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She started wearing tightly wrapped sarees , tight salwars and chudidars where she started getting the attentions from the other men.

She even started wearing sexy blouses at some occasions when we 2 only go out. She started teasing me while having a sex sessions that in the office also lots of my colleagues I am attracting.

She started feeling the confidence now & became more bold and sexy. We started having more fun now in the bed as she also openly started taking Rohit’s name or sometimes some office colleagues’ name who used to make her horny in the office by looking at her body.

The day came where our life changed and we became more open with each other. Manisha had a phone call on Saturday at 9 in the evening and it was Rohit.

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Let me tell you, before that also Manisha told me lot of time that during or after office hours she had spoken to Rohit lots of time and he started crossing his limits on the phone while talking.

What I did is I put the earphone one in my ear and other in Manisha’s ear and told her to speak to Rohit. He first casually asked her about where she is and is Sumeet (Me) around.

Manisha looking at me with a naughty smile told him that she is at home and Sumeet is not here. Then he started talking to her naughty thing used the word boobs , her wide ass, her lots of other body parts too.

He suddenly asked her that if Sumeet is not there tonight can he come to make her happy today? Manisha looked at me I told her to tell him to come tomorrow in the evening.

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Mainsha was confused I told her to just do that. She invited him on Sunday night for the dinner at home.

The time she kept the phone I told her about the plan first she denied but because of her love and lust for Rohit she said yes. I told her only if she is comfortable then only we will go ahead.

The time came Sunday evening The doorbell rang at somewhere around 9. Yes I forgot to tell you that it was a first day of holi and the second day will be Colour holi.

I told Manisha to wear her low cut blouse which was of Cream colour & was very open back blouse.

I told Manisha to wear her netted designed black bra which was clearly visible thru that thin material blouse with the very wide and clear cleavage because her wide neck which was almost with the bra cups hardly covering her big melons in the tight blouse.

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Her nipple impression was also visible thru that.

She also agreed and wore a saree 3 inch below her navel and very low as if somebody put the figure from the back then her ass crack can be visible.

The saree was very thin plane cream colour as the matching blouse was and thru her petticoat her panty impression was clearly visible as the same was tightly wrapped on my wife’s wide big ass.

The time doorbell rang I purposely told Manisha to open the door and I was watching from the bedroom door. Rohit was stunned to see Mainsha. His eyes were wide open to see her. He asked that Sumeet is here? She told him yes, he was nervous then.

He asked him where is he? Manisha told him that he is taking a bath. Immediately having a eye in the other room Rohit told Manisha that she is really looking hot wild and sexy.

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He would like to make her love here itself & he held her waist , Manisha to tease him smiled naughty called me. I came in a minute where Rohit didn’t have any more chance to do anything further.

I greeted him very well and given the wishes of holi by meeting him in each other’s arm.

I told Manisha to greet him and wish him liked I wish Rohit. Rohit was shocked to hear this. I told yes why not I m not a conservative husband. I am very open minded person and u both r friends from a very long time.