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Simran then took an ice cube and put it in her mouth. She gestured Rahim to come to her side. As soon as he did that, she grabbed his dick and started sucking on it. Rahim moaned loudly has his sensitive dick head was exposed the ice and also to her warm mouth. Rahim then stood in from of her while she sucked his dick with full vigor. She grabbed his tight butt and forced more and more of his dick in her mouth. She was now getting used to his size and could suck much more than she previously did. Rahim looked on in wonder as the shy, conservative Simmi had turned into nymph sucking his rod like a possessed woman.

Rahim pulled out his dick and lied down on the floor. He gestured Simmi to lie on him with her pussy at his mouth and his dick at her mouth.

Rahim: Simmi, this position is called 69. It will allow us to pleasure each other simultaneously.

Simran: 69…why is it called 69?

Rahim: Because, we look like the number 69 when we are doing it.

Simran looked at their reflection in the glass showcase near them. They really were looking like 69. She laughed at this and wondered how knowledgeable Rahim was in the art of love making. In the meanwhile Rahim took the bottle of chocolate syrup and gave it to Simmi. She knew what to do. She opened the bottle and poured a generous amount to chocolate syrup on his dick and his balls. She spread it across the organ. Rahim then took the bottle and poured a lot of syrup on Simmi’s pussy.

They both just went at it. Licking and sucking each others private organs. The chocolate syrup made it sweeter. It mixed with their juices and gave it a unique flavor. They were completely focused on the task at hand as if there was a race where the one who cums first lost.

Simran was gobbling up Rahim’s dick as much as she could. She was trying hard to impress her lover with her oral skills. Rahim on the other hand was working equally hard. He bit her clit, Simmi moaned loudly, biting his dick a little, which made him moan as well. Simmi was holding Rahim’s ankles, with her long hair all over his crotch and thighs cloaking it from view. Rahim was grabbing Simmi’s supple buns and was tongue fucking her, her juices dripping into his face.

Turn by turn they took the chocolate syrup and poured it over each other and kept sucking hard. Rahim’s expert licking was bringing Simmi to an orgasm but Rahim showed no signs of it. Simmi was awed with his stamina. Abhinav would last only 10-15 minutes max.

Rahim was fingering her pussy, inserting his middle finger up to the hilt. He brought his other hand and started rubbing her asshole and a little later inserted a little of his thumb into her asshole. The licking, pussy and ass fingering was a little too much for Simmi. She took his dick out of her mouth and screamed in pleasure as a massive orgasm hit her. She almost passed out from the pleasure. She collapsed on his crotch. Rahim stopped sucking her pussy.

A few minutes later, Simmi regained her composure and got down from Rahim’s body. They both sat up and started laughing.

Rahim: You lost sweetheart…hahaha….

Simran: Your tongue is no match to anything. I just couldn’t keep up with you.

They kissed each other. Simran looked at Rahim’s dick. It was still erect. He had not got an orgasm.

Simran: Are you going to keep that erect dick out in the open or are you going to fuck me. I think we have had enough of child’s play. Let’s go for the real deal!!

Rahim: Hahaha….I think it’s time I fuck your brains out. Let’s go for it!!!

Simran: Do you have a condom?

Rahim: …uhhh…I have it but I don’t like wearing it…reduces the pleasure. I want to fuck you bareback.

Simran: Ya…I would love that too but the way you dick is behaving I am sure I will get pregnant with just one fuck and I am not on the pill. No pussy till you wear a condom.

Rahim smiled at her and got up. He had condoms of his size in his house. He opened the door and quietly slipped back into his apartment. Simmi laughed as she saw him walk out naked.

While Rahim was away fetching condoms, Simmi watched the clock. It was 2.30 am; their second session lasted more than one and a half hour. Simmi was convinced that they would go on till dawn. She laughed at herself for thinking such things. She wondered how she could go on like that for hours. She thought it was Rahim’s effect on her.

Rahim returned with a few condoms in his hands. He locked the door behind him and walked towards her. Simmi got up. They kissed each other hard as if they had been away for days. Rahim picked up Simmi. She locked her legs around his waist and he carried her to the bedroom all the while kissing her. He kept the condoms on the side table and threw her on the bed. After a little kissing and breast sucking, Rahim got up, went to the side table and came back with a condom and handed to Simmi. Simmi was really turned on by the site of a butt naked man with a massive hard on walking towards her with a condom.