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Hello, I am HARSHA I found this amazing literotica & fappening site just by surfing in net. Am new to this site. I am 15 years of age and studying my 10 standard. Am from Hyderabad .Now am posting my real story which had happened 2 years ago that mean when am 13 years of age.

Now I will tell about my family, my family is a small family consisting of 3 members that is my dad , mom and me.

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Ours is a middle class family and dad will do textile business and mom is a house wife.Here the story begins……

fappening indian mom fucked by barbers sex storyMy mother’s name is Archana and her age is 35.She a beautiful women of good figure and fair in color. Her sizes are 36-25-35. this incident happened when she was that time one day wile taking bath she had slipped and fallen in bathroom.

Her head had a bad inner injury that means no blood and injury the internal part got damaged.

My dad took her to the hospital.

There the doctor examined her and conducted some tests on her head . after some time by seeing the reports he said the problem.

The problem was that due to hard hit on the head she will be fainting (becoming unconscious) daily for at least 6 -7 hours.

He also said that this can be cured by using some tablets and my dad felt very happy and took the prescription and took mom to home. He went out to get the medicines which were prescribed by the doctor and told me to look after my mom.

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Mom was usually at that time and started to cook but after some time she was walking unsteadily and fallen down unconsciously.

I was in fear and went to her at that small age I don’t know what to do and I started crying and waited for my father to come.

After some time my father came I saw me crying I thol the matter he told me about my mom’s condition and not to worry about it.

So I stooped crying and my dad went in and lifted my mom and placed her on the bed and tried to wake her up by sprinkling water on her face but she did not wake up.

Then he called to the doctor and told the condition.

Then the doctor said she will wake after 6-7 hours and not to be tensed. So my father left her and went to prepare our lunch.

This is my mom’s condition at that time.

As days are passing on and every day my mom used to faint and we did not feel tensed and got habituated to that.

After one month my dad has to go to Bombay to get stock for the cloth shop.

So he advised me to take care of my mom and said that he will return the next day.

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He gave me some money and told to get food from hotel if my mom doesn’t cook and also told that when my mom wakes up you shave the hair that had grown under her hands and at her pussy.

At that time I don’t know what is pussy so my father showed me and went .

I closed my house doors and mom was seeing tv. As usual after some time mom was fainted and I struggled hard to place her on bed. Then the time was 4:30 in the evening.

Then I went to see TV and after some time I got remembered as my dad said to shave her hair under hands and at pussy so first I went to my mom who was in a sleeping condition( fainted) and lifted her saree up to her pussy and saw lots of hair

It was like a forest so I thought that I cant shave it so I took the house lock and locked my house and went to a barber shop. Hindi Sex

There the barber shop was very busy and at last I went to a barber and told me to come to my house to shave .

I didn’t tell about the whole matter.

The barber thought that to shave for my dad so he asked his friend to accompany him.

I and the barber and his friend went to my house .

I opened the lock and we entered the house.

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Then I told him about my mother’s condition and the places where to shave on her.

He asked where my dad was?

I told him that he went to Bombay and will return tomorrow.

While am telling I saw his face and his friends face glowing with happiness.

Then the barbers friend got a phone call and told the barber that he will come back soon.

After his friend went out the barber took the shave blade and shaving gel from his kit.

As it was summer season I didn’t switch on fan my mom’s body is full of sweat.

First the barber removed her saree pallu I was just seeing it from a side.

Then he stretched her hands and there was lot of sweat.

He smelt that sweat and licked it then I asked him what he was doing he told that before shaving we should do like that then I kept quite.

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