My hot wife’s audition for a TV Serial

By this time the director and Natraj had made all arrangements and the director announced ,
“Alright, lets start!” I was surprised that he or Natraj dint even bother to comment on the mini orgy that was going on during the break and I guessed that they must be used to such orgies by heroes and heroines during shootings. Immediately, Shyaam left the place. The touch up boy quickly removed his hands from my wife’s panty and went up and wiped her face and went to the corner. The scene resumed. Naren continued his licking and sucking. My wife too acted very well. The passionate scene was shot for some ten minutes. The director was shouting from the background,
“ Lick her lips!”
“Haan, put ur tongue inside!”
“ Saali, Why are u keeping quite, u too suck him!”
“Naren, press that randi’s (whore’s) boobs!
“Sali, turn this side and show ur cleavage to the camera!”
“Put ur hands on his head while he is licking you!”
“Lick that Randi’s face Naren, let her face be fully covered with your saliva!”
“Sali, spread your legs a little. Natraj , zoom on her panty.”
“ Now go up, zoom on her boobies. Sali ki choonchiya bahuth badi hain. ( The breasts of this bitch is too big). Let the whole world see how much big breast this whore has got!”
Already Naren and my wife were giving a great passionate display. With such expert guidance from the director, the scene became very erotic.

“Naren, camera is on her boobs. Put your tongue there!”
“Rani, press his face on your boobs. Let his tongue lick ur total cleavage.”
“ Now, go for a face close-up Natraj…..!”
“Hey Naren, slightly lift ur head. Let the camera foucus on this Randi’s face”
Naren who was intimately kissing my wife lifted his head. My wife dint like this intervention. Her face was showing disappointment.

“Hey rani, ur face shud show enjoyment” The director was yelling at her. But when Naren was doing all the kissing and fondling, my wife’s face was very passionate. When he stopped , it was very difficulty for her to show that emotion. After all this was her first day at acting. She tried to twist and bite her lips and all that but the director was not very happy with her expressions.
He shouted “ Randi, Don’t show your childish face! everyone here knows that you are a top class whore and u can take all the cocks here. Show your horny expressions!” But still my wife cud not satisfy the director.

The director decided that he had to act .He walked near her and sat by her legs. He asked Natraj to focus only on her face. Then he did a very unexpected thing. He coolly inserted his hands into my wife’s panty and touched her naked cunt. From the position of his hand , it looked like he had inserted his finger into her cunt. It wud have gone in very easily since by now everyone cud see that cunt juice was flowing out of her panties along her thighs. He started fucking her cunt with his fingers. My wife gave a gasp “Ahhhhhh” when he inserted his fingers but once the director set himself into a rhythmic motion , she closed her eyes and enjoyed the finger fuck of this sixty year old man. The director rounded his finger and changed angles and was expertly finger fucking her.
“Ahhhhhhh Nooooooooo,………!” My wife was shouting and enjoying herself and Natraj’s camera was taking in all her horny expressions. After that close up was over the director pulled his fingers from her cunt and to my shock openly put it into his mouth and sucked her cunt juice which was sticking to his fingers.
“Sali ki chut juice masth hain. (The cunt juice of this bitch is tasty). One day I have to allot for licking her cunt alone. Now there is no time!” he dint even bother that I was there in the room when he said that. He also proceeded to explain how he learnt this finger technique.
“Standard technique! Always works. I have tried it with Jayaprada, meenakshi sheshadri and all. Almost all whores fall for this. Only Randi who is an exception to this was Shabana Azmi.”
He paused for a second and then said
“To get the expression out of that whore, finger fuck wont do. U have to lick her pussy!”
Then he went back near the camera and gave instructions for continuing the scene..

After the finger fuck of director, my wife was looking restless. She resembled a horny bitch now. Once the director told “Action” this time, I cud see that my wife was biting Naren’s lips vigourously .She had put her hands on him and was hugging him tightly . She even slid her hands down and pressed Naren’s ass against her hips. As the scene got hotter, I cud see that she was repeatedly prodding Naren’s buttocks and pressing as if to signal that she wanted a fuck. But the scene was being shot and obviously Naren cud not oblige her. But by this time, my wife was totally out of her senses and was in a height of passion. The director calling her repeatedly “randi” and “Sali” also must have played in her mind and she started almost behaving like one. When she found that Naren was only petting her breasts and kissing, she looked like as if she was craving for a cock. But this young college boy was really no match my wife and it was becoming very clear that it was my wife who was controlling the action in the bed. At one point, my wife became very horny and she pulled Naren’s head to her face and bit his lips with passion. Naren’s lips were pulled by my wife’s teeth and he even gave a shout “Ah” . But my wife still did not stop. She also started gyrating her hips so that her panties rubbed against Naren’s cock. The situation was clearly going out of control. Sensing this, the director immediately said “cut.” On hearing the cut, Naren must have been very much relieved and immediately tried to get up. But my wife forcibly pulled him back to her and kept licking at his face and ears and only after director shouted,