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Oh Sheetal Bhabi! I don’t believe this! He is so straight and how it is possible? Ok Lets talk about it later. Right now I want Sameer’ s cock in my mouth. Can I take it? With your permission Sheetal Bhabi?’And Shilpa crawled to me and took my cock in her mouth. Ohh! She had nice small mouth with thin lip sand small teeth. Her tongue was long and slender and played tricks on my cock head. Her long tongue moved over my sensitive cock head and Shilpa licked my entire 6 inches of meat tasting it and leaving trails of saliva on it. Shilpa seemed to be expert in this department because she opened her mouth with a small O’ and brought it over my cock, slowly taking it inside her mouth. Oh! What a skill! My cock felt the sides of her mouth as if it was a cunt, but then the movement of the tongue on the underside of my cock made it clear that it was indeed a mouth. Slowly she engulfed my cock up to 4 inches and took a break. Looking at me seductively, Shilpa again continued to swallow my meat and finally scored 6 inches, the end. Her mouth was almost touching my pubic hair and I think they were tickling her. Then she moved her mouth skillfully over my entire cock, milking me with the tightness. My wife Sheetal was observing us and massaging her own tits. Her nipples were hard and she was breathing faster. ‘ Ohh!Sameer! See her swallow your cock! She is really expert at it. Even I cannot swallow that monster as she does. Oh! I am getting excited watching this! Ohh YES suck him Shilpa. OH how I love to watch massaging my own tits! Oh GOD!’Sheetal could not bear the scene and positioned her pussy over my mouth. Sheetal’s cunt smelled nice and I pushed my tongue to explore the cunt of my wife. I licked her cunt all the way from her clit to the asshole and then back again. Shilpa was watching this while slurping on my cock and the sight excited her too. I felt Shilpa moving her mouth even faster now and making gurgling sounds from her mouth.

Sheetal was pushing her cunt on my mouth, trying to rub it over my entire face. Oh! Here I was pleasuring two hot women! Now Shilpa pressed my cock in between her teeth and slowly bit my rod. I felt some pain but more pleasure and my cock jerked in that hot mouth of Shilpa. My tongue went further inside the cunt of Sheetal and I moved it inside to taste her vaginal fluids. Sheetal’s cunt was dripping wet with all that excitement. Ohhhh! I had to come! I moved my mouth from Sheetal’s cunt and warned Shilpa that I was about to come.‘ Ohh Bhaiya! Come in my mouth! I want your juice! Ohhh Your cock feels so nice in my mouth! Come on Sameer give the juice, make my mouth happy. Ohh GOD! Sheetal is also enjoying your mouth. OHHh! What a sucking! Ohh Sheetal watch me drinking your husband’s juice! OHH YESSSSSSSS!’‘

Hearing Shilpa’s word my wife moaned “ Come on Sameer give Shilpa your come juice! Ohh make her gargle with your come.. Oh yes suck me faster. Ohh yess ffff..aa..ss..tt.ee..rrr’! Oh GOD! Oh Roy! You should have been here to watch your sister sucking Sameer! Ohhh SUCK FUCKKK! Iaammccccooommmmmiinng!!!!!!’ Sheetal came on my tongue and made me release my own juice in Shilpa’s mouth. Shilpa’s mouth worked on my cock to take as much of come as it can and then come started to dribble from the corners of her mouth and fell on her boobs. Sheetal’s body relaxed and she climbed down and sat beside me watching Shilpa swallow my come.‘ Ohhh Shilpa! Leave some come for me. I haven’t had his come since you were here. Oh give me some come. Oh! Kiss me! YESSSS! That’s like a good baby!’Shilpa kissed Sheetal and they both exchanged my come, Sheetal pushing her tongue deep into Shilpa’s mouth. I watched as these women were held up in the tight embrace. I wanted to see some action between these two and that was essential for my cock too. I don’t often come so quickly, but I wanted to give my come to Shilpa for the first time and so I had released it on purpose. I take more time to get hard again and with these two putting up a show it wasn’t difficult. I encouraged them with my lusty talk and told them, ‘Sheetal make love to this beautiful lady. Show her what you can do. I know you wanted to make love with a woman for a long tome and now is the time to fulfill your fantasy. Shilpa! Relax and enjoy Sheetal’s body. She is really expert with her tongue and you will love it.”