Indian wife caught in Rain

The rain came down suddenly, entirely unexpected catching Anita and Kavita totally unawares. Both the young wives had walked down to the nearby shopping mall to pick up some essentials for the household. Incidentally this was the same mall where Amit had deliberately let others have a good view of Anita while she was in the dressing room. – Home of hot sex stories!

There was a loud thunder and people ran here and there seeking shelter. Anita was clad in an off white churidar pyjama and kurta her dupatta demurely draped around her slender neck.

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hot sex storiesNobody could have guessed that this was the same girl who had been playing around nude so merrily on the beach a couple of weeks back.

Kavita was wearing a beige salwar suit and both of them were seeking shelter from the onslaught of the merciless rain.

Within no time, Anita’s white clothes got wet and started sticking to her skin revealing her diaphanous and embroidered bra. In order to escape the prying eyes of the onlookers, they decided to walk back to Kavita and Dileep’s flat which was closer.

As they hurriedly walked there was another flash of thunder and the electricity failed. The cloud was so thick that even at six in the evening, it appeared to be pretty dark. Kavita fumbled in her purse for the key and opened the door.

‘My God, Anita you really have got drenched. So have I for that matter but your clothes were white. Good that you were wearing a bra otherwise……’ Kavita laughed.

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‘Really. This was most unexpected!’ Anita replied.

‘Your clothes have also become dirty. Go to the bathroom and take a bath. I will in the meanwhile look for some candles and prepare a hot cup of tea for you.’

Anita kicked off her sandals at the door itself and quietly walked to the bathroom. She was familiar with the house having visited it a number of times previously as well. It was dark so she stripped in the bedroom itself and went into the bathroom. As she was about to open the shower, she heard Kavita shouting that all the clothes may be put in the washing machine.

Anita again emerged from the bathroom, picked up her clothes, stuffed them in the washing machine and opened the shower. The cool water cascaded down the contours of her shapely body providing her with a much needed relaxation.

When she had finished, she closed the shower knob and looked around for a towel.

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The crisp and dry one which was available was a bit too short but what the heck! Anita dried herself and tying it around her waist emerged topless. Kavita was in the kitchen and that was the place to which Anita headed.

She moved noiselessly but the tinkle of her anklets announced her arrival to Kavita. She turned around and said ‘ Good. I hope the towel was nice and crisp. Take it off and hang it on that string there.’

Anita untied the towel and dutifully hung it where Kavita had asked her to. Although nudity was not new to her but being fully naked in a friend’s house was unusual.

She had small dark nipples and beautiful big indian boobs that were as fair as Anita’s complexion and the nipples were in magnificent contrast to her fair skin. Due to the breeze they were slowly becoming erect.

‘I…. well, could I get something to wear?’ she asked.

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‘Why. Are you feeling cold?’ Kavita sounded concerned.

‘No. Just feeling odd.’ She laughed.

‘Odd? Oh, I see. You are nude. That is why. Oh, come on, Anita. That day you were far more confident than me on the beach.’ Kavita also laughed.

‘Yes, but I don’t think now that it is such a good idea to be fully nude on the beach. I mean one has to take care that the sand doesn’t get in. Topless is fine.’ Anita said.

‘Tell me frankly, did Dileep enter you?’ Kavita asked.

‘I guess so.’ Anita shyly replied.

‘I thought so. The way he pulled off your panty, I knew that he wanted to see your pussy. I don’t blame him though. You have a lovely pussy. So properly shaped.

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I am impatient that way so I just shave it off.And those foreigners too managed to have a good look at your nude self.

Poor Dileep is not here otherwise he would give virtually anything to see you this way in his house. I hope you don’t mind my asking you too many questions. Did he discharge inside you as well?’

‘No, there was too much commotion and hustle bustle. Amit too was wrestling with you and there was so much chaos. I think he barely managed to enter me. So far as those foreigners were concerned, I would have certainly run away had he not held be so firmly by the arm. That’s all. What about you? Did Amit discharge?’

‘No. I think the reason is the same as yours. By the way how is it that Amit is circumcised?’ Kavita asked.