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Simran was a conservative woman, she never knew about oral sex. She was newly married and was a virgin on her wedding night. Abhinav was a virgin too. In the few months of marriage, the couple had never tried oral sex. Simran now thought why hadn’t she tried this with her husband? But right now a middle aged Muslim man was licking her pussy like a dog licking a bone. She was feeling a strong force build up in stomach. She knew it was an orgasm. She had got them from her husband but this was nothing compared to it. As Rahim bit her clit, Simran screamed at the top of her voice, arched her back and squirted her love nectar which fell on Rahim’s face.

Rahim hungrily drank up all her pussy juice and waited for her to calm down. In what seemed like ages, Simran came down from the orgasmic high and regained her composure.

She thought to herself even if this man was an ugly looking beast; he was giving her enormous pleasure she had never imagined existed. Listening to her moans Rahim knew that she was completely under his control. He was going to give this woman the fuck of her life.

Rahim got up and went up to her. He looked deep into her eyes, rubbed his finger on her lips. At the same time he took his right arm around her to the bra strap. He skillfully removed the bra strap and took it off her shoulders. Simran’s massive jugs were now in the open. They moved up and down with Simran’s each heavy breath. He held both her boobs in his big strong hands and started squeezing them.

Simran’s boobs were big, even for the freakishly large hands of Rahim they were a handful. Rahim took his tongue tip and flicked the nipple of the left boob. Simran shuddered at the touch. Rahim then licked the area around the areola. He was licking all over the breast and making it wet. He was deliberately not going for the areola and the nipple. He was teasing her, depriving her sensations that tit sucking brought.

Simran had enough of this. She put her hands in his hair and dragged his head to the nipple. Rahim took one look at her; she smiled at him weakly and kept on pulling his face towards the nipple. Rahim got the signal and went straight for the erect nipple and bit her. Simran moaned and writhe as Rahim mercilessly sucked and bit her nipple. He would pull her nipple with his lips right up to the point where they would get out of his mouth. He got the nipples all wet and blew cold air on them making them extra hard.

Rahim did this with both the boobs expertly, so much so that Simran had an orgasm with just his expert sucking. Simran hadn’t had sex in a month and for a newly wed, it was a long time. Her pussy was wet from the enormous flow of the juice. Rahim had enough of the tit sucking. He sucked her nipples for one last time leaving several love bites on her boobs. Simran thanked god that her husband wasn’t here or else she would be in trouble for all the unexplained love bites.

Rahim got up from the bed and started taking off his clothes. Simran stared as one by one all of Rahim’s clothes were separated from his body. Rahim took off his underwear and his giant cock sprang out. Simran gasped as she saw the monster. She could not help but compare it with her husband’s dick. Abhinav’s penis was respectably long and thick but Rahim’s penis was a monster. This was the second penis she had seen in her life.

Rahim got on the bed on his knees while Simran raised her self on her elbows. Rahim brought his dick near Simran. Simran stared at the fine specimen of manhood.

The penis was long, more than 8 inches. It was circumcised with the purple dick head shinning in all glory. Veins jutted out of this strong dick which resembled at black police baton. Simran turned towards the right where Rahim was kneeling, resting on her right elbow. She brought her left arm to his dick and grabbed it. She let her hand roam around the dick from the head to the base. She delicately massaged his massive ball sack and wondered how much cum did this massive sack hold.

She tightly held the dick in her palm and started jacking it. Rahim moaned loudly, sensations of pleasure went through his spine. They looked at each other, their eyes filled with pure lust. After a couple of minutes of receiving an amazing hand job, Rahim put his hand at the back of her head, gripping her long, thick brown hair and started pushing it towards his dick. As Simran’s mouth slowly came towards Rahim’s penis, she realized what was expected of her. She accordingly opened her mouth wide to accommodate this massive pole. Finally, Rahim’s cock entered her mouth unopposed.

The dick head disappeared between her beautiful lips as Rahim pushed his dick further. Slowly almost half of the dick went in when Simran gagged. She immediately pulled out and started coughing. Rahim laughed watching the scene so did Simran. She looked up to him, smiled and went for his dick again.

Rahim realized that Simran was new to oral sex and was yet not capable of deep throating his massive organ. Simran could only suck only a little further than the head but Rahim wasn’t complaining. The site of this gorgeous woman sucking his dick was enough to turn him on. Simran was stunned; she had never imagined that she would even let another man touch her, let alone suck his dick. She was amazed how she was sucking on this black beast as if it was an ice cream.

Simran was a quick learner. She swirled her tongue around the dick. She took it out for a few times, stared at it, lightly kissed it. She dragged her tongue along the length of the dick. Rahim also made her suck his balls. Simran was now completely enjoying this amazingly new experience. She had forgotten that she was married, that the man with her in the bed did not even belong to her religion. In fact, the feeling of doing the forbidden was exciting her even more.

All this while, not a single word was spoken, only sounds of moans, heavy breathing, sucking, kissing and licking filled the room. Possessed by lust a man and a woman were pleasuring each other to their hearts content.

Rahim pulled out his dick and Simran gave a disapproving moan. Rahim broke the silence.

Rahim: Simran darling lets try something new!!!

Simran thought to herself that all the things that she had done and experienced tonight were new, what else did this man have in store for her next?

Rahim made her lie down on her back and sucked her boobs for a few moments. He licked the area between her boobs making it wet and slippery. He got on top of her with his knees on either side of her boobs. He put his dick in between her boobs and asked her to push her boobs together. Simran followed like an obedient student.