My hot wife’s audition for a TV Serial

“Arey, Panty aaney thak thumara kaam tho kar ke rakho! Saali is sweating like hell and u r standing and watching!” . I noticed that the director had by now successfully nicknamed my wife as “Saali”(Whore). The director’s shout had immediate effect. The touchup boy rushed to my wife and started to wipe my wife’s face and hands. He was even talking in a friendly way to my wife while wiping.

“Didi, I very lucky boy! I touch up for Preity Didi, Kareena Didi and they all become big star!” he said in his broken English. My wife took an instant liking to this innocent touch up boy and smiled at him.

“Bhaiyya, hope your luck works on me too! “ she said while allowing him to wipe the seat beads from her cleavage.

“U also become star Didi!” The touch up boy changed from wiping with sponge to direct hands and wiped off her cleavage. Because the fellow looked so innocent , my wife did not suspect for a moment why his hands were lingering around her breasts even after wiping the sweat.
“Thanks Bhaiyya! Thumara naam kya hain?” she asked while he was wiping her legs. The boy was kneeling before her by now and was wiping her legs in the cross-legged position!”

“my name Raamu Didi” He had completed to wipe her feet and knees.
“Acha naam hain!” my wife put her hands on the boys hairline and gently ran through his hair in an affectionate sisterly way.

“Thanks Didi!” said the boy and proceeded to uncross my wife’s legs by himself all by himself. He uncrossed her legs and because my wife was not wearing any panty, he cud see her hairy mound very clearly now. Not only him, every one of us present in the room were able to see my wife’s pussy mound and the hairy bush surround it. The director and Naren stopped their discussion and were eying my wife’s pussy. Especially Naren looked as though he was waiting for the scene to start so that he cud put his hands on this delicious mound which was erotically covered by hair. I even saw that Natraj was zooming his camera to cover my wife’s pussy. I wanted to warn my wife with my eyes but my wife was deeply in conversation with the touch up boy. The boy too, though he was initially taken aback by the sight of the bush of my my wife’s pubic area, he quickly returned to his normal self and was continuing the friendly conversation with her.

“Didi, this your first movie?” he asked as he applied sponge on her thighs and his eyes were feasting on my wife’s exposed cunt. Unaware that her precious mound was visible to all, my wife answered him,
“Ya, its my first movie!”

“Are, I very much surprise. Didi acting like experience heroine!” The touch up appreciated her acting performance as he deftly replaced the wiping of the sponge with his hands and his hands were groping up her thighs towards her mound in the pretext of wiping sweat. Though I tried frantically to catch my wife’s attention , I cud not and I was not able to walk in front of all these men to my wife to say that her mound was visible to all. I felt ashamed to do that. So, I kept trying to draw my wife’s attention to me. But the boy was doing everything to keep my wife in the same exposed position with his friendly talk. I cud see that Natraj had not moved for a second from his camera and I was sure that he was shooting the whole thing in the pretext of adjusting camera. My wife took this “experienced heroine” compliment with a shy blush. That was too much……here was my wife sitting in the centre of the room with her mound displayed to all and she was blushing for a praise.
“Hey Ramu, don’t say things just to make me feel happy!” She said with a smile.

“No No Didi, Ramu always tell correct. Any heroine I touch up, I judge correctly. Didi become big star” Ramu was again buttering my wife with praise while his hands caressed my wife’s thighs and was almost on the edge of Rani’s pussy. While praising my wife, Ramu also deftly spread her legs more wide and by now I cud even see the vagina of my wife very very clearly. I cud see Naren licking his lips in lust on seeing the spread pussy of my wife. Rani had completely forgotten that she was not wearing a panty and with slight prodding from the fingers of Ramu, she herself spread her legs wider to accommodate the prying hands of Ramu on her thighs so that he cud wipe her thighs out comfortable. I think it must have been too much of a control on Ramu till then and this time his fingers went up and touched the pussy mound of my wife. Since Rani had been fondled and kissed throughout the day, she must have felt highly passionate and juices must have been flowering from her pussy and when the boy touched her pussy, he felt that it was very very wet.

The moment his fingers touched Rani’s pussy, she came to her senses and immediately realized that she was not wearing a panty and she looked up at us and saw that Naren, director and Natraj were all looking at her mound. She understood that she was giving a free show of her mound to everyone in the room. As if in an involuntary reaction, she immediately closed in her thighs to prevent people seeing her mound. But she had forgotten about the 14 year old boy’s hands that were on her pussy and due to the closing action of her thighs , Ramu’s hands got gripped into her pussy.

Even then Ramu was keeping his cool and continuing wiping her pussy with his hands.. My wife realized that this boy’s hands were inside her pussy and she had to again spread her legs wide and removed his hands from her pussy and then closed back her legs. During this, again the free darshan was given to all . The boy acted surprised that she threw away his hands and said,
“Didi, it is very wet there. Lot of sweat. I will wipe it”. He was telling the wetness of my wife’s juice as sweat. My wife simply bowed her head and dint even bother to respond to him. Her legs were firmly crossed. It looked like my wife was about to lose her temper. She was angry with herself for allowing so many men see her mound and allowing a 14 ye old boy feel up her pussy and she was about to show her anger on the boy. The director understood the situation immediately. He immediately rushed near my wife and said,
“Arey Ramu, that wetness is different. You go!” and pushed the touch up boy away. He then turned to my wife and said,

“ Sali , just by kissing u have become so wet is it?” in a mocking way. He expected my wife to blush and give her usual timid smile. But the fact that so many had seen her pussy and worse they had all come to know that she was oozing cunt juices made my wife very embarrassed and she wud have felt like simply walking out the whole damn thing. Seeing that my wife did not respond with the usual blush, the director understood that she was tensed. He proceeded to convince her.