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She tore the condom packet and carefully removed the condom. Rahim got on the bed while Simmi got on her fours. She was about to put the condom on his dick when he stopped her.

Rahim: I want you to put the condom on my dick with your mouth.

Simmi winked and smiled at him wickedly. She put the condom on her lips making an ‘O’ shape with her lips. She slowly took his dick in her mouth automatically putting it on the dick. She sucked his dick a few times. She noticed that the condom was strawberry flavored.

Simmi lay down on her back while Rahim got on top of her, his dick lightly touching her clit. He rubbed his dick on her pussy, Simmi moaned at his teasing. Rahim then proceeded to push his dick into her tiny hole. As the dick slowly made its way, Simmi was feeling it stretch her. Her eyes opened wide as her pussy was being torn apart by this monster. Rahim slowly pushed is dick all the way in. It was completely buried in her pussy. Rahim didn’t move for a while but was kissing Simmi and sucking her boobs.

After a couple of minutes, he started rocking back and forth. Slow at first, but gaining speed with every thrust. Soon he was at full speed, ramming his dick fast and all the way to the hilt. Simmi was moaning, in fact she was screaming. This was the best fuck of her life.

Simran: Fuck me…Fuck me. Oh my god Rahim, this is awesome. I could do his foreverrr…aaaaahhhhh. You are the best man in the world…a real man…

Simmi’s moans encourage Rahim further and he started fucking her even faster. Her tits were juggling so fast that they created an illusion of 2 pair of boobs. She came twice. Rahim slowed down and stopped after a while. He was breathing heavily. He kissed Simmi so hard that he ended up biting her lip and made her bleed. He sucked her tits and bit her nipples. Simmi didn’t care about her torn lip, all that mattered was the fucking.

There was a large mirror in the bedroom opposite to the bed. Rahim made Simmi turn around and face the mirror and get on her fours. He positioned himself behind her, his dick just at the entrance of her pussy. They both looked in the mirror and were amazed at the site.

Simmi’s boobs were hanging in the air, delicately touching the bed with her ass in the air. Behind her was Rahim with his muscular, hairy chest heaving. Turned on by this view, Rahim rammed his giant hog into her pussy is one swift stroke. Simmi screamed in pleasure at this sudden assault on her pussy. Rahim started to fuck her steadily, getting faster with every stroke. He stopped for a moment and withdrew his dick almost to the edge of the pussy and then rammed it again.

Simmi gasped at this move, sweat trickling down her forehead and her upper lips. Rahim continued this move till Simmi got another orgasm. Rahim got off the bed and picked up Simmi. She locked her legs around his waist while he inserted his dick into her pussy. They were fucking in the stand up position. Rahim was fucking her like this for 10 minutes. She had lost count of the orgasms she received since the fucking started but this guy just wouldn’t cum.

They continued fucking in several other positions like against the wall, on the chair, on the table, doggie again, wheel barrow etc. Rahim then again put her on the bed and started fucking her in missionary position. Rahim was now sweating profusely, his body shining with the sweat. Simmi’s hand moved all over his muscular torso. She grabbed his ass and pulled further inside. She started pinching and licking his nipples and at the same time, she inserted a finger in his ass. This pushed Rahim off the edge. He moaned loudly as his 2nd orgasm of the night hit him. He kept leaking semen into the condom. His orgasm lasted for a minute. Simmi also came with him. Rahim collapsed on her, they held on to each other tightly as their orgasms passed over them.

After their breaths normalized, they spent some time kissing each other. Rahim picked her up and went to the bathroom. She sat on the commode and urinated while Rahim’s dick went in and out of her mouth. Rahim also relieved himself. They then took a shower, slowly cleaning themselves and had another round of hard fucking in the shower.

When they finally came out, Simmi looked at the watch, it was 4.00 am. She smiled at herself. They really did go on till dawn. They slept naked in each others arms. They needed a lot of rest after a 6 hour session and for the 2 days of fucking they were going to enjoy.

The next couple of days, Simmi and Rahim did it almost continuously. They did in the kitchen, living room balcony, all over his house, terrace and car. They just kept on going.

Luck was on their side, when they thought that their ‘honeymoon’ was coming to an end, Rahim received a message from Rehana that she would stay at her mother’s place for another week. Simmi’s mother in law also postponed her return by a week. Now they had 7 days and 7 nights to explore each other’s body.

Rahim: Simmi baby, are you ready for an extended honeymoon and some really hard fucking?

Simran: Yeah my love and I have also started taking the pill. So now you can fuck me without a condom.

Rahim: I love you jaan (my love)

Simran: I love you too.

They held each others hands as they proceeded to her bedroom for the most memorable week of their lives.