Mansi goes window shopping

He touched her pussy a bit. Mansi didn’t object. She was standing as if nothing abnormal was happening.

Ahmed measured her lower waist and massive bums. Mansi commented often, telling how long and wide skirt she wanted.

“Madam, I can’t measure the widest length your Skirt unless you spread your legs. I need to see how much will I need to cut to cover your bums and thighs.,” He said caressing her big ass.

“Alright, how can you do it then?”, Mansi asked. She was well aware of Ahmed’s hand on her bums but acted as if she didn’t knew about it.

“Lie down on the couch and spread your legs, I’ll then measure the max width”, He said.

Mansi foolishly went over the flat couch and lie down on her back. She then spread her legs as wide as she can. Her pussy was in full view now. It’s pink lips were glistening with love juices. She was hot and excited I guess.

“Madam, I’ll remove my clothes as they won’t allow me to stretch and measure. They are too tight, you know”, Ahmed said removing his clothes. Before Mansi could say something, he was naked. His lungi and shirt was on the floor. His manhood, massive cut penis rock hard and pointing towards her.

“Lets measure the width now”, he said as he moved in between her thighs. Mansi looked at his cock. Ahmed met her gaze. He knew she was looking at it. He took the measurement, noted it and put the tape and book at one side.

Then he started pressing her boobs. Mansi moaned. She was ready for his cock. Ahmed knew it. He played with her nipples, bit them hard and made her screech in paid. Then he bit her boobs. They became red like Apples. He continued biting all over her stomach, navel and thighs and then bit her pussy.

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“Aahhhhhh…. Oooooohhhhhh”, Mansi moaned. Her legs were stretched wide and Ahmed was sucking her pussy…

“Uuuuuuummmmmhhhhh”, she was getting mad and curved up with ecstasy. Ahmed was a good sucker. He sucked her pussy for some time and then asked her to turn over. He wanted to lick her ass too.

Mansi turned over and now Ahmed starting biting and licking her back and then gradually moved to her big ass.

Mansi raised her ass to give him good access. He chewed on her milky white bums.

“Please Ahmed bhai, I can’t take it anymore. Ashraful told me you are a good fucker. I am your whore today. Fuck me like an animal!”, She cried with pleasure.

I knew it. Ashraful, the fucking servant had told Mansi to go to Market and get fucked even more. Mansi was a pure slut. She wanted more cocks!

“Sure my whore”, Ahmed hissed, “But first give me a blowjob”.

He said waving towards his cock. Mansi didn’t waste a moment, grabbed his big fat cock and started sucking it. She was sucking it like a pro now. Licking his big hairy balls and his fat shaft. His cock was glistening in light. His cock had even fatter pink knob. It looked kinda weird, but fat nonetheless.

Mansi sucked his cock for 10-15 minutes. Ahmed then pushed her on the couch and asked to lay down on all fours. She did as asked. Ahmed now took some oil from a table and applied it on his fat cock and applied some more in Mansi’s pussy. She looked at him eagerly, swaying her big round ass.

Ahmed massaged his cock for a while. It looked like a red hot and fat steel pipe. He then placed the pink knob on her pussy.

“I am going to fuck you like a dog today,” He said,” You are now my bitch, take my Muslim cock in your pussy”.

He gave a mighty push. Mansi got pushed forward. His cock was halfway in her pussy. Mansi was shouting in pain and cursing Ahmed and Ashraful. She had tears in her eyes.

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Ahmed laughed and gave another mighty push. Mansi fell. She was in lot of pain. She was crying, shouting, curing, groaning and moaning simultaneously.

Ahmed’s cock was now all in. He stood motionless for a minute of two, allowing Mansi to calm down. Once she was silent, he started ramming her pussy. He was fucking her pussy like a machine. His cock went in and out of his pussy like a piston. Mansi was shouting and crying. Ahmed was not in the mood to let her go. He was fucking her like there was no tomorrow.

“Please stop”, Mansi cried,” It’s hurting. My pussy is hurting”.

“Forget about it Bitch”, Ahmed growled,” You’ll see what a Muslim cock can do to a Hindi bitch. I’ll fuck your brains out today”.

Mansi whimpered. She can do nothing. Ahmed’s fat and big cock was raving her pussy and she can only cry. Ahmed fucked her pussy for almost 30 minutes. Man, this guy was a monster. Mansi was almost dead like a leaf. She was too tired to protest.