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I really wanted to fuck that virgin hole but was a bit afraid due to its tightness. Her ass smelled nice and tasted silly. As I licked the backdoor my tongue met with that of Sheetal’s and we played tongue game with each other. Sheetal now pushed her tongue deep in Shilpa’s choot and tongue fucked her. This caused Shilpa to swallow more than half of Roy’s cock and now she mouth fucked her brother. Roy was in heaven and fully concentrated on the sensations over his cock. He thrust his buttock surging his sister to suck and swallow his 5-inch cock. We all were enjoying different aspects of sex and soon were lusty to fuck.Now Sheetal asked Roy to put his cock in the cunt of his sister and fuck her hard while she herself lay doggy style and asked me to batter her ass hole. We adjusted ourselves so that Shilpa was lying on her back with Roy fucking her missionary style.

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