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They both were tied in a passionate kiss and were hungrily slurping at each other’s mouths. Sheetal pushing her tongue in Shilpa’s mouth and then Shilpa doing the same to her. Their hands were also busy and Shilpa was running her hands on the back of Sheetal, stroking her in a womanly love. Sheetal held Shilpa’s face with both her hands and was rubbing her ear lobes. I could see their breasts pressing one to another and, Shilpa’s breasts being harder pressed more into Sheetal’s. Slowly both got excited and now Sheetal had her hands on Shilpa’s breasts and was kneading them. Shilpa looked at her own boobs being kneaded by Sheetal and moaned loudly, ‘ Ohh Sheetal! Press them hard. See how hard they are! Ohh Sheetal! My pussy is dripping do something about it! Oh Sameer Bhaiya give me your cock. Ohh I want it in my pussy. YES fuck me ohh Bhaiya. Fuck my pussy!’ How could I refuse! I caught Shilpa and made her lie on her hands and knees and coming behind her I put my cock at the opening of the heavenly gate. Her pussy was really dripping and my cock head entered her pussy easily. Sheetal was excited too and brought her cunt near Shilpa’s mouth. ‘ Oh Shilpa! Suck my cunt while Sameer fucks your pussy. Oh lick it lick my clit! See how big it has grown due to your touch. OH YES lick my cunt suck my pussy I am spreading it for you!Ohhhhhhhhhh! Soo nice!’ Sheetal had to lie back on her back so that Shilpa could suck her cunt. Shilpa was now sucking Sheetal’s cunt and pushing her cunt over my cock. My cock slowly entered Shilpa’s cunt and I felt the tightness of it. Though she was not virgin, her cunt was real tight. My cock moved in her cunt and now it was all the way in. Shilpa’s cunt clasped my cock as it fucked in and out. Oh I was in heaven! I fucked that tight cunt deep and slow feeling it expanding and then contracting over my cock. I watched Sheetal spread her fleshy cunt for Shilpa and Shilpa was chewing the cunt, trying to swallow it all inside her mouth. I smacked Shilpa’s ass cheeks and Shilpa cried with joy. I moved my body to fuck her hard and she too responded by moving her ass back to meet my thrusts. Out fucking made nice rhythmic sound and the room was now filled with sex aroma and moaning! First Sheetal came pushing her cunt up against Shilpa’s mouth and letting out big sigh and giving plenty of her cunt’s juice! Shilpa moved her tongue fast to swallow whatever juice she could and some fell on the couch staining the covers. I felt Shilpa’s pussy flooding with her fuck juice and hr ass moving even faster. I pumped my cock harder and faster into her slit fucking her furiously and kneading her both boobs hard. Shilpa moaned loudly into Sheetal’s cunt, ‘ OOHh Sameer Bhaiya! Fuck me! AhhhhhhOhhhhh YES So nice! ram that cock hard to the hilt! Ohhh feels so good. Ohhhh SheetalBhabi! You taste so nice.. iii ammm ccoomming! OH GODDD!’And Shilpa’s body stiffened and then went limp. I felt her pussy release the come juice and bathe my cock with it. It made her cunt more slippery and I rammed my cock deep in the funnel and released my seed. My come spurted in the hungry cunt of my friend’s sister and mixed with her own juice. My wife watched all this while kneading her boobs and making obscene sounds. We fell on the couch exhausted and Sheetal ran her hands over our fucked bodies caressing us with love and affection. Sheetal got up and brought us tea and something to eat. We talked and Sheetal expressed her desire to involve Shilpa’s brother Roy in this and to see him fucking Shilpa by me secretly without the knowledge of Shilpa. Ohh What an Idea! We all consented to it and left it on Sheetal how to go about it.

SO after Roy came home I told him, ” We are planning to spend the night with you today and I have told Sheetal arranged for it. Dear it has been long time she had not have any sex with you, so lets do it.”
” But my sister, Shilpa is here. And how can we do this in her presence? Roy asked.
“We will have to take all the care and should not let her know about this.” I assured “OK lets do it in the night but you have to see that Shilpa is asleep. Ok?”Roy told. “Yes I will confirm that and then only we will fuck.”
But Sheetal had some different plans and she purposely informed Shilpa that in the night she should watch for something interesting. She did not tell her what it was. Sheetal told me that everything was arranged and she was looking forward to the fun. After dinner Sheetal made the beds for all and asked Roy to sleep in the spare bedroom along with me. Sheetal and Shilpa were to sleep in our bedroom.