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With this Shilpa caught my cock in her tender hands and stroked it up and down. She was really happy to see that it was big, hard and almost 6inches long. She looked at Sheetal and then at me, ‘ Oh! Sheetal Bhabi this is so big! I think I am going to enjoy this. How does it feel when it goes into the pussy? Oh I just can’t imagine.’

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My wife Sheetal looked at me and said, ‘Sameer! Come on let’s play with this mermaid. Looking at her body I feel that she has played this game often and so let me tell her our secret. This will heighten her and our pleasure. Let her know her brother also joins us in the games we play. Sheetal you are listening to this? Yes, your brother and Sameer are swapping us i.e. your Bhabi and me regularly. In clear words while your brother fucks me my husband Sameer fuck your Bhabi we all enjoy threesome. Its wild thing and anything goes! He even sucks Sameer’s cock with his wife and loves watching her get laid. Isn’t it interesting?’