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So Roy and myself went to the spare bedroom and lay on the bed talking. I told Roy that it was long time he had not fucked my wife and so I only planned this and told him to enjoy. Roy agreed and we became naked. Roy was catching my Lund in his hand said, “Sameer I am also dying to put my long thick cock in your wife’s pussy.” Saying this he freed my cock and put his mouth on it sucking it hard. I told him not to suck hard, as I wanted to deposit my come in Sheetal’s hole after his fucking. He just smiled and said that he too wanted the same and that he was sure I wont come for another 15 minutes sucking. As we were doing it, we heard my wife coming into the room, leaving the door slightly ajar. I observed this and knew why she had left it like that. Sheetal joined us and seeing my friend sucking my cock said,” Ohhh! You have already started. Let me give some cocks for sucking” Roy removed my Lund from his mouth and pushed the gown Sheetal was wearing above her head to make her naked. Sheetal immediately grabbed my Lund and pushed her mouth over the length. Her boobs were big and moved as she struggled to take all of my cock inside her mouth Roy patted her bulging belly, I was more excited with Roy’s talk and thrust my Lund deeper into Sheetal’s mouth. Sheetal was now moving her tongue on my cock and I felt waves of pleasure pass through my cock. Roy squatted behind Sheetal and thrust his own cock in her cunt, making her moan loudly over my cock. He was very excited and was murmuring loudly. We all were making lot of noise and I wondered when Shilpa would make her entry. Sheetal had taken my cock deep in her throat and my friend was fucking her cunt from behind. I whispered in Sheetal’s ear, ” When is Shilpa coming?” “Ohhh! She will! Wait silly. Let me make some more noise and she will get the message.” And Sheetal told Roy to lie down so that she can climb him and then allow me the honour of fucking her ass. Roy obliged and soon we two were fucking Sheetal together. Sheetal purposely made lot of noise and soon I saw a figure standing in the door. She was Shilpa! Shilpa was looking at what was going on in the spare bedroom and was really surprised.
She had one hand over her mouth and with the other she rubbed her excited breasts. Since there was lot of light in the room she could see easily what was going on. We three fucked forgetting everything and the sight of Shilpa watching excited me a lot. I fucked Sheetal’s ass furiously and whispered in her ear, ” Ohh Sheetal she is there and watching us! “Sheetal was very much excited and moved her ass on the two cocks buried in her cunt and ass. I watched Shilpa and she was about to shout with what she was looking at. I signaled her in and she slowly walked towards us. Roy was totally unaware of his sister’s presence and continued fucking my wife’s cunt. Now Shilpa was very near to us and she came behind me and pressed her body against mine. I felt her hard breasts on my back and I increased my speed and thrust my cock harder in Sheetal’s ass. Sheetal sensed Shilpa’s presence and she fucked our cocks even faster. This combined lust made me come in Sheetal’s ass and I skunked lot of juice there. Sheetal felt my hot come spraying in her ass and shouted wildly, ” Ohhhh! Sameer! I feel your come! Ohhhh It’s so hot! Ooh Roy come in my pussy and make me come! Ohhh YYEEssssssssssss! Ohhh spray that sticky sperm in my cunt! Ohhhhh I ammmmmmmcccoooommmmmiiiiinnnnnngggggggg!” Sheetal came and with that Roy too ejaculated his seed. I felt Sheetal’s body grow stiff and then she collapsed on Roy’s prone body.

I withdrew from Sheetal’s ass and turning around grabbed Shilpa and kissed her right on her mouth. Now it was Roy’s turn to be shocked! He saw Shilpa and he tried to talk something, but Sheetal kept her hand on his mouth and spoke, ” Roy! Shilpa knew that you are fucking me and my husband fucks your wife. But she doesn’t mind and she fucked with us both today afternoons. What a hot lady your sister is! She even sucked my pussy! Ohh You must see her in action. Come on Shilpa show your Brother your body.”Shilpa came forward and looked shyly at her brother and smiling at him, slowly pulled her gown up and removed it. Her Bra clad Breasts sprang free and she threw the gown away. She looked at Sheetal and Said, ” Ohh Bhabi! I want you to show my body to him I can’t go any further. Ohh! It’s so weird! We brother & sister doing this in front of each other! Ohh it excites me! Ahh! My Pussy! It’s so hot and wet. Come on show my body.” Sheetal went to Shilpa and kissed her affectionately rubbing her hands on her naked back and slowly unhooking the Brassier in the process. My wife removed the bra and exposed the twin jewels. She upped them lightly in each hand and weighing them said, ” Look at this Roy and Sameer! Look how hard they are! Oohh see the conical shape and the pink nipples! They are so cute! Ohhhhhhh! Soo nicceeee! Look at the naval Roy. See how flat her belly is. See this dimple of her belly button and oohhh! I should go further!” then Sheetal removed her Chaddi too caressing her fleshy and young cunt. Her cunt was clean shaved; I think she had just shaved it. The slit was tender and long with the clitoral hood showing of prominently. I saw Roy was looking at his sister excitedly and his cock was growing harder. I said, “Roy your sister is beautiful and sexy. Your cock is growing hard watching her undress. What’s in your mind, want to fuck her cunt? Go ahead do it we will love to see both you fucking! You both are so hot for each other, see her slit is dripping juice for her brother and brother’s friend.”