Taxi Driver fucked my wife in front of me

He looked down at my tiny frame and then slowly scooped me up in his arms. He stood there, in front of my trembling husband, and walked upto him carrying me in his arms. He looked at me, scanning me from top to bottom, eyeing my naked legs greedily. He then looked at my husband and licked his lips, “kya chikni maal hai yaar. Mazaa aayega aaj.” and for the first time, in a rough tone filled with arrogance, he told my husband “chal baaju hath chutiye.” And thats all my husband did. You are reading this desi sex story on desi bahu dot com. He slowly moved out of his way as Hanif carried me out of the living room and into our bedroom. My husband followed us into the bedroom as I
cursed him for not getting our Phone line installed quickly.

Even his cellphone wasn’t working unfortunately. As soon as the three of us were in the room, Hanif ordered him. “Darwaaza tera baap bandh karega? Chal bandh kar!” he barked at Himesh. Himesh did what he was told obediently as Hanif looked at me, grinning as he placed me on the bed.

I quickly tried to cover my naked legs with my kameez, folding my legs in. You are reading this desi sex story on desi bahu dot com. But Hanif caught my ankle and pulled. “NAhi nahi meri jaan, chupao matt. Abh koi faayda nahi.” Saying this he places his huge hands on my tiny but supple thights, gently squeezing them. “Maska hai yaar tu toh.” he said. He turned around looked at my husband. “Dekh, tujhe dikhaata hoon, aisi aurat ko kaise istimaal karte hai.” Saying this, he grabbed my panties, pulling them off my legs. He slowly slid them off.

My cheeks were red now, embaressed about my nakedness in front of this giant. But he kept grinning in a monstrous sort of way, one hand on my ankle now and the other one stroking my inner-left thigh. He looked at my husband and said “Tujh Jaise chutiye ke saath isko kya mazaa aata hoga? Yeh toh garam fataaka hai. Isko toh asli mard chaahiye, mere jaisa. Tujh jaisa heejda nahi.” My husband could say nothing but watch and be abused by this man. You are reading this desi sex story on desi bahu dot com. His wife was on the bed, almost naked and a strangers hands were moving towards her pussy. A newly-wed pussy.

“Dekh jaan” Said Hanif, now he had moved away, undoing his trousers. “Tujhe dikhaata hoon asli mard.” Saying this, he dropped his pants and pulled his underwear down. What revealed in front of my eyes froze me. A giant black 11″ lund (cock) sprung out from between his legs. It must have been at least 5″ inches wide too. I was about 5-6 feet away from his cock and I could still smell its musky scent as the beastly
rod pointed right towards my mouth. You are reading this desi sex story on desi bahu dot com. My eyes were wide open, fixated at his gigantic tool, I didn’t realize that Hanif had grabbed my hair lightly and was pulling me towards his rod.

It was only 2 seconds later that I realized that his cock was not barely an inch away from my face. He grabbed his cock with one hand, my hair in the other, he finally placed the hot, black musky-smelling rod on my face, rubbing it against my cheek gently. I closed my eyes as i felt the burning heat on my cheek, hearing the man moan softly. I opened my eyes and glanced at husband. The poor guy was sitting on a chair now, his face covered with sweat. His legs were trembling as he watch his brides cheek being rubbed by a taxi-drivers Lund.

I couldn’t believe what was happening at that moment. I was there, on the bed, naked below my waist, having my cheek rubbed by a black, fat
and smelly 11″ lund. The lund was burning against my cheek. My eyes kept shifting between the cock and my husband’s sweaty face.

Surprisingly, my husbands hand was rubbing his own crotch! I looked at him in disgust as the idea of his wife’s face being rubbed against a
filthy taxi-drivers lund was turning him on. Hanif put his palm around my chin and turned my face towards him. You are reading this desi sex story on desi bahu dot com. I saw the lust in his eyes as he kept massaging his cock on my cheek.

“Wahaan uss chutiye ko kya dekh rahi hai jaan.” He said. “Yahaan dekh..mere is lund ko dekh. Tere naye khilone ko.” Saying this, he started rubbing his cock all over my face, rubbing it harder against my nose now. He brushed it against my lips before he pressed his fingers against my jaw to make me open my mouth. You are reading this desi sex story on desi bahu dot com. I resisted at first, but his fingers began to hurt me and finally opened my mouth, only to let his hard a rock cock to slide in slowly. I closed my eyes tight as I felt his salty cock slide into my mouth slowly. I felt his body quivering as he felt the warmth of my mouth around his cock. Letting out a groan, he grabbed my hair and pushed his cock deeper inside. I was almost choking on his cock as I had never been deep-throated before.

“Aaaarrrrhhhh..kya garam mooh hai re tera.” He said, as he looked down on me, choking on his cock. My eyes were shut tight, his cock going
deeper, making my eyes water as I choked and gagged on his cock. He sensed my discomfort and slowly pulled his cock out. I felt relief as
the big rod slid out of my mouth slowly. I took a deep breath and looked up at him, watery-eyed as he still had a grip over my hair. He
looked down at me and grinned, his cock fully covered with my saliva. You are reading this desi sex story on desi bahu dot com. A thick string of saliva was dangling between the tip of his cock and my lower lip. I turned around to look at my husband, who by now had his cock pulled out of his pants, stroking it hard. I looked back at Hanif face, he kept grinning like a monster, stroking his cock with one hand and gripping my hair tight, hurting me with the other.

“Chal waapis mooh khol” he said. This time, I didn’t resist at all and opened my mouth wide to let him slide his monster inside. He thrust
it hard this time, and within a second, I was gagging on his tool once again. He kept pushing it hard inside. I kept gagging on it, feeling
very uncomfortable, my throat hurting at this hard intrusion. I kept gagging, which was obviously turning him on even more since his cock
seemed to get harder and thicker inside my mouth. You are reading this desi sex story on desi bahu dot com.He pulled his cock out once again, I grunted as I felt the hard rod finally sliding out. It came out glistening with thick coats of my saliva mixed with his pre cum.

I was breathing heavily as my eyes were fixed upon it. He pulled me against his cock and started rubbing all of the saliva over the shaft onto my lips. You are reading this desi sex story on desi bahu dot com.My mouth was splattered wet now, lips glistening with saliva and precum. I had never been treated like this in my life.

“Chal, abh yeh kameez bhi utaar de. Poori tarah nangi hoja. Tera pataaka jism bhi toh dekhu.” Saying this he moved away and signaled
me to take my top off. I looked at my husband, who was still stroking his tiny little manhood, nodding in approval. I rolled my eyes at him,
still breathing quite heavily as I grabbed the hem of my kameez, slowly pulling it above my shoulders and over my head. I took of my kameez, but quickly covered my breast with it, hiding it from Hanif’s view.

He laughed as I did so. “Arre abh chupaa ke kya faayda. Khud hi toh pehle lalchaa rahi thi.” he said. “Hanif bhai, aaiye ne, baithiye na mere paas.” he mimicked me, as he grabbed my kameez and pulled it away. I covered my breasts with my arms. But he pushed them aside too.

He slowly pushed the bra straps aside, and pushed my bra down. I was now on the bed, fully naked in front of this beast. His eyes were wide
open, his tongue licking his lips as he saw my supple boobs. You are reading this desi sex story on desi bahu dot com. He grabbed my bra and flung it at my husband as he leaned forward, onto me. I kept shaking my head, appealing him to stop with my eyes.

“Please Hanif bhai, nahi…please..” But he didn’t listen. Within seconds, his smelly body was close to mine, his eyes fixated at my boobs. He cupped my left breast with his hand and squeezed it softly, looking at my face now. I winced and grimaced as I felt his rough hands squeezing my breast.

“ kutiya ki shakal toh dekho” he said. “Shakal dekhkhar hi mera lund jhadne lag jaayega.” He then looked at my husband and asked
“Kyun be..kya bolta hai. Pehli iski choot phaadu ya iski gaand maaru?”

I looked at him in shock as he talked in such a filthy language about me. In a trembling voice, my husband replied, “Ch-choot maar saali
ki.” Hanif laughed at his answer. I was shocked at my husband’s response. You are reading this desi sex story on desi bahu dot com. These men were talking of me as if I was a fuck toy at their disposal. “Chal be raand” Hanif told me in a rough tone, “Pair phela apne.” I didnt listen to him, turning my face away.

“Abbe saali” he said, biting his lips as he grabbed my ankles in his rough hands now, pulling my legs apart. I shrieked! As he looked at my
slightly bushy pussy and licked his lip. I kept shaking my head. “Hanif”

“Chup be raand” was all he said as he brought his cock closer to my glistening choot now, standing between my legs. I could barely accommodate his fat body between my tiny legs, and this giant was going to thrust his cock inside my pussy. You are reading this desi sex story on desi bahu dot com. He placed his hard cock against my pussy, rubbing it and giggling like a devil. The thickness of his cock covered my pussy completely. He put his hands on my inner thighs now, pulling my legs apart to spread my pussy lips apart, and gently placed the tip of his cock on the opening of my pussy. We looked into each others eyes, my eyes filled with fear and his with lust, as he slowly pushed his shaft inside.

I closed my eyes and bit my lips,and let out a loud whimper as I felt the hard shaft entering inside. I had never felt anything like this in my lift. I just let go of my body and plopped down on the bed, biting my lower lip hard, my hips held up by Hanif’s monstrous hands, my pussy being filled by his giant cock. You are reading this desi sex story on desi bahu dot com. Hanif groaned as half way through, I was having difficulty letting his cock get in any further.

I looked at him, teary-eyed. “PLease..bas..aur nahi ghusega..please.”

“Abbe..tu toh kya tight hai re” he grunted as he pushed harder now. I let out a loud yelp as I felt the hard cock, pushing in violently now. His cock was just too big for me. Finally, with one huge push, he pushed his cock deep inside. I had never been in so much pain before. His cock was killing me. I looked at Hanif’s face, his forehead sweating profusely. You are reading this desi sex story on desi bahu dot com. He fell down, on top of me, burdening my tiny body with his gigantic frame, his cock still buried deep inside my ravaged pussy. I just put my arms around him, my eyes watery, my face red, my body violated. I felt my pussy walls tightened against his dick.

He lifted his head and looked at my face, his cock slowly sliding out now, I watched as he face came closer to mine. His mouth opened to
show his yellow teeth. He placed his mouth on top of my mouth as he thrusted his cock deep into my pussy again. My body just squirmed
under his as his dick violated my pussy and his tongue violated my mouth. He kissed and sucked my mouth sloppily. His rough hands were
groping my breasts. You are reading this desi sex story on desi bahu dot com. His cock was now thrusting in and out of my pussy rhythmically. His fingers pinched and pulled at my tits all the time.

From a distance, I could heard the sound of my husbands grunting. I opened my eyes and tried to look at my husband while Hanif’s mouth
sucked on my tounge like a hungry animal. My husband had his dick in his hand and cum all over his pants. I closed my eyes and continued to be ravaged by Hanif. Hanif’s thrusts had gotten faster now. He kept thrusting harder and harder while my pussy kept bearing it all. Hanif
started grunting louder and louder. I knew the moment had come. With one hard thrust that almost left me breathless for quite a few seconds, I felt Hanif’s cum gushing into my pussy. Hanif groaned and groaned, his sweat trickling onto my body as he shot loads and loads
of cum into my pussy. I moaned loud as I felt the hot cum entering into my pussy.

Finally, he collapsed onto my body. We laid on the bed for a few minutes. His body on top of mine, breathing heavily. I was breathless myself. Eventually, he got up, slowly pulling his limp cock out of my pussy. I tried to look at it as he did so. His cum soaked cock, sliding out of my sore pussy. He stood up against the edge of the bed and looked at me, lying on the bed, panting. You are reading this desi sex story on desi bahu dot com. He grabbed my hair and pulled me up roughly. I looked up at him as he brushed his cum soaked cock against my lips, and thrust it inside my mouth. Without any hesitation, I took it inside, sucking it clean for him. I licked the cum off his cock really well. Making sure I swallow everything.

Cum is one thing I just love. He looked down at me and laughed. “Bhooki raand” he said as he pulled his cock out of my hungry mouth.

Within the next few minutes, he was dressed. Buttoning the last button of his shirt, he looked at my husband. You are reading this desi sex story on desi bahu dot com. My husband was just sitting this, his dick out of his pants, his hand and pants splattered with cum.

Hanif Bhai walked towards the door of our bedroom, turned around and told me “Phir aaoonga. Abh toh aana jaana lagaa hi rahega bhabhiji.” He said, laughing as he walked out of the bedroom.

I just looked at my husband as I sat there, naked on the edge of the bed. We heard the outside door close, our eyes just fixated on each others face.