My Wife fucked during TV Serial Audition Part 2- Indian Sex Stories

The moment his fingers touched Gauhar’s pussy, she came to her senses and immediately realized that she was not wearing a panty and she looked up at us and saw that Rohit, director and Javed were all looking at her mound. More Indian sex stories on

She understood that she was giving a free show of her mound to everyone in the room. As if in an involuntary reaction, she immediately closed in her thighs to prevent people seeing her mound. But she had forgotten about the 14 year old boy’s hands that were on her pussy and due to the closing action of her thighs; Ramu’s hands got gripped into her pussy.

Even then Ramu was keeping his cool and continuing wiping her pussy with his hands. My wife realized that this boy’s hands were inside her pussy and she had to again spread her legs wide and removed his hands from her pussy and then closed back her legs. During this, again the free darshan was given to all. The boy acted surprised that she threw away his hands and said,

“Didi, it is very wet there. Lots of sweat. I will wipe it”. He was telling the wetness of my wife’s juice as sweat. My wife simply bowed her head and didn’t even bother to respond to him. Her legs were firmly crossed. It looked like my wife was about to lose her temper. She was angry with herself for allowing so many men see her mound and allowing a 14 ye old boy feel up her pussy and she was about to show her anger on the boy. The director understood the situation immediately. He immediately rushed near my wife and said,

“Arey Ramu, that wetness is different. You go!” and pushed the touch up boy away. He then turned to my wife and said,

“ Whore , just by kissing you have become so wet is it?” in a mocking way. He expected my wife to blush and give her usual timid smile. But the fact that so many had seen her pussy and worse they had all come to know that she was oozing cunt juices made my wife very embarrassed and she would have felt like simply walking out the whole damn thing. Seeing that my wife did not respond with the usual blush, the director understood that she was tensed. He proceeded to convince her.

“Arey Gauhar,why are you upset? Such things happen. Do you know the famous Hema Malini. I was an assistant director in her movie. There was a scene where she had to climb a tree wearing a sari. I had to stay under the tree to prompt the dialogues to her. As I looked up to prompt the dialogues, I realized that she was not wearing any panty. I could clearly see Hema’s pussy. I was very young then and the sight of this dream girl’s pussy was just too much. I forgot to prompt her dialogues. Hema looked down at me and realized that I was looking at her pubic mound. She simply told all her dialogues herself without any prompting and after the scene she called me privately and told, “Sorry Bhaiyya, I forgot to wear a panty and distracted you!” There was no trace of shyness in her voice that she had shown her pussy to me. She was very cool. Such professionalism you should also have!” So saying, he touched my wife’s hair in very fatherly way and my wife would have really been touched by this affectionate display of this strict director. She just placed her hands on his shoulders and started crying. The director hugged my wife and rubbed her back soothingly.

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“It’s alright Gauhar! It’s alright!” he kept telling. After crying for a minute, Gauhar regained her poise and sat upright. Seeing that the director was also back to her normal self. He pinched her cheeks naughtily and said,

“Sali ka chut dekh kar yeh budda ka lauda bhi bada hogaya!”(Seeing this whore’s cunt even this old man’s dick got bigger) and pointed at the erection at his pants. Everyone laughed except me. My wife too gave a faint smile and I could even see traces of pride that she had given an erection to an old man.

The director returned to Rohit and started giving instructions. Shyaam came back within a few minutes with a new set of panties and my wife went in to the adjoining room and returned quickly wearing one of them. She must have also had a face wash as the tears were gone from her face and her childish face looked as radiant as ever. That is the specialty of my wife. One moment she will look like a voluptuous sex bomb and next moment she can look like an innocent homely housewife. Anyone looking at her shy childish face now cannot believe that this is the same woman who had spread her legs and showed her cunt to all the men in the room.

She walked like a radiant princess and straight away took her position in the bed. It was just then that I decided to go to the adjoining RTO office where I wanted to enquire something about renewing my driving license. I went to my wife and told her that I will be back about an hour or so later. She gave me a look as though she was frightened to be left alone in this room with these people. But I told her that I will try to be back within an hour and left.

When I was walking along the corridors only I realized that I had not brought my original license and so I had to go back. When I entered the audition room again, this time the lighting was very dull and I silently went to a corner chair and sat. I noticed that Rohit was sitting by her side. But Javed was still making some last minute changes in the lighting. So Rohit and Gauhar were engaging themselves in a friendly conversation. I noticed that my wife had not noticed my coming back into the room again. Though unintentional, I thought that I got an opportunity to see how my wife behaves when I am not there. I started observing how Gauhar was moving with Rohit. For the initial few seconds Gauhar was slightly uncomfortable and was not seeing Rohit eye to eye because the thought that only a few minutes back, he had seen her hairy mound must have flashed in her mind. But

Rohit very carefully avoided any reference to that and he was talking to her very casually.

“Didi, you look so young in this dress……in fact younger than my college girls!”

“Don’t flatter me Rohit” my wife blushed.

“No, No Didi, I am telling u the truth. If you walk into our college with this mini, people may think that you are a student of first year only! I am telling u that for sure!” when he said sure, just to stress his point, he pressed his hands on my wife’s mini. Half his hands were in contact with my wife’s mini and the other half on her thighs.