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While watching the scene of Dileep entering Anita Amit unknowingly started playing with the bare breasts of Kavita and she moaned slightly. She could also feel the hardness of his cock digging into the crack of her ass. As they watched it appeared that Dileep was too close to coming to continue. Amit positioned himself behind her and easily placed the tip of his cock at her wet pussy. Her reaction was all the encouragement he needed as she groaned deeply and pushed her pussy back toward him. He pushed forward at the same time and almost immediately was buried fully inside her thanks to Kavita’s act in guiding his cock into her.

Dileep looked over at the other bed as his cock was in the firm grip of Anita’s pussy and saw that Amit was in the process of making love to Kavita from behind. She was now on all fours and he could see her bare breasts wobble back and forth from the force of Amit’s thrusts. Amit seemed to be looking down at his own wife as Dileep was inside her. Amit’s thrusts became stronger and he began to grope at Kavita’s ass as they fucked. She was now groaning with each of his thrusts and as she neared her orgasm she rested her head on the pillow and closed her eyes. Her expression looked as though she was completely lost in the pleasure of the moment. Seeing this, Amit also deliberately slowed down.

After a little while it looked like Dileep was all the way in and he stopped moving again. When he started again, he did very long and slow strokes even letting the tip of his penis come out of her and then gently going back inside her pussy lips holding the cock in a tight grip. He actually did this for over ten minutes, stopping sometimes for a minute or so as he made love to her. Dileep started a long session of thrusting into her, and then they both saw his muscles tense up as he pushed all the way into her and froze. Amit was taking slow and deep strokes in Kavita’s pussy who was close to orgasm just by watching her husband and Anita. Dileep stayed that way for a couple of minutes inside Anita’s pussy and then withdrew his cock still erect.

‘Well, how was it?’ Kavita finally asked her husband after a moment’s interlude.

‘It was great but don’t you think Anita should have been woken up?’ Dileep asked.

‘The next time can include orals as well.’ Kavita replied as they settled down to sleep.

‘Why next time? Why not now? You girls don’t seem to understand how difficult it is for men to go to sleep with two nude females and hard cocks?’ Dileep protested.

‘Look, Kavita why don’t you, well play around with Anita? I mean even if you taste her pussy, the juices that will be flowing out will be Dileep’s only and that way, she will wake up gradually.’ Amit said.

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‘Sure.’ Kavita replied. As Dileep went over to the other side of the bed, Kavita took her husband’s place. Very gingerly, she touched Anita’s taut nipples. Anita’s nipples were sensitive and within no time started getting harder and harder and erect. This was something Kavita had noticed the other day on the beach as well. Moving her fingers down, sliding them over her skin, Kavita brushed the tips of her fingers over her nipples.Anita took a quick breath and sighed. As Kavita waited Anita stretched and started pushing her chest out to Kavita. Kavita just couldn’t believe how she felt. For that matter even the men were aroused eagerly anticipating as to how Anita would react. Just touching Anita’s skin was driving her crazy. She could feel herself getting more and more aroused. And her pussy was getting more and more wet.

Her fingers kept moving over Anita, squeezing, rubbing, massaging. She pushed her fingers down over her nipples, flicking her nail over her very erect nub. Anita moaned in response. Kavita flicked her brown nipple again, over and over again. Taking her mounds in her hands, she pushed them together and rubbed back and forth. Anita was breathing quicker, short gasps coming from her mouth. Closing her forefinger and thumb around her nipple, Kavita pinched gently. When Anita moaned louder, she squeezed harder, pulling on her tight little nipple.

Kavita played with Anita’s tits, working her fingers over her nipples and squeezing with her hands. Anita leaned back, thrusting her breasts forward. Her chest rose up and all three of them exchanged smiles. Kavita had to taste those brown little nipples. Leaning forward, she did what she loves to have Dileep do to her. Using just the tip of her tongue, she slowly circled Anita’s right nipple, never actually touching her nub. Anita moaned and pushed her tit up further into Kavita’s face. It was evident that she was enjoying this and would soon be awake fully charged. Moving to her other breast, Kavita repeated the slow circles, torturing her.Finally, she flicked her tongue over her left nipple and pulled it into her mouth.Closing her lips around the tight-knit chocolate brown nipple, she sucked slowly, savoring the flavor and sensation. Although she too had enjoyed herself as much as the others on the beach the other day, but tonight was different. Here was she sucking on another woman’s nipple while their respective husbands were watching.

Anita moaned and pushed upwards, pushing her breast into Kavita’s mouth. Kavita’s hair flowed down covering her chest as she suckled at her nipples. Anita gradually opened her eyes and she moved Kavita’s hair with the flick of her hand and watched as Kavita’s lips closed over her other nipple and sucked hard as her fingers played with the wet nipple she had just had in her mouth.Suddenly, she felt another sensation she hadn’t been expecting.Anita had reached up and was rubbing her breasts.

Slowly, her fingers massaged Kavita’s nipple, pulling and tugging it while Kavita sucked harder on her nipple. Suddenly she sat up so that her full breasts dangled down, swinging gently. Anita’s fingertips reached up to meet her engorged nipples, squeezing and teasing. Kavita moaned and Anita, knowing what she craved, leaned forward and took her right nipple in her mouth. Anita’s mouth was warm and so wet. Her suck was different than Dileep’s, more delicate. Anita pulled her breast into her mouth and sucked slow and deliberately. Her hand reached up and touched the other breast and squeezed.

When her mouth finally tore away from Kavita’s nipple, they looked at each other, their breathing quick and short. Her hand snaked up around Kavita’s neck and their lips met and they kissed liked lovers. Anita’s tongue pushed Kavita’s lips open, wedging itself between them. Kavita moaned and sucked on the tip of her tongue as the kiss deepened. Both of them were fully aroused and felt a rush through their bodies. Kavita’s pussy was drenched and she just wanted Anita forgetting what the original plan was.

Sitting up, she looked at Anita.Her lips were red and full. Kavita leaned over and kissed her quickly. Sitting up again, she reached down and ran her hand up her thigh.She watched as Kavita’s hand stroked her skin, rubbing gently against her thigh.As Kavita’s hand slowly explored her thigh, Anita opened her legs a little.Pushing her legs wider apart to which there was no resistance from Anita Kavita stroked her inner thigh and then bringing the finger back played lightly with the ring that was naughtily perched in Anita’s belly button.

Running the tip of her finger up and down gently, she touched Anita. Kavita gently opened Anita’s legs once again and stared at her naked, shaped glistening pussy. Her lips were pink, swollen and wet with a mop of delicately groomed hair covering the mound. Not taking her eyes off her, Kavita slowly ran her finger over her bare pussy. She moaned, arching up. Slipping the tip of her finger just inside her lips, Kavita stroked her and was amazed at how similar she felt to her own pussy. She loved the way her fingers feel when she or Dileep used to slide them inside her just enough to give her the tingle of having something inside her. Evidently, Anita loved it too.

Moving her finger up and down, Kavita stroked her pussy lips. She needed to know even more. Leaning down, she opened Anita’s legs further. Laying between her legs, she gently licked her lips with her tongue. Anita sighed. Kavita found that Anita tasted a little like herself but with an extra spice. She guessed it to be her body wash or perhaps just a different body smell. Her tongue pushed deeper inside her and she tasted even more of her. Anita’s clit was hard and felt good between her lips as Kavita sucked her. Anita moaned and pushed upwards.

As Kavita ate her pussy, Anita reached down and petted her head. She was moaning and writhing under Kavita who brought her quickly to an orgasm, loving how her mouth filled with her flavor as she shook uncontrollably around her.As Kavita attempted to stand up Anita grabbed her hand, pulling her down.She positioned Kavita above her head and Anita watched in delight as Kavita moaned in response to Anita’s tongue licking Kavita’s pussy wildly. Anita’s tongue moved with an experienced grace over Kavita’s lips and down to the crack in her ass.Leaning forward, Kavita again pressed her tongue to Anita’s pussy. Their sixty nine position was intense as they both licked and sucked and fingered the other.