My hot wife’s audition for a TV Serial

“No, I am not professional enough to take all this kissing, hugging and all as acting. It feels odd! We will go!”

I also felt things are carried a bit too far. Afterall they told it’s a family soap but already my wifes ass cheeks have been fondled many times and she has been kissed in the lips by a college boy!

“Ok Rani, I will tell them and come. Afterall its not courteous to leave just like that!”

When I went to Shyaam , he had just then completed his lunch and on seeing me he smiled amiably at me. Before I cud start talking he said,

“Hey Guhan, Ur wife is a real find man. The director is very impressed. He says hes gonna make a mega serial with her for sure. By the way, I forgot……..Here’s your wife’s audition allowance Rs. 25000/- Take it. He thrust rupee notes into my hands. Instead of telling him anything, my hands silently started counting the notes.

“Be back at the audition room by 3 OK, The director is very strict on time.” Shyaam told me and I nodded to him and returned to my wife.

“Rani, They are very good people. They are highly professional. Afterall wont u kiss ur own brother. Take it like that. And that director is anyway much older than your father. Whats wrong in his teaching you by touching u?”

I argued with my wife and convinced her to continue the audition. After having a quick lunch, we went back to the room and this time I found that the room’s lighting had changed and it almost looked like a television setting and Nataraj was in one corner with a film shooting camera. He was adjusting the lighting of the room.

“Haan, Rani, u have come in time” The director looked pleased. Shyaam told me that my wife had cleared the photo trials and now they will be shooting some reels of the serial to see how she looked on screen. So, it almost will be a real simulation of a shooting. My wifes’s face started sweating with the heavy focus lights on her as she was not used to this. Shyaam called for a touch up boy and a 14 yr old boy entered the room with a make-up set and he went to my wife . He was clad in trousers. He wiped her face with a towel and then took a sponge and applied some powder on her. After applying, he touched her up with his plain hands and he dint just stop with her face. He did this for her neck, her hips and also the exposed portion of her back which was not covered by her choli. While his hands were caressing my wife’s hips, I heard my wife give a mild gasp but she restrained herself. Then the touch up boy went to the side of the room and waited there. Because he was wearing just trousers, I cud clearly see a bulge in that. A 14 yr old boy having an erection after fondling my wifes’ hips. If anybody had told me yesterday that this will happen, I wudn’t have believed. But here, it was , happening right in front of me.

Once all lighting arrangements were made the director called Naren and Rani and told them to enact the morining’s scenes from first. Naren started with the dialogue “Sister, I have passed!” and followed it with a tight hug. This time his hands automatically went to my wife’s ass cheeks to press them and my wife too was pressing against his body without any resistance. Nataraj’s video camera was shooting the whole thing. Then the kissing sequence started and my wife and Naren started kissing each other on the forehead and cheeks. This time Naren looked desperate to make contact with my wife’s lips with his lips and he was purposefully positioning his lips whnever my wife leaned forward to kiss his forehead and whwn the lips contacted he was just pressing against his lips against my wifes lips . The encouraging pat given by the director in the morning for the stolen kiss must have emboldened him and he pulled my wifes face to his and kissed her 4, 5 times. All along, his hands too were playing with my wife’s ass cheeks. After 4,5 kisses both Naren and my wife were waiting for the director to signal cut but since nothing happened, Naren proceeded to plant another kiss on my wife’s lips. This time he started to suck her lower lip and even gently bit it too. I cud realize this as I saw a teeth bitten mark in my wife’s lower lip once he released my wife’s lips. My wife tried to pull out but Narens hands pressed hard against her ass cheecks and she cud not get away from him. After naren had sucked my wife’s lips for about 30 seconds, the director called cut.

This was really too much for me and I cud see my wife’s face redden with anger. I simply wanted to pull my wife from that place and get out of the room but the twenty five thousand rupees in my pocket forced me to sit calm there. My wife too looked at me enquiringly and I had to plead with her with my eyes to stay there. My wife gave a resigned look and stood there.

Once again, the director patted Naren for his good acting and he gave an appreciating hug to my wife.
“Rani, that scene was just great! U r going to rule the state with this tele serial. I am telling U!” Though my wife was evidently disturbed by the kissing scene , she was very happy to hear these words and she started to blush. Seeing my wife blush, the director too laughed and gently pinched her cheeks. Pinching her cheeks , he said,
“U mark my words Rani”.
Again the director signaled to the touch up boy and the boy dutifully went to my wife. He again proceeded to touch up my wife’s face and neck and this time my wife herself turned and showed her back to him like a professional actress. He touched up her back and after hands went near my wife’s hips and touched up, the director started to shout…

“ hey, Shyaam, what sort of inexperienced touch up boy u have hired? He is not doing a complete job. Look, even after touching up , there are beads of sweat here!” So saying, the director pulled open Rani’s pallu and her Sari came in his hands. My wife’s hips were well exposed and her petticoat which was just touching her sweet navel was also seen. Her navel was wet with sweat and the director himself proceeded to wipe them off with his hand kerchief. After wiping, he did take care to keep his plain hand on my wife’s hips and brushed his hands against her hips. My wife sighed a little but the director took his own time caressing my wifes hips and navel with his plain hands. He even slid the sari further apart to clearly see her hips and after he did this my wife was practically without a pallu and her big breasts were protruding from her jacket. I must say here that my wife is really naturally gifted with big breast and it is just not possible for any bra or jacket to hold them in place. She manages this only with a well covered sari, and today without the pallu, she was almost looking like a sex bomb there. Nataraj, Naren, the touchup boy and even the highly professional Shyaam were staring at my wife’s jacket and the director’s fingers playing with my wife’s navel. Once the director completed, as if driven by force the touch up boy went near her and wiped her navel again like how the director demonstrated. My wife was too shocked to do anything and only after about a minute , it stuck upon her to put back her pallu.