice is going on till lighting arrangements” she managed to say. Just as she completed the sentence Naren ran through his tongue on the cheeks of my wife. My wife looked at me with her eyes showing real fear. I too had reached my breaking point and was about to shout at her “U horny bitch!” when Shyaam noticed the angry expression on my face. He told me,
“Guhan ji , shall we put in the agreement all these 50 lakhs or shall we show a less amount in writing..otherwise u may have income tax problem u know!” . Once he mentioned that 50 lakhs, I came to my senses and immediately said in a soft voice,
“ya ya we will show only less amount in the agreement.” Shyaam said,
“That’s right. I must tell u Guhan ji that your wife is co-operating with us excellently. Why don’t u appreciate her for that?” While he said this his hands were still rubbing my wife’s hands on his pants. I turned to my wife and gave a very nice smile and said,
“That’s very good darling. I am glad that u r co-operating!” My wife gave a relieved look and she said to me,
“Thanks Guhan ji”. Before she cud complete the sentence Naren had kissed her on her mouth and my wife too, with the relief that I have no objection, took part very eagerly in the kiss. I even saw that, Shyaam had removed his hands and my wife was by herself stroking him. I went back to my position in the corner of the room and resumed watching the whole thing. Watching my wife’s whorish display in such close proximity had given me an erection and since in this corner , no one cud see me very clearly due to poor lighting, I gently started stroking myself watching Naren lick my wife and Shyaam getting stroked.