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So no harm in wishing like this. With no time Rohit took Manisha in his arm and wished her in front of me and while departing he purpose moved his full hand on her round tight ass.

After some talks I told Manisha to get some food and Even thandai with a little bit of Bhang.

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I told Rohit that it’s a bhang mixed since I don’t have a habit much pls bare if I go out of way. We had bhang of 4 glasses each and Manisha with 2 glasses. I started acting after atleast an hours time of talk like I am out of my senses.

I started taking Manish in my arms even in front of Rohit. I made Manisha sit in between me and Rohit.

Suddenly the topic turned to sex.

I immediately made a comment that Manisha is very horny and sexy in the bed. Rohit immediately said yes she should be.

Suddenly a silence in the room and I laughed loudly and I said as I am not in my sense acting the same U know Rohit Manisha really have very sexy Boobs and a very wide ass which I like most.

Rohit is now looking straight at her boobs and manisha was enjoying his straight attention getting horny.

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Horny with the feeling that the things she used to fantasize about Rohit is now getting in reality where Rohit is going to make her wild love in the bed with her husband’s permission.

She naughtily smiled at him and said messaged frm her eyes as if she is inviting Rohit to make her wild love. Rohit got the signle and made me drink 2 more glasses of bhang even after my deny because I am getting out of senses.

After that I acted as if my eyes are even not opening. Both of them took me in arms Rohit in Left side and Manisha in right side.

I thought to myself that the plan of acting is working very well and also getting horny that my wife’s fantasy is getting fulfilled. It’s a wonderful feeling.

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While taking to the bedroom Rohit was pressing his hand on Manisha’s right boob on the blouse. The moment both of them put me on bed I held Manisha and started taking in my arms as if I am not having senses.

Manisha was very wild till that time. Manisha was on me and I was pressing her round ass in front of Rohit. Rohit was enjoying this. I made a further move of taking manisha’s pallu and throwing it apart.

Suddenly I got more pressure on me it was Rohit who was pressing Manish’s round ass over her saree. Manisha was also getting wild now didn’t object .

Rohit has got the ok signal now even from manisha and started removing her saree and made her on blouse and petticoat.

Now Manisha was not pulled by Rohit as I was in drowsy voice said where are you going she said I am just coming back in some time want to take a bath my dick was hard and I taken it out and said first you take in a mount for some time and then go.

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Manisha started doing the same and Rohit started kissing her on her back . he suddenly made his move in her petticoat and started kissing her things and upper part of thighs she now was wet with the situation that she is having a dick of her hubby in her hand and her boyfriend is sucking her thighs.