Mansi goes window shopping

Ahmed gave 2-3 big thrusts and took his cock out of Mansi’s pussy. Her pussy was wide open. It can easily accommodate my fist now. It was torn and bloody. She lay motionless, whimpering in pain and trying to gather herself.

Ahmed oiled his cock as Mansi tried to push herself on all fours again, maybe to get up and get out of his reach. Ahmed caught her waist. She looked back expecting a little sympathy. Ahmed gave a wry smile and patted her big round ass. He then put some oil in her asshole.

“No.. No, Please no”, Mansi pleaded,” I can’t your fat cock in my ass. It will get torn and I won’t be able to walk”.

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He requests hit a wall as Ahmed pushed her and put his cock on her asshole and gave few pushes. With each push, Mansi let out a massive shriek. She was crying and trying to get out of his desperately. But Ahmed was strong and his cock was already half way in her ass.

“Don’t cry bitch, I will tear your asshole today,” Ahmed growled,” You won’t forget this and will come back for my Muslim cock again and again”.

He beamed as he gave one more push and his cock went it. Mansi was sobbing and protesting with all her might. She was helpless. Ahmed started fucking her ass now. Mansi was moaning, crying and sobbing. She was getting push back and forth due to Ahmed’s massive thrusts.

He slapped her milky ass cheeks often, making them red in process. He rammed her ass hole for 10-15 and then took his cock out. It was still rock hard. He might have taken some pills or penis sprays. Mansi was like a doll in front of him.

He made her turn and now she was on her back. He then pushed in cock into her already torn pussy and started ramming it. Mansi cried and cried. Her cries had pain, and pleasure. She held Ahmed by his shoulders and he rammed his cock like a mad man.

After fucking her for 5-10 more minutes, he got stiff.

“Take my muslim cum, bitch”, He shouted as he cummed in Mansi’s pussy,” You are not my bitch and I’ll fuck you whenever I want.”.

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He grunted. After a while, he moved to a side and wiped his cock with Mansi’s gown. Mansi lay motionless, breathing heavily. Her pussy was wide open. Ahmed’s juices were flowing out of her red pussy. I can also see her asshole, which had blood on it.

“Get up bitch, get dressed and get the fuck off now,” Ahmed slapped on Mansi’s boobs, ” I am expecting some more bitches to come and get their dresses made”.

He then got dressed up and went out of the dressing room.

Mansi got up slowly, wiped her pussy and asshole with a piece of cloth and dressed up. She then took her bag and went out. I saw her passing Ahmed, who was now talking to another lady.

“You can come for your dress next week, Madam”, He winked at Mansi,” I’ll have it stitched up and we’ll see how a good fit it is for you”.

Mansi nodded and walked out of the shop. She was not able to walk properly. Ahmed and the lady, he was talking to, laughed at her condition. Mansi then took an auto and asked him to drop near our house.

I fast forwarded the remaining video and took the SD card out of the Laptop, placed it in the camera slots and took them back to Bedroom. Mansi was still sleeping. I then put the cameras back in her purse and went to sleep.