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Rohit put his hand on Manish’s panty and told her that u r really wet inside your panty.

Manisha was just moaning and enjoying every situation as fantasy of every woman of having 2 men at a time and with her husband’s permission is seriously coming true. Rohit also made himself nude and shown his big dick to Manisha. She was amazed to see his big dick. Rohit immediately pulled Manisha take to the bathroom where he made her stand below the shower. As we have 2 bhk flat our bed room is a master bed room.

Now Manisha was full wet and showing every of her body part to Rohit . Rohit started sucking her everywhere. Manisha now started moaning loudly “ Rohit pls lick me everywhere.

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I was dying for this from a very long time… pls lick my pussy and its my fantasy that u should lick my pussy in front of my husband Sumeet”. Suddenly Rohit put his hand in the wet petticoat and pulled down Manish’s panty and took her back to the bed.

Rohit told Manisha to suck My cock in a doggy style. Manisha removed my pant and started stroking my cock I acted like I am drunk a lot and then Rohit on his back on the bed started sucking Manisha’s pussy.

The time he put is tongue on her pussy and started licking she moaned very loudly…. Oh Rohit u r making me mad ….put ur tongue deep inside and lick it oh Aur jor se Aur jor se Rohit…. Aur jor se chaat….aaj mein paagal ho rahi hu…

I am going so wild.. I have 2 dicks in the bed today…

Rohit started pinching Manisha’s nipples now and she was going wild and started stroking my cock faster in her mouth…Rohit pulled Manisha back and made her sleep beside me. Rohit was also became animal now. After making Manisha sleep on her back started licking her nipples hardly. Manisha started moaning again loudly…aaaahhhhh……ooohhhh……pls suck these nipples more after 5 mins of sucking Rohit again moved to Manisha’s pussy and told her….

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I will fuck u in front of your husband only, I made u nude in front of ur husband … I sucked ur bare big nipples and hot wet pussy in front of ur husband now …..u suck my hard cock in front of ur husband…See Sumeet is also enjoying his cock is als tight …

Manisha started stroking is cock in her mouth. Mainsha now was very wild. Rohit pulled his cock out of

Manisha’s mouth and put her head on my stomach told Manisha to stroke my cock with her one hand and started massaging her pussy with his dick.

Manisha was getting impatient now and told Rohit in a very demanding way that “ Rohit don’t tease me anymore pls puck ur hard long dick in my pussy and satisfy me” I was now horny and cannot keep my mouth shut . I just got up. Rohit was now stopped like paused the things.

I told Rohit about our plan now and given my cock in Manisha’s mouth. Rohit started fucking Manisha with his hard cock full in and out in the pussy.

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Manisha also widen her legs fully to take Rohit’s cock full inside. Rohit’s hard cock is now hitting manisha’s pussy in full faster way. Manisha was now on her full swing closed her eyes stroking my cock and moaning very loudly .

Oh Rohit …. fuck me fuck me harder… Aur jor se …Aur jor se karo… fuck me more harder…. see Sumeet I am enjoying a lot now, Rohit is fucking me nicely…

I am going wild now Sumeet… he has got much bigger cock than yours….Ohhhhhh…fuck me harder Rohit . Fuck me in front of my husband……ooohhhhh harder Rohit harder now…. I am going to come please Rohit hit my pussy harder while saying this Manisha held me with both of her hands on her head positions and Rohit is stroking harder as if he was also coming both came together and Manisha moaned loudly while coming oh Rohit i am coming…

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Fill my pussy fully with your hard dick….ooohh yesssssss, Both of them came at a time. We had food after that and had 5 rounds in the night. We became very good friends after that. As it opened the doors for both of us for the spice in our life. Me and Manisha are happy in our life having better understandings with each other and also yes love for each other. Rohit sometimes visit our house on some occasions. We still enjoy good sessions at home.

I allowed Manisha to fulfill her fantasy and which make me also happy. After Rohit and Manisha’s session, I also enjoyed one of woman in Manisha’s relation with full swing of sexual pleasure. We are really happy couple and now try all different ways which really keeps spice in sexual life.