Sensual Journey of Indiradebi – Nude scenes in film

Hello Indian Sex stories & Group Sex stories readers. I am going to share another fictional sensual sex story about Indiradebi and her journey through Sex and Lust. If you missed the first part, its HERE for you to read.

Indranidebi ( 48 yrs Bengalee film & TV serial actress cum classical dancer ) was worshiping and praying to her favourite Goddess for a major role in a Bengali film. Few days ago her son-in-law ( Noel ) intimated her about a leading role in Indo-Bangla film for which she was waiting anxiously for Noel ( 28 yrs. slim fig. cameraman ) along with the Bangladeshi producer-director Aslam Khan’s ( 27 yrs) arrival.

For a long time she is without any role in film , except some small roles in TV serial . Being a cameraman , Noel has an intimacy with Aslam and request him one day to give a chance in his film for her mother-in-law which he accepts gladly .

At last the ringing of door-bell declares their arrival , opening the door , she welcomes them and Noel does
the ” Pranam ” by bending forward & touches her MIL’s feet with hand,”how are you Ma (mom) ?”

By placing her hand on Noel’s head ,Indranidebi blesses her son-in-law ,” Bhalo baba, Koel elo na?anek din dekhini monta kemon korche “. ( well, why not Koel comes? Don’t see her for a long time, mind is upsetting) . Aslam does the same and Indranidebi blesses him also, but becomes surprised to get “Pranam ” from a Muslim man. Observeing Indranidebi’s astonishment , orphn Aslam tells, ” Being a blind fan, I respect you as my mother and for a long time I am dreaming to create a film based on you “.

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Just finishing her Puja ( worship of the Goddess Maakali ), Indranidebi comes with a plate of Prasad ( cut-piece of different fruits) and serves them , wearing
a sleeveless thin blouse ( without bra ) from which her darken nipples with aerola are clearly visible and a transparent red bordered white saree ( specially made for Puja only ).
This makes Indranidebi as a typical respected & sacred bengalee housewife , as well as a milf-like sex-bomb also .

” I watch all your films , becomes surprised to see that your excellent talent in dance is not properly utilised .
So I want to prepare a film based on different types of classical & commercial dances and title of the film will be as ” Great Bengalee Dancer ” , Aslam says in a full enthusiastic way .

Then turning to her friend cum colleague Noel, he says ” However your Sasurima ( MIL) is more beautiful & sexy also than her photos and film which I see and I want to depict her sexiness in a new glamourous way” ..

Hearing her praisal , Indranidebi’s heart fills with joy . But before selecting her as a heroine in his film , Aslam wants to take a screen test .
Hearing the word ” screen test ” Indranidebi becomes
ashamed & motionless because she had to perform screen-test for some film before selecting as a heroine.

Now she has to do the same catwalk by removing her clothes one by one , but in front of her son-like Jamai (son-in-law ), she can’t do it.

Realising the situation , Noel assures her Sasurima ” Don’t fell shy Ma, it’s a part of film also, take it easy & professionally ” . Preparing his camera . Noel starts to take pictures of his only Sasurima from different angles , with the direction of Aslam .

Famous Bengalee actress cum classical dancer Indranidebi, like a model in ramp , walks provocativly by swaying her heavy hip .

Then Indranidebi slowly removes her saree and walks as before with blouse & saya ( petticoat ) . Later removing the blouse ( plops her mammoth tits ) , she walks & poses in different way with great shame .

Her melon-like huge boobs , erect nipples which is aroused in excitement with big aerola , are swaying with her movement . Watching this both men become excited heavily and with slow gasp Aslam Saheb begins to stroke his already hardened cock through the pant .

Wearing only a thin & silky petticoat only before her son-in-law, she feels ashamed which increases heavily when she removes her petticoat . Being fully nude before her jamai ( son-in-law ) for first time, her shame increases and simultaneously it increases her excitement also which causes more secretion of pussy-juice.

Oh ! what a sexy figure of of this famous Bengalee Celeb , just like south Indian sex-bomb b-grade actress Sindhu . Between the juncture of her round thighs Indranidebi’s swollen pussy is fully covered with huge amount of curly black hair so that her puffy cunt lips are not shown .

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Becoming fully nude , Indranidebi poses in different way before her Jamai Noel . With every movement , Indranidebi’s huge boobs & ass are jiggling so provocativly that not only Aslam is stroking his penis furiously but Noel also begins to stroke his penis through the pants with his left hand .

Being first time fully nude before camera with presence of her Jamai & watching her Jamai and Aslam’s excited condition , lustful Indranidebi’s already excited pussy is emitting pussy-juice more .

Completing the shameful screen test when Indranidebi tries to cover her nudity , Aslam stops her ” In your films I have seen your many dance scenes , if you don’t mind , please show me a dance now ” .

This means , Indranidebi has to dance in fully nude and in front of her Jamai also , oh ! no , she can’t do , but there is no hope , she has to acquire this role at any cost.

Pushing away all the restraints & shame ,Indranidebi starts to dance with music & Aslam’s direction . At first she dances with a Rabibdrasangeet & then with a hit hindi song ( piya tu ab aja ) like Helen .

With her dance , the huge boobs , along with the bubble ass are swaying so provocativly , that excited Aslam removes his pant and swiftly comes to Indranidebi .