Secret Affair with Foreigner Indian Woman

After reading many Erotic Sex stories daily here,  I wanted to post my real experience which happened in abroad when I was working. I am 35 years old, my name is Rohith and with good physique but little tummy and Ramani is elder than rohith of 2.5 years.

This lady is not fair, Ramani just looks average in color and can see rohith charming in her eyes and lustful. As this is going to be big story please be patient and excuse me if any mistakes found in this real experience. We migrated to abroad before 5 years say like after 2010 and was searching for shared room and found this lady house(Indians but converted citizens) and we took their master bedroom and saw this lady looking sexy than her wedding pictures and her husband is very old(later came to know that age difference of 27 years) and I feel very pity for her.

I am very shy and not talkative to ladies and in the good talking with ladies, my wife is getting very close to her and their children. And slowly I am also admiring her with a simple talk. Later I added her in fb and daily checking her whatsapp profile pics as I am getting fond of her and feel to have her in my life, after 2 to 3 months talks with her and slowly sending forward messages in whatsapp and  some romantics too in weekends, when I forwarded one message to her at late night after my wife slept, then she started chatting like this:

ramani: nice message
rohith: thanks, still didn’t sleep(I know that she is online in whatsapp)
ramani: no, was watching videos in whatsapp. U didn’t sleep
rohith: trying to sleep, what is the weekend plan
ramani: nothing, simply resting at home. And yours?
rohith: nothing, can go out with your kids somewhere
ramani: will go to the lake nearby
rohith: sounds good, good night
ramani: good night
rohith: one request
ramani: yes tell rohith
rohith: shall I delete our today’s chat as my wife doesn’t like to chat with other ladies
ramani: sure, I will also clear all chats and phone calls daily

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This gives me more chance of having her.

rohith: thanks dear
ramani: you are most welcome
rohith: welcome to where?
ramani: hahaha, nothing good night
rohith: good night, I ended up the chat and slept off

Days were going smooth and daily admiring her with my lustful eyes on her and she is responding with smileys.. Once we got a long weekend for 3 days and in late night after my wife slept then I messaged her:

rohith: hi
ramani: never slept what you doing in online now
rohith: nothing, not getting sleep so thought of chatting with someone
ramani: so someone is ramani?
rohith: hahaha yes
ramani: winked
rohith: what you doing
ramani: about to watch a film
rohith: ok, carry on good night
ramani: bye..

Then after 3 days I message her in the morning while going to the office

rohith: good morning
ramani: good morning

I have forwarded one message which means like missing you.

ramani: good message
rohith: yes, in fact, I miss u three days and not able to chat with you….

She is thinking and a min later

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ramani: really
rohith: yes
ramani: not good if your wife came to know about this.
ramani: in fact I also missed you.
rohith: I was on cloud 9 after reading her message
ramani: we should not be doing like this, we should be careful. What if someone came to know about us
rohith: I am really happy at that time that she is accepting me
rohith: yes, we should be careful

Then for the rest day went awesome by chatting with her and knowing her feelings on me and not happy with her husband because of age factor and not trusting her always and fighting with her and abusing her like having affairs with someone and she wanted to make it as true.. Later night at 11 pm I texted her…