Taxi Driver fucked my wife in front of me

It had only been a week since we had been married. It took us the week to settle down in our new apartment that was gifted to us by Himesh’s father. Himesh and I were to leave for our honeymoon tomorrow for some hardcore and well needed desi sex. We had a little bit of shopping left to do before we left. Himesh went and got the taxi and called me from downstairs. I rushed down as soon as the taxi arrived and we both got in. We told the taxi driver of our destination and we were off.

The taxi-driver was a big guy. He looked huge and took up most of the front seat. I could barely see anything in the front since his huge posture blocked the view. We had been on the road for about ten minutes now and already hit bad traffic. After a while, as me and my husband dear were engrossed in our coochie-coo, the driver turned around and told my husband, “Saahab, aap bahaut naseeb waale ho.”

“Kya matlab?” asked my husband, puzzled at this sudden comment.

“Aapko itni sundar patni mili hai. Bahaut khush naseeb ho saahab.” He replied,grinning.

I could see that my husband had been angered at this, but he didn’t have the guts to say anything, looking at the size of that man sitting
in front of us. You are reading this desi sex story on desi bahu dot com. Finally, I decided to do something.

“Driver! Gaadi roko! Kaise badtameez aadmi ho tum! Sharam nahi aati tumhe?” I said in a voice filled with anger.

“Arre madam, aap toh aise hi naaraaz ho gayi. Maaf kar dijiye madam.” He said, but his expression clearly indicated that he wasn’t sorry at

“Kya maaf kar de! Passenger se is tarah bartaaw kiya jaata hai! Rok do gaadi issi waqt!” My voice quivered as I tried to sound assertive.

“Accha accha madam.” He said. “Maine toh aise hi keh diya. Gareeb aadmi hoon. Teen saal pehle meri patni mujhe chodkar kisi aur ke saath
bhaag gayi paise ke liye. Kya karu memsaab, tabh se bas..gaadi chalaata hoon aur apna pet bharta hoon. You are reading this desi sex story on desi bahu dot com. Aur koi iccha hi nahi bacchi.”

I could detect the truth in his sad voice.

“Oh..” is all I could say. I felt a little guilty now for being so harsh to the poor man.

“Hamme maaf kar dena bhai.” My husband said, placing a hand on his shoulder from behind.

“Koi baat nahi saahab.” He said. “Maafi mujhe maangni chaahiye. Pehli baar itni sundar jodi dekhi. Thoda mann machal gaya. Kya kare, akela aadmi hoon.”

“Nahi nahi bhai, apne aap ko akela matt samjho.” My husband said.

“Tumhaara naam kya hai?”

“Hanif” He answered.

“Hanif bhai, ek kaam karo, aap aaj hamaare ghar chaliye, Wahi khaana kha lijiyega.” He said and then turned and looked at me. I just nodded in approval.

“Nahi nahi saahab, mein gareeb aadmi. Memsaab ko buraa lagega.” He said

“Nahi Hanif Bhai.” I said “Mujhe buraa nahi lagega. aap gaadi ghumaa lijiye. Waapas wahi chaliye jahaan se hamme pickup kiya tha.”

He smiled, turned the taxi around and we headed back to our place. Hanif felt a little uncomfortable entering our house. You are reading this desi sex story on desi bahu dot com. I could make out that this man had entered in such a posh house for the first time in his life. I looked at him, admiring how big this man was. I don’t know why, but I have always been attracted to men who are rather large than usual. And this man was really big. He must have been 6 3″, and really really broad shouldered. Himesh led him to the living room and asked him to make himself comfortable on the sofa. He sat down, smiling.

I looked at him and smiled too. All this while I was contemplating whether I should change into something comfortable. Since our previous plans were to go out for shopping and then a little dinner in a good restaurant, I was wearing a nice lemon colored low neck salwar (bottom) kameez(top). It was skin fitting, with the kameez wrapped around my body tight enough to show how curvaceous my young newly-married body really is. You are reading this desi sex story on desi bahu dot com. I was wearing what every newly wed dulhan wears, a set of bangles that covered both my wrists.

I decided not to change, feeling too lazy to do so. I just headed to the kitchen to get Hanif bhai something to drink. I came out of the kitchen, carrying a tray with two glasses of Pepsi and placed it on the center table. I took a glass and served it to Hanif Bhai, who accepted it with a smile on his face.

I could trace his eyes peeking into my low-neck as I leaned to serve him. I didn’t mind. Infact, I kinda found the appreciative looks to be
a turn-on. I went and sat down on the couch next to my husband. Himesh put an arm around me and we started chatting with Hanif Bhai. All this while, I could make out that Hanif couldn’t stop admiring my curves.

His eyes traced every inch of my body all the time. I felt as I was being stripped naked by this mans eyes. But I didn’t say much. I pitied
the mans condition. Lonely for three years, wife deserted him, he could use a little eye-candy. You are reading this desi sex story on desi bahu dot com. I decided to take it a step forward to make him feel better.

“Arre Hanif bhai, itne durr kyu baithe hai aap.” I said. “Aayiye na, hamaare paas hi baithiye.”

Surprisingly, he didnt show any resistance. He came down and sat right besides me. I felt a little uneasy, sitting there on the couch in the middle of two men.

“Madam, aap bahaut sundar hai.” He said, taking a sip of his drink. “Saahab, aap bahaut khush naseeb hai. Itni chikni cheez aapki baahon
mein kaskar baithi hai.”

“Chikni cheez??” I thought to myself. I had never been addressed like that in my life. I could sense the discomfort that my husband must’ve felt at that moment.

“Madam, aapki mehak hi itni pyaari hoon. Kya bataoon, mann macchal gaya. Bahaut dino baad apni patni ki kammi mehsoos kar raha hoon.”

Saying this he made a bold move and put and arm over my shoulder where my husbands arm was. Now I was sitting between two men, with their
arms around my thin shoulders. My husband all this while was quiet. You are reading this desi sex story on desi bahu dot com. He was too afraid of this man to say anything. In comparison to this man, my husband was not even half his size. He could lift my husband on one arm, and two of me on the other. You are reading this desi sex story on desi bahu dot com. I felt a cold shiver run through my body as he moved even closer to me, now placing his nose over the side of my neck, taking a whiff of my perfume.

I looked at my husband and saw fear all over his face where I expected anger. His forehead was sweating while his body was shivering as his wife was getting nuzzled by this giant of a man.

“Sorry memsaab” He said, moving away suddenly. “Thoda control ke baahar ho gaya. Maaf karna.”

“k-k-koi baat nahi Hanif bhai” said my husband. I looked at him and shocked. He shook his head, afraid that I might blast off any minute
now. Hanif laughed at my husbands response.

“Memsaab, aapke pati toh bahaut acche aadmi hai. Aur bahaut samajhdaar bhi. Haina Bhaisaab?” He said, looking at my husband. “Bhaisaab, aap hamaare liye chai kyu nahi banaa laate.”

“Mein le aati hoon” I said, trying to seize this opportunity of getting out of this situation. I tried to get up but Hanif’s huge hand grabbed me by my arm and pulled me back on the couch. “Arre nahi nahi memsaab, aap takleef na kare. Hamme aapki company bahaut bhaa gayi hai. Ham yahaan aapse baatein karenge. Aur saahab hamaare liye chai banaakar laayenge. Kyu saahab?” He said, his hand holding my arm
firmly. My husband was left with no choice now. I couldnt believe as I saw him getting up and walking away, towards the kitchen.

My breathing grew heavy as I found myself alone in the living room, sitting besides a man thrice my size. He looked at me and smiled. I
cursed my husband for inviting this man over to our place for dinner. You are reading this desi sex story on desi bahu dot com. But from the look on Hanif’s face, he was indeed the happiest man on earth. He put his arm around my shoulder once again and pulled me closer. A broad smile on his face revealed his yellow paan-stained teeth. “Memsaab, aap toh ghabraa rahi hai. Dekhiye, aap samajhdar aurat hai. Nayi nayi shaadi hui hai aapki. Aap hi bataayiye, shaadi ke baad, agar aapka pati aapko akela chodkar chalaa jaaye, toh aap kya karogi?” Saying these words, his hands were on my lap now, slowly stroking them.

“Teen saal ho gaye memsaab. Mera bistar nahi garam kiya kisine.” his hands were reaching for the naada of my salwar now. “Aapka bada ehsaan hoga mujhe memsaab, agar aap meri pyaas bujhaade. Mein aapke saath zabardasti nahi karna chaahta. Isliye please, maan jaaye toh aapke aur aapke pati ke liye hi behtar hoga.”

His arm pulling me closer to him now, literally squeezing me against his hard smelling body. “Mein apni taakat ka istimaal nahi karna chaahta. Warna aap toh dekh hi rahi hai apne pati ko. Bechaara gabhraa gaya hai. Isliye kehta hoon, maan jaaiye memsaab.” Saying this, he finally pulled at the knot of my salwar, undoing it.

My husband came into the living room carrying a tray with three cups of tea on it. What he saw made him let go of the tray right there. In front of his wide-open eyes was his wife, with a strangers arm around her shoulder, squeezing her left boob. You are reading this desi sex story on desi bahu dot com. The man’s other hand was pulling his wifes salwar down forcibly as his face was burried in her neck, kissing and sucking on it.

His young newly-wed wife was being ravaged by a beastly looking man. Hanif looked up as he heard the crash. He laughed and said “Koi baat nahi saahab. Abh chai ki zaroorat nahi. Aapki sundar biwi hi kaafi hai mere liye.” Saying this, he got up, pulled me up by my arm. My salwar fell on the floor.