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Then he touched my mom’s boobs on blouse.

At first he feared whether she would wake up but she didn’t .

He rubbed her breast well and kissed her stomach and navel and for 15 min.

I told him shall I remove her blouse to shave?

He then said no need and he will only remove.

I said ok.

Then he removed my mom’s blouse and saw her white bra.

Then he pressed her boobs with his both hands for 5 min and started licking and kissing her huge boobs on bra.

Then he turned her around and kissed her back and removed her bra.

Then I asked why he is removing that also.

He said that bra may spoil if hair falls on it.

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So I again kept quite. He removed her bra and made her half nude. He then kissed and bitten her nipples and sucked them.

Then he got up and removed her saree . now she was only in petticoat.

He then removed that petticoat also.

Now she is in her white panty.

He stretched her legs and started licking her pussy on panty only then he same a side and removed all his dress and became nude I saw his cock which was like a rod of 9 inches.

Then I asked why he became nude.

He said that his dress will spoil.

So I got back.

Then he came to mom and removed her panty.

He licked her haired pussy and fingered in it.

Then he without waiting put his cock in her pussy and fucked her like a mad dog.

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If my mom was if conscious she would definitely have died due to pain.

Then I asked what he was doing?

He said if we fuck like this the hair will cut easily.

So I kept quite again.

Then he lifted my mom and some how kept her in a doggy style and told me to hold her without falling down.

I obeyed his words and hold her.

He then took his hand in his hand and slowly kept is cock in my mom’s ass it didn’t go as her ass was very tight since my dad didn’t fuck her ass.

He then used his full force and pushed his cock.

His cock has entered fully and blood started coming out of mom’s ass. I got feared and asked why blood is coming he said its natural to come and cooled me.

He kept fucking her very hard and the bed sheet was filled with blood then some one knocked the door it was his friend.

He came in and saw mom getting ass fuck by his friend.

He hastily came and removed all his dress and came to mom and started scolding his friend for not calling his.

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His friend then kissed my mom’s lips then boobs nave and pussy.

He told his friend to get up.he got up and slept on the bed his friend lifted mom by opening her ass then placed her on the barbers cock.

The barbers cock correctly entered into her ass hole.

Then the barbers friend bent and licked her pussy and put his cock in mom’s pussy .

Now I went to them what the hell they was doing.

The barber told all they are doing to avoid pain during hair cut.

So I again got back and kept seeing them sandwich fuck to mom.

After that they shaved moms hair and fucked her again till night and while going they took moms photos with my cell and they cum all over moms body. I told them to help me to take my mom to bath.

They told that they will only will make her bath . then while bathing they again fucked her in bath room .

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Mean while I removed the bedsheet and placed another bed sheet.

Then after some time the came out of the bathroom with my unconscious mom .

I got a new saree ,bra , petticoat and a panty from the cupboard.

The barber and his friend helped me in dressing my mom and placed her on bed and kissed her on her lips and they told me that they will go.

I told them to stay so that I will get food from a hotel for me and my mom.

They agreed and I went leaving my mom and them at home.

I returned home after 1 hour and opened the door and saw that the barber and his friend fucking my mom again.

When I came they dressed my mom again and they went.

From that day due to my foolishness mom got fucked by many.

I will post my next story of my mom in next episode.