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Rahim now started pushing his dick back and forth like a fucking action. He moaned at the wonderful sensation and looked into Simran’s beautiful black eyes.

Rahim: Darling, this is called titty fucking. You have such a beautiful pair of jugs; I just couldn’t resist doing this. You like it?

Simran smiled and nodded her head in approval. She was doing things in one night that she hadn’t done in her entire married life. The feeling of a hot stiff pole between her boobs was amazing adding to that Rahim was pulling her nipples every now and then.

Rahim’s dick was hitting her chin with every forward push. Simran tilted her head and opened her mouth in a way that Rahim’s dick would enter it with every forward thrust he made. Rahim moaned loudly in approval as Simran’s tongue flicked his dick head. Rahim’s dick was oozing pre cum. Simran tasted it while sucking his dick and like the salty taste. She wanted more….all of it!!!!!

With such vigorous tit fucking, Simran was breathing heavily, she had already experience another orgasm, the third of the night but Rahim showed no signs of tiring. He went on fucking her jugs and pinching her nipples. After several minutes of high speed tit fucking, Rahim’s orgasm started building, he started breathing heavily and his dick twitched wildly.

Rahim: Baby….I am going to cum. Where do you want me to cum?

Simran: In my mouth….In my mouth. I want to drink all that juice. I wanted to taste it. It’s so amazing…GIVE IT TO ME!!!

Seeing Simran beg for his cum so loudly and openly, Rahim was pushed over the edge. He asked her to open her mouth. He finally shot his load in big long spurts in to Simran’s mouth. A few strands flew across in to her hair, cheeks, eyes and as the force of his orgasm reduced, some of it fell on her chest and slowly made its way to her neck forming a ‘Pearl Necklace’.

Simran drank all the cum in her mouth and showed her tongue to Rahim. Both of them smiled at each other wickedly. She also picked up the cum on her cheeks and eyes and ate it. Rahim with his semi erect dick picked up the cum on her neck and fed it to her. She ate all of it as if she was addicted to it. She sucked his dick clean.

Rahim collapsed next to her. Both of them looked at each other, their eyes displaying their satisfaction. Simran turned toward him and kissed him deeply. Rahim also responded in equal measure. Rahim could taste his cum on Simran’s lips.

From what seemed to be a nightmare to the conservative Simran, had turned into a heavenly experience. Simran was now Rahim’s Bitch!!!!

After a tiring experience, Rahim and Simran kept talking to each other. Just a few hours ago Simran didn’t even want to talk to him, now she was chatting away as if she knew Rahim for years. Rahim also liked how Simran had become a willing partner in his quest. When she resisted, he thought he will have to rape her and feared the repercussion. But he had successfully managed to turn this shy housewife into a cum hungry slut.

They were talking, occasionally kissing each other. Rahim would every now and then suck and bite her tits and she would squeal and laugh in pleasure. Simran was running her hands on Rahim’s body, especially his dick and his balls. She had fallen in love with it and knew she couldn’t stay away from it anymore.

Simran looked at the clock on the wall in her bedroom. It was 12.15 am. She thought to herself that Abhinav had called around 10 pm and this experience started soon after. So this means that the whole act lasted for 2 hours. She was shocked. Sex with Abhinav lasted for a maximum 45-50 minutes and she would get tired. But today she went on for 2 hours. She wondered that Rahim had not even fucked her yet. How long will that last, 4 hours?

She smiled at the thought. Rahim watched her expression…

Rahim: Sweetheart…what are you thinking about and smiling sheepishly?

Simran: Rahim…we were doing it for 2 hours and you haven’t even fucked me. If you do, will you go on for the whole night?

Rahim: Hahaha….i just might baby…and what do u mean if you do fuck me…I am going to fuck you and fuck you real hard!! Not just the whole night but also during the day. I am not going to work tomorrow and Rehana isn’t coming back for a couple of days. So it’s going to be you and me fucking like rabbits for 2 days and 2 nights.

Simran blushed at Rahim’s plan. She wondered what kinky stuff they would end up doing in the next 2 days but she was definitely looking forward to it. Simran got up and went to the bathroom to relieve herself, Rahim followed her.

Simran watched herself in the mirror. Her hair was a mess; she had love bite all over her body especially on her boobs. There was dried cum in her hair, traces of it on her cheeks and neck. She had become a complete slut.

Rahim on the other hand lifted the toilet seat and started peeing. Hearing the sound Simran turned back and watched how Rahim’s dick streamed out urine in a strong, uniform flow. His dick was flaccid but still it was larger that Abhinav’s.

Simran: Abhinav!!!!