My hot wife’s audition for a TV Serial

“Arey Rani, why r u upset. Such things happen. Do u know the famous Hema malini. I was an assistant director in her movie. There was a scene where she had to climb a tree wearing a sari. I had to stay under the tree to prompt the diologues to her. As I looked up to prompt the dialogues , I realized that she was not wearing any panty. I cud clearly see Hema’s pussy. I was very young then and the sight of this dream girl’s pussy was just too much. I forgot to prompt her the dialogues. Hema looked down at me and realized that I was looking at her pubic mound. She simply told all her dialogues herself without any prompting and after the scene she called me privately and told, “Sorry Bhaiyya, I forgot to wear a panty and distracted u!” . there was no trace of shyness in her voice that she had shown her pussy to me. She was very cool. Such professionalism u shud also have!” So saying, he touched my wife’s hair in very fatherly way and my wife wud have really been touched by this affectionate display of this strict director. She just placed her hands on his shoulders and started crying. The director hugged my wife and rubbed her back soothingly.

“Its alright Rani! Its alright! “ he kept telling. After crying for aminute , rani regained her poise and sat upright. Seeing that the director also was back to her normal self. He pinched her cheeks naughtily and said,
“Sali ka chut dekh kar yeh budda ka lauda bhi bada hogaya!” andpointed at the erection at his pants. Everyone laughed except me. My wife too gave a faint smile and I cud even see traces of pride that she had given an erection to an old man.

The director returned to Naren and started giving instructions. Shyaam came back within a few minutes with a new set of panties and my wife went in to the adjoining room and returned quickly wearing one of them. She must have also had a face wash as the tears were gone from her face and her childish face looked as radiant as ever. That is the specialty of my wife. One moment she will look like a voluptuous sex bomb and next moment she can look like a innocent homely housewife. Anyone looking at her shy childish face now cannot believe that this is the same woman who had spread her legs and showed her cunt to all the men in the room.

She walked like a radiant princess and straightaway took her positionin the bed. It was just then that I decided to go to the adjoining RTO office where I wanted to enquire something about renewing mydriving license. I went to my wife and told her that I will be back about an hour or so later. She gave me a look as though she was frightened to be left alone in this room with these people. But I told her that I will try to be back within an hour and left.

When I was walking along the corridors only I realized that I had not brought my original license and so I had to go back. When I entered the audition room again, this time the lighting was very dull and I silently went to a corner chair and sat. I noticed that Naren was sitting by her side. But Natraj was still making some last minute changes in the lighting. So Naren and Rani were engaging themselves in a friendly conversation. I noticed that my wife had not noticed my coming back into the room again. Though unintentional, I thought that I got an opportunity to see how my wife behaves when I am not there. I started observing how Rani was moving with Naren. For the initial few seconds Rani was slightly uncomfortable and was not seeing Naren eye to eye because the thought that only a few minutes back , he had seen her hairy mound must have flashed in her mind. But Naren very carefully avoided any reference to that and he was talking to her very casually.
“Didi, u look so young in this dress……in fact younger than my college girls!”
“Don’t flatter me Naren” my wife blushed.

“No, No Didi, I am telling u the truth. If u walk into our college with this mini, people may think that u r a student of first year only! I am telling u that for sure!” when he said sure, just to stress his point, hepressed his hands on my wife’s mini. Half his hands were in contact with my wife’s mini and the other half on her thighs. My wife was too pleased with this comment and dint mind his placing his hand on her thighs. Since the director was still not satisfied with the lighting, Naren went on to tell an adult joke to her. I saw that my wife was really enjoying the joke and laughing. She even moved more closer to Naren so that she cud hear the jokes clearly. Naren took this as a positive sign and casually put his left arm around my wife’s shoulders while his right hand was still lingering over her thighs. I guess the next joke must have been explicitly vulgar…..because I cud clearly hear Naren say the words cock and cunt many times in the joke. My wife enjoyed that joke too. I saw that she was no more embarrassed with Naren and was comfortable with him to discuss sex jokes with explicit words. Naren sensed this too and he said to her,
“Didi, u have got very good boobs!” while saying this he looked at her cleavage that was exposed by the mini.
“All woman have it!” my wife was just bowing her head but she managed to answer him nevertheless thereby encouraging him to talk about her body.
“ no no didi, these ones are real special. Look how big & firm they are. Nobody will tell that u r married.!” He went on.
She asked Naren,
“why, what difference will marriage make?”
“ no no, its just that your boobs wud have been pressed many times, sucked and all that. So they will lose shape.. thats why?”
“ who told u if all these are done , then they will lose shape?” my wife asked.
“ that is what they generally say!”
“That’s wrong. U see me….” My wife blurted out and then she realized what she had said. She bit her lips.
“Didi, it means your husband must have done lots of boob sucking and pressing then…..?” Naren was asking her a very intimate question. My wife bowed shyly but she nodded her head affirmatively. Slowly, Naren’s left hand which was on her shoulders came down further and was nibbling at her exposed cleavage.
“u like it Didi?” Naren was probing further. My wife still cud not meet him in the eyes but mumbled an yes. This time Naren’s fingers slowly went on top of her breast over her mini and gently cupped them. My wife did not resist at all. She was closing her eyes and enjoying the breast cupping that Naren was giving her. Naren was balling her breast with increased confidence. At the same time, he kept talking to her also…..
“Now, we are having a kissing scene na, how do u like to be kissed?”
My wife must have been taken aback by this question. She has not even discussed with me things like how to kiss. I have never once asked her whether she liked her boobs being sucked. But here she was discussing it with a total stranger. She remained silent. Naren helped her by giving some choices…..
“Didi , shall I bite your lips or lick them?” Now my wife had to make a choice. She said softly,
“Don’t bite….!”
“Ok didi, I wont bite, I will lick your lips ok……. I love putting my tongue on your soft lips and then lick your tongue also. Your lips are so sweet Didi. I will suck your lips also OK” I cud see that Naren was telling it in a very seductive way and while saying, his right hand which were on her thighs gently went underneath the skirt and he was mildly rubbing her thighs too. His left hand was gently balling her boobies. I cud see that this sexual talk had its effect on my wife and I cud see her taking deep breaths. Just then the director said.
“Ok, we are ready!”
He called “Camera, Action!”