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Bhaiponta – Indiradebi’s Sensual journey begins

Hello fellow Indian Sex stories & Incest Sex stories readers. I am going to share a fictional sensual sex story about Indiradebi and her journey through Sex and Lust.

Frustrations grips Indranidebi ( 42 yrs. great Bengali film actress cum classical dancer , 38-30-38 ) day by day due to non-availability of major role in the film , which poses a serious threat to maintain her filmy status. Acting in theater , coaching dance to others , a small role as an aunt or mother in film or acting in TV serial may lead her life normally but unable to provide the glamorous status. In this critical juncture her sister-like friend Rachanadebi ( 38 yrs. famous Bengali film & TV serial actress , now specially known as Didi No 2, stats 37-29-37 ) proposes her oneday when they were attended a religious ceremony for inauguration .

” You can earn more than 30 lakhs within half an hour ”

” How is it possible ! ” Indranidebi becomes stunned to hear this because in a Bengali film the leading heroine can earn only 20 lakhs per film and to earn this the heroine has to share her bed with the producer & has to act for more than 6 months .

” Just you have to perform a special type of dance in a hotel . Yes , I hope you guess it ” .

” I hear this . The Sun hotel arranges once in a month a program of striptease dance for some high class personalities at huge cost of ticket with heavy secrecy ” .

” Right you are . The dancers are of either TV serial actresses or B-class / C-class film actresses . The Audience is demanding for a long time for a mature and A-class famous actress like you ” .

” But I am too old for striptease dance ” .

” You look so much young as a thirty+ yrs woman that’s why everyone ogle at you . And nowadays most males prefer a mature milf , like you than today’s slim and younger actress ” Rachanadebi answers .

Hearing the praises about herself Indranidebi becomes very much pleased and tell her friend that she will consider her proposal & inform her decision later and return their respective homes from that religious ceremony.

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Next day Rachanadebi prepares herself and make the arrangements for ” Bhaiphonta ” ( a famous and emotional Bengali ceremony in which a sister marks his brother’s forehead with sandalwood paste & prays to God Yamraj with some paddy and grass piece for his long-lived so that he can save her from danger ) for her brother Jay ( 25 yrs. unmarried teacher ) .

Arriving her Didi’s ( elder sister ) home he does ” Pranam ” ( an Indian custom to show respect for other by bending forward & touching his / her feet with his hand ) to his respected Didi who wears only a thin & transparent saree which makes her sexy figure even more sexy. Jay watches his sexy didi first time closely for a long time which his Didi also notices & smiles . The white fleshy boobs and the heavy ass are jiggling with her every movement which are shown through her thin saree.

Jay did’nt see her didi in this type of saree before , that’s why it is enough for Joy whose cock twitches in heavy excitement in his pant . He feels ashamed for his respected Didi and quickly goes to next room to hide his erect penis & waits for Bhaiphonta. Suddenly he notices a blouse of her Didi in which the armpit area are totally soaked fully with sweat . Everybody surely notice her in film or in TV serial that Rachanadebi’s underarm became soaked with sweat all the time .

It is due to huge amount of hair which grew for a long time , as a result sweat secretes continuously and soaks the clothes at armpits area. Actually she loves it , because it creates a heavy intoxicating odour which attract both her co-stars & fans . Even some of her co-stars & friends enquire about the perfume which she uses , without answering she just smiles and avoid them .

The small room is fully covered with the intoxicated scent of her Didi’s armpits sweat . He takes the blouse and inhales deeply which increases his excitement even more and his already hardened cock becomes to throb more vigorously. Totally forgetting the situation he starts to masterbate by pulling out the rigid cock from his pant and licks the wet portion of the blouse & sucks the salty sweat.

At that moment Rachanadebi enters that room and becomes surprised to observe the scene which slowly increases her excitement and starts caressing her pussy through the only thin saree ( without any blouse , petticoat , bra & panty ). After some time a wicked smile comes across her face and she silently comes in front of her brother.

” You perverted sick bro ” Rachanadebi says in a bewildering tone .

” I’m so sorry sis , please don’t mind & tell nobody ” Jay says in shame & lowers his head .

” How can a sister mind for his loving bro in this special day? In this sacred day all sisters are only for her brother ” saying this Rachanadebi lifts her left hand & pushes her sweaty hairyarmpit in front of his brother’s face .

The white armpit is fully covered by a thick patch of long & curly hairs which are glistening with heavy intoxicating odour of sweat .

Seeing his respected Didi’s lovely & sexy hairy armpit Jay becomes mesmerized and watches it with lustful eyes .

” Why are you licking from a wrong place if you have a right place ? ” Hearing this from Rachanadebi , Jay becomes astonished for a moment and in the next moment puts his mouth in her respected Didi’s hairy armpit.

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At first he licks & sucks the salty intoxicated sweat hungrily from that armpit , later he puts his mouth on her right armpit & sucks the sweat .At the same time he massages Rachanadebi’s fleshy boobs through the thin saree which increases her horniness.