Sharing desi wife with hotel waiter – Desi wife sharing sex stories

Sharing desi wife with hotel waiter – Desi wife sharing sex stories

Hi I’m Kailash 41, married to Sweety 34 and I belong to Rajasthan, I always had a fantasy to see my partner getting fucked by someone else (preferably a stranger). She is 38, 36, 38 and 5’ 1” She never had any affair in her life and I was the one to break her “seal” at our first night. I must say she is Sex Goddess.Now we are married for almost 15 years and share a wonderful sex life. But, I could not get out of my fantasy of sharing my partner’s (now my sexy wife) pussy with someone in front of me. Even while we have sex,

I often fantasize a situation in which some stranger or some of my friend is fucking her and helps me to satisfaction. This made me go crazy to do something wired and sexy .I was sure that the idea of sharing her with someone else will not workout as she won’t agree to it and there was no point talking to her about it. So I decided to do something which she doesn’t know about and will also satisfy my desire.

We happened to go to on a holiday.The Hotel room in which we were staying was at the ground floor and at one side of it there was a huge window of almost 8 feet X 8 feet size, with tinted glasses. At night one can have a clear view of the room from outside (if the tube lights of the room are switched on)

And we could not see anything outside unless we stick our nose to the window glass. This gave me the trick. That evening we reached hotel at 10:00 PM and went inside the room. After we got fresh we were on the bed. Sweety was wearing her sexy night dress with designer lingerie on.

She was also in “mood” tonight as she’s been through this during the day. I started arousing her over the clothes and pressing her boobs, she started enjoying that. Meanwhile I started taking about what we have seen today at the temple, about various poses, threesome, someone.Watching others having sex, etc. And asked her will she mind if I open the curtain of the window to add “adventure” in the night as if someone is watching us too. Initially she disagree, but somehow I convinced her for that saying I will go out and check how many people

Are there are that floor and are still awake. If it will be safe then only we will do it. And she agreed to it. I went out of the room and reached the reception where there were three guys standing. I started talking to them about the other places nearby to visit,And meanwhile I asked them how long will they be staying here, and found that one guy will leave in 5 mins. Other will go to sleep very soon and there is the third guy “Shyam” who will stay there for sometime and then will go to sleep after sometime.

Shyam was an average looking guy (approx. 26 yrs, old). While talking to Shyam, I took him outside the hotel and started taking about the foreigner who comes and stays in the hotel, and did he could see any foreigners having sex in the room. He denied.Then I asked him, did he like my wife? And he replied “Yes, she is very beautiful”. I asked him would he like to see her nude. And he was shocked & because of fear of loosing job, if someone complaints, he said “No”.

I told him that I’m inviting him to see me fucking my wife from that window and since I’m inviting I will not complain. And he agreed. I asked him come after 15 mins and peep inside the room from a corner of the window.I went back inside the room and locked it. Went over to Sweety and assured her that only one guy is in the hotel (It was a budget hotel) and he too is sleeping, so I can open the curtains. She agreed to it.

Sweety didn’t shaved her pussy for last 15 days and therefore there were some hairs on her pussy. I offered her a shave, and she loved it. As I started shaving her sexy pussy Shyam cam over and started watching us from the window. I asked her to lie down at the corner of the bed and I took off her night dress and pulled off her panties and started saving her pussy. She was only wearing her bra. The distance between the bed and the window was just 2 feet.

Shyam could see everything so clearly as if there is no window there and he is standing next to us. The good part was Sweety couldn’t see him from inside, although since I knew he was there I could see him watching us.