My hot wife’s audition for a TV Serial

“Hey, what is this? I know that this is all acting. I dint even think for a moment that u r attracted to him. I know u r always loyal to me. The scene required it, U did it. I understand it. I am proud that my wife is very professional!” I bluffed. Both of us knew that she dint suck his tongue because the scene was so or because of professionalism but still I pretended as though it were true. The 50 lakh cheque was making me talk like this. Seeing me pretend like this, my wife too got the hint. She said,
“Darling, If u have trust in me, I will act. And I promise u that I will be professional through out!” I was so happy she agreed. I hugged her and we returned to the shooting room. The director, Shyaam and Nataraj were sitting together and going through various script pages. I went near Shyaam and told him that my wife agreed to act as heroine in their movie. Shyaam shook my hands happily.

“because of this change of plan, we need to come up with a different script to take make-up test for your wife. That’s why we are frantically searching for a suitable script among the various love stories submitted to us. Please wait” I went back and sat next to my wife. I saw that Naren had sat next to my wife on the other side and both were chatting very amiably. My wife was teasing him about the number of girl friends he had and he kept on addressing my wife as Didi! Anyone who looked at them will say they are brother and sister and no one will tell these two people were sucking each other’s tongue passionately.

After about fifteen minutes, The director and the other two had agreed upon a script and they called us.

My wife was standing just next to me. The director pulled my wife from me towards himself and putting both his hands around her, he said,
“I am going to make u the dream girl of the state!” So saying he hugged her tightly. My wife dint know how to react and she too put her hands around him. The director slid his hands down and cupped my wife’s ass cheeks. The director and my wife remained hugged to each other for a few seconds and we were all watching it. By this time, I was quite accustomed to people hugging my wife in front of me and fondling her ass. So I just stood there as if nothing unusual has happened. Then the director was back to his professional self.. He said that they will be taking a footage of this screen test and show it to distributors so that they can do some territory business right away. With that fund they will be able to take a grand movie. That was the plan. So, he said that it is very important for this screen test footage to be very appealing. He quickly narrated the scene to be shot for the screen test. He said that both Naren and my wife were collegemates and they had come on a private picnic. And in that they had hired a room and were alone in this hotel room. Both were young and the situation was very tempting. They begin to get intimate. With that the scene begins and they go to bed. As per the script, the scene breaks there and a dream song shot in Khandala begins. My wife and Naren listened to the scene intently. And as my wife turned to go to the centre of the room to act the scene out, Shyaam interrupted her and said,

“We have a new costume for this script. In this u have to dress up as a modern teenage girl and this sari wont do! U can go to the next room and changeover to this costume. So saying he handed over her a new costume. My wife went into the adjoining room with the new costume. She dint come out even after 10 minutes and cameraman nataraj went inside. We cud only hear their voices. First I cud hear my wife mumbling meekly. Then I heard Nataraj’s gruff voice.
“Arey Rani, U will look so good in this”
“No , No, its too short!”
“Hey, Rani your thighs are so good. This will expose them. Sridevi shot into limelight only with her thighs”
“There’s so much cleavage!”
“No , No, I will take care with the camera that it looks decent enough!”
Then there was a monets silence. I guessed that Nataraj wud have by now put his hand around her in a comforting way. After a few seconds, I even heard a kissing sound. By now, every fellow in the room was aware that the best way to convince my wife was to put arms around her, press her ass cheeks and put his tongue into her mouth. Though I guessed that Nataraj was using his moments of intimacy with her, I kept quiet. Then Nataraj came out. He just signaled thumbs up to everybody as if to show he had convinced her. After five minutes, my wife emerged from the room. She was almost blushing and she kept each step hesitatingly into the room. My God! She was looking too sexy in a mini. No one can tell that she is a married housewife who is twenty eight years old. The mini gripped her body real tight and her breasts looked like they can pop out any moment out of her mini. The mini was barely covering her panty and my wife had to frequently place a hand on the skirt and pull it down so that her red colour panty remained covered. Now, I was convinced that my wife starring as a college girl will be a big hit.

Already my wife was quite uncomfortable with this sexy costume. When she noticed that all the men in the room were staring at her assets which were well exposed by this dress, she became very shy and she almost rushed to me and hid herself behind my back.
“ Guhan Ji, Is it OK if I were this dress?” She hissed in my ears. Before I cud answer her, Shyaam told everyone in the room “ My God! If the stills of her in this costume come out, she can command atleast 60 lakhs for her next movie……!” That observation of Shyaam settled the issue for me and I immediately told my wife
“Its OK, Darling, U look really sweet in this!”
“Sweet” is the last word anyone can think of when they saw my wife in that dress. She looked like a sex bomb who cud make a boner out of anyone. But still, I had to maintain a dignified image in front of her and not let her know that I am allowing her to wear this whorish dress just for the money. My wife must have been relieved….
“Ji, I was very tensed what u will say when I walk out in this dress! But Natraj Sir convinced me somehow….!” And her voice trailed off. What Natraj did to her in that room privately must have flashed in her mind. Since she now knew that I was approving of her wearing this dress, She became more confident. Exactly at the same time the director called “Alright, Rani and Naren, Come to the bed and take your position!” . As soon as she heard the director’s command, immediately my wife went to the bed almost like a schoolgirl obeying the orders of head master. It was amazing how the director had that scaring effect on her. Both Naren and Rani stood adjacent to the bed. The director started explaining the scene to them.

“See, Naren, U r alone with your girlfriend and the whole mood is very passionate. Secluded room. Your girlfriend’s dress is also very tempting. Your eyes should show that passion, that lust. Rani! You also become passionate. First Naren will come and hug you. You also have to hug him. You are also feeling very erotic. Naren, after hugging, you have to gently make her sit in the bed. Then u sit by her side, turn her face to you with your hands and kiss her on the lips. Let it be a long kiss. Keep kissing till I say cut.”

The scene started. As advised Naren hugged Rani. And She too hugged him. Then Naren made her sit on the bed. Till then my wife was in a standing position. But once she sat on the bed, the skirt portion of the mini which was barely covering her mini could not do it now and her fleshy thighs in all its fairness was evidently displayed to everybody. The red colour panty which she had worn in the morning whole coming for audition was also clearly visible. Natraj’s camera was gobbling up this Up-skirt panty show of my wife. Just When he acted as her brother, Naren was very passionate with her. Now, he was acting as her lover. And added to it , my wife’s sexy costume. So needless to say, within a second he was all over her kissing her violently and sucking and licking her lips. My wife too responded to the kiss very favorably . This further kindled Naren and his handsexplored her body boldly. Again he started with his favourite area, her ass cheeks, but this time he had the luxury of the mini. So, he easily pulled up her skirt and caressed her exposed thighs and then proceeded to Rani’s ass cheeks with just the red colour panty between his fingers and my wife’s naked buttocks. When it appeared as though he might even insert a finger into the panty, suddenly the director called “cut”. At that time Naren and my wife were too deeply immersed into a kiss that it took them about 5 more seconds to withdraw their lips from each other. Naren pulled his fingers back from Rani’s ass cheeks very reluctantly. After the cut, he got up from the bed. The bulge in his pants was very distinct by now. I saw even Rani ogle at his bulge with a tinge of shyness. And I was observing one more interesting phenomena also. Everytime after Naren and Rani break up after a kiss scene, while Naren will simply walk away or stay still, my wife will always wipe her lips as if if she wipes the saliva of Naren off her lips , she would become a loyal family wife agaiun. I was wondering how she let Naren lick every inch of her lips during the scene but how she was behaving now. I was wondering why the director said cut when the scene was proceeding so very erotically. After all , he had told them that he wanted a very erotic effect and that’s what he got. So everyone looked at the director. The director said,
“See, the action is good, but somehow this red panty is not matching. In such an erotic scene red panty will give a cheep image and a “B” grade effect. We are not making a “B” grade movie. We are making a passionate love story which has to appeal to high class audience. This red panty combined with the hot action will show her like a whore. Not as a passionate lover. My heroine is not a randi. She is a passionate girl .”