Bhaiponta – Indiradebi’s Sensual journey begins

” Like every bengalee housewife I also worship my husband like a God , so how can I accept this profession without his knowledge ? Not only that , all my customers are selected by him and he loves to watch my fucking with them ” Rachanadebi discloses all .

”It means Rajuda is also a pervert ” Raj says laughingly .
” Yes , by watching others Bnara ( cock ) in my Gud ( cunt ) , your Jamaibabu ( BIL ) becomes excited and lstarts masterbating and lastly ejaculates in my mouth ” Rachanadebi tells her husband’s perversion.

”Oh ! it’s so exciting , if you don’t mind , I also want to join in your session because I have a long cherished dream to watch a live porn-show ” Jay says egarly .

” Why not ? Tomorrow I have a session with one of my fan . You both can join & watch the fuck-session ” Rachanadebi replies happily .

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” But don’t you feel ashamed or uneasiness to be funked with other in front of Jamaibabu ”

” No , no , rather it increases my excitement & hornines which creates my climaxes more amazing . Nowadays I can’t climaxes without his presence ” Rachanadebi also discloses her perverted fantasy .

At that time Rajubabu enters and says ” Yes Jay , your Didi is correct , like you , I am too proud to be the husband of your Didi . Due to her huge sacrifice only , we are able to lead such luxurious life . At the same time she fulfils my dirty perverted fantasy also . As for today , I watch your total fuck-session , which is the best in my life & recorded it in my mobile . I had a long-cherished fantasy to watch an actual incest fuck-session , which is fulfilled due to your great Didi . For this I am grateful to both of you ” .

Hearing this , Rachanadebi’s heart fills with joy & with full of tears , she does ” Pranam ” to her Godlike husband and says ” please wait sometime , I am coming with some cold beverage for both of you ”

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Disclaimer: It’s purely a fictional story based on fantasy. The author & is not responsible for any resemblance with someone & incident is totally a coincidence