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As per our plan on third day when Shilpa was taking a bath, I caught my wife in the hall and started making love to her. Since we had not fucked for last two days due to Roy and his sister Shilpa’s staying in our house both of us were really hot and I did not waste time in preliminaries and lifting her sari, put my cock in her cunt from behind. We thought Shilpa will take long time for her bath and so we started to fuck. Oh! My cock was buried deep in the cunt of Sheetal and Sheetal was enjoying it too. I fucked her slowly and did not want to come fast. While fucking her I was massaging her boobs and Sheetal was moaning a bit loudly; “Sheetal!! Don’t make such sounds, Shilpa may listen to them. Ohh Its after two days Sheetal! Your cunt is so nice OHH god! Your boobs have grown in size! Come on fuck my cock! Move your heavy ass.” Ohh yes!; Sameer! Ohh ! Fuck me! I am dying for your cock! Oh God! Yesss! I don’t care for anything! Fuck me! Ohhahhhhhhh aaiii! Yes Sameervvvvvvv; and we continued our fun.

I don’t know how much time elapsed and we were so much absorbed in the fuck game that we forgot Shilpa existed! I heard the bathroom door open and immediately pulled my cock out of my wife’s cunt. We were about to separate when Shilpa came in the hall staring wide-eyed at us. I was zipping up my pant and Sheetal was adjusting her sari. But the things seemed to be clear to Shilpa. This was sufficient for anybody to guess what we were doing.

We waited for Shilpa to speak “Oh! Sheetal bhabhi! I am so sorry I disturbed you and Sameer Bhaiya. I did not know you were after this. I never imagined that you are doing all this in drawing room so openly. Oh! How can it be?”

“ Shilpa! Please don’t tell this to your brother. Oh I am so sorry;” My wife requested to Shilpa as my wife felt very shy to fuck in drawing room instead of our bed room when she knew better that Shilpa might come back at any movement from bath room and would see our fucking said, “
Shilpa, please forget what you saw. It just happened, as I could not control myself. Please don’t tell this to my friend. “I said.

Then Shilpa told, ‘No! I am not going to tell this to anybody It’s just that I loved watching it. You were behind Sheetal Bhabi and sticking that thing in her. Oh! It was very exciting and that made me hot. I am a grown up woman and I have feelings too; Then Sheetal asked, ‘ so what we should do about it? Should we all do it?’‘ “ How can we? Sameer Bhaiya is my brother’s friend and just like my own brother and also elder to me! No I don’t think we should.’ Shilpa replied

Sheetal looked at me and winked. I knew she was after some trick to drag Shilpa in this. So I waited for her to make move. My wife called to Shilpa, “ Shilpa please come here. I want to tell you something.’
Shilpa was wearing Yellow sari with matching blouse. Her hair had spread over her back up to her ass. They were so long! And her ass swayed seductively with the rolling of the ass cheeks. She looked so sexy that I wished to grab her and fuck her there and then. But I had to wait and see what Sheetal was doing. Sheetal asked Shilpa to sit beside her on the couch next to us. Then she asked me to stand in front of them. I did. Now there was tense moment as to what will happen. Sheetal told Shilpa, ‘ Shilpa you are a big girl now and you should know what we were doing. Let me tell you something about this. Now I am going to show you what is all this about? Its practical aspect of the life and you will enjoy it.’