Mansi goes window shopping

“Ahmed bhai, I need a fitting Top and knee length skirt made.”, She said taking out some clothes from another bag she had carried all the way from home.

“Sure madam,” nodded the bearded man,” What kind of neck design and pleats would you like to go for?”.

He handed her a booklet. She looked at a few designs and chose on. It was a low neck, tight fitting top with curved bottom. It would expose most of her body. She then selected a skirt pattern that was short, more like short ghagra. A sudden wind can lift that skirt up and give a glimpse of her panties or pussy to anyone.

“Those are good choices madam”, Ahmed nodded her approval and came out from behind the counter with a measuring tape.

“Lets take your measurements now”, he said waving the tape.

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Mansi nodded and stood clear of the counter. Her purse was on the counter and camera in front provided a clear view, which another camera provided a side view. I was able to see everything and hear each sounds they made.

Ahmed started but was finding it difficult measuring her with her loose gown dress.

“Madam”, he said,” Your dress is too loose. I’ll have to take perfect measurements for a fitting top like that one.”

Mansi thought for a second.

“I can remove the top portion for you. Can you take the measurements then?”, she asked innocently.

Ahmed smiled,”Of course madam. You can do that in the changing room. Lets go.”

They started going to the changing room which was towards the end of his shop. Mansi went first. Ahmed locked the front door and took her bag with him. I sighed with relief. I was looking forward to their sessions.

Once inside, Ahmed put her bag on top of a table and went near Mansi. Mansi was untying her dress. She slowly too the top portion off and slid it down to her waist. The dress had a small belt at waist. It prevented the dress from falling off and exposing Mansi.

Now Mansi was nude from top. Her big round breasts were in view, gracing the air. Ahmed froze from a minute.

“C’mon. Take the measurement. I don’t time to waste.”, Mansi complained.

Ahmed got hold of himself and started his work. He was taking measurements and noting it down on a small book. He was done with upper waist, shoulders and arms now. It was about to measure her breasts.

“Do you want loose or tight cup?”, he said holding Mansi’s breasts in his hands.

“What’s the difference?”, She asked.

“Loose cups will not hold your big boobs well”, Ahmed said, moving his hands down a little to let her boobs fall for a moment, “While, tight cups will hold them firmly and make them look big”

He squeezed her boobs to show how tight cups will work. He was literally pressing her boobs for his enjoyment now.

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“Use Tight cups”, Mansi acted as if she was not bothered with a stranger pressing her boobs,” I don’t want them sagging and hanging”.

“Of course madam, big boobs like yours should never be let down”, He said squeezing them a bit and pinching her black nipples.

Mansi acted normal. Ahmed now measured her boobs, under-boobs and made some note on his pad.

“Madam, now I have to take measurement for skirt. Your dress won’t help much”, He complained pointing to her loose Gown dress.

“Don’t worry”, Mansi replied, untying her left,” Now take your measurements”.

Her dress fell down. She was completely nude now. Her while milky body was nude in from of a Muslim stranger. Ahmed smiled. He winked at her.

“You have a nice body madam”, he complimented her curvy body,” And a bushy pussy area is even beautiful”.