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I am 33 years now working as Senior Nursing Supervisor in a leading hospital in Khammam, Andhra Pradesh. I am going to narrate a true incident that happened when I underwent my training in a reputed private hospital in Mumbai. I had moved into Mumbai from Kerala and was staying in the nursing quarters provided by the hospital. I didn’t know Hindi and Marathi then. My sister was settled in Pune after her marriage. More Sex stories on – Home of Hindi sex stories!

The incident took place during the second year of my training, when I was traveling from Mumbai to Pune to visit my sister. Many of the trains between Mumbai and Pune were cancelled on that day due to heavy rains and flooding. Hence, I had to rush to Dadar to catch a bus. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a seat in any of the buses although I waited for more than one and a half hours. It was about to be eleven in the night and I started getting scared. It was raining like hell and there wasn’t anyway I could have returned to the hostel. I was almost in tears and wondering what to do next.

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Suddenly, a middle aged woman appeared from the crowd. From her looks, I immediately found out that she was a typical Maharashtrian woman. She began speaking to me kindly and began enquiring why I was looking so restless. I told her my plight and she began sympathizing with me. Soon, her husband came and informed that there were no seats available till early morning next day. The husband and wife then spoke something in Marathi (which I did not understand) and from their conversation I concluded that they were planning to hire a taxi to reach Pune.

The woman asked me if I was willing to go with them as they were only two. I readily agreed because it was getting late and the rain never looked like stopping. The woman’s husband immediately arranged a taxi and he sat in the front. The woman and I were in the back seat and the driver of the taxi was a middle aged. Sardarji. By the time the taxi reached the outskirts of Mumbai, we had introduced ourselves to each other. The woman’s name was Swati and her husband’s name was Prashant. She told me that they were visiting one of their close relatives in Pune. During the conversation, she kept touching me but I wasn’t objecting because she was a woman.

But, as the taxi went past Panvel, her hands were becoming bolder. Somehow, I did not object to her touching me as I felt some warmth as it was still heavily pouring all the way. She smiled at me and I returned the smile, which I think she totally misunderstood and took me for granted.

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By the time our taxi had reached the ghat roads, she slowly began rubbing her hand on my thigh through my churidar pajama. I wasn’t objecting as I loved the way she was using her palms to caress my thighs and legs gently and soon closed my eyes to enjoy the fun. She got bolder and her left hand cupped my crotch and started teasing it. She used her fingers to rub my clit through the fabric of my panties and she was quickening her rubs. She leaned on my shoulders and asked me in a whispering voice, “Aavadli ka (Did you like it)?” Which I never understood but just nodded.

Encouraged by my consent, she pulled off my pajama robes gently and let her right hand inside my panties to stroke my hair. Her left hand went around my back and came forward to rest on my left breast. Her fingers started tickling my left breasts and my nipples immediately became harder. I was extremely aroused and my hands went between her legs and started rubbing her crotch.

I was under the impression that Prashant, her husband was watching the road. But, he wasn’t. Suddenly, he turned around and asked Swati, “Tayyar zaali ka (Is she ready)?” For which she answered in one word. “ho”

Prashant moved towards the Sardarji driver and whispered something into his years. The sardarji immediately began laughing and said loudly, “Bahut acche…Bahut acche (Very good…Very good).”

I suddenly realized that there was something wrong in the atmosphere. The sardarji suddenly took a sharp left turn and parked the taxi a few meters away from the main road inside a dark area covered with dense trees. Prashant opened his air bag and pulled out a quarter bottle of drinks and handed it over to the Sardarji. Afterwards, he got out of the front door and came behind to sit on the back seat. I was now sitting sandwiched between the husband and the wife.

“What is going on?” I asked with fear. Prashant smiled at me and his hands fell on my breasts. I jumped realizing the gravity of the situation and tried hard to push him over. But, Swati quickly let her hands around my waist and held me tightly so that I can’t move.

“Oradaiche nahi (Don’t shout)” Prashant cautioned me with a grim voice. I was really frightened and watched the determination in his eyes. He easily pulled off my pajama as it had been disrobed by Swati much earlier. He buried his face between my thighs and began shaking sideways. I felt his strong hard beard and moustache pricking my thighs and his nose was rubbing against my panties. Swati in the meantime, had let her hands get into my churidar and was caressing my stomach.

“Aunty, what are you doing?” I asked with anger.

“Why are you objecting now?” She said laughingly and her hands immediately went to my bra. She started pressing my breasts by holding my bra cups. Her thumbs were teasing my nipples.

“Ohhh!” I moaned helplessly.

“Gharam zaali (She is aroused),” Swati told her husband. He immediately looked up and smiled. He told something in Marathi again and Swati lifted my churidar above my chest. Prashant began kissing my stomach repeatedly making me gasp. His tongue made circles around my navel and licked my soft skin. His hands pulled down my panties below my knees.

I struggled hard not to let my womanhood getting exposed but he was too strong and easily pulled off my panties. His eyes were staring at my public hair and soon he began stroking my clit with his fingers.

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“Mazaa aali ka (Are you having fun)?” He asked me grinding his teeth and rubbing my clit faster and faster. I wasn’t replying because I knew I wasn’t strong enough to fight the couples. In fact, I was really getting aroused because of the teasing on my clit as well as on my breasts. Suddenly, Prashant inserted two fingers inside my clit and started moving in and out with tremendous speed. I started screaming as his hard fingers rubbed all around my pussy walls and I realized that I was oozing involuntarily.