Waiter used my newly wed dusky wife

She was having a good time. After a while, another waiter, the one who had brought our food and drinks to our room, joined them. They were talking about something and laughing.

I couldn’t make out what they were talking, but can sense that Sharon was getting drunk. Her hands were a bit out of control as she drank. Waiters knew this too.

Suddenly, one of them said something in her ear and patted her ass!

How dare he!

I was filled with rage. I wanted to bash his head and kill him. But I wanted to see how Sharon responded.

To my surprise, she smiled and said something in return. Both the waiters smiled and exchanged looks.

In few minutes, Sharon got up and followed the waiter, the one who brought our food, behind the counter through a door, marked “Storage room”.

She was upto something nasty.

I got up and walked past the waiter on the counter, towards the door. He looked at me but didn’t say anything.

The door opened in a alley. It had several rooms. I heard muffled voices from one of them.

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I walked towards the door and opened it. It was dimly lit. I can see liqour bottles, racked in big boxes, placed neatly on shelves aligned side by side, leaving space to walk in between them. I heard Sharon say something in joy from the farthest corner of the room.

I managed to give myself a good viewing from by climbing on a side-shelf which had empty wooden boxes. I can see Sharon and the waiter clearly from there.

Sharon was on her knees and looking at the waiter’s dick!

“It’s the biggest I have seen”, she said holding it.

“Well, don’t just look at it, do your magic,”, waiter said, pushing his dick towards Sharon’s mouth.

She didn’t object and took it

She started sucking it like a pro. She was making all kinds of noises as the waiter arched back in ecstasy. He might be one of the luckiest man alive to have his dick in my wife’s mouth right now. I wanted to kill him, but seeing my wife get down and suck his dick made me horny and full of guilt.

She sucked him for few minutes and then both of them got naked.

My dusky wife, who was now a waiter’s whore was nude and the waiter jumped on her boobs and started mauling them and biting them. He chewed on her dark black areolas and pressed her boobs with force.

Sharon let out a painful moan.

Then he licked her hairy pussy. Sharon was shivering and moaning. She was in wonderland.

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The waiter then put his big cock in my wife’s pussy and started pumping her. She cried with pain and joy. His cock was a bit big for her, I guess. She screamed and moaned and moved her hips with him. He fucked her for about 10-12 minutes and cummed in her pussy.

Sharon didn’t mind it. She smiled and kissed him. He caressed her and sucked her boobs for a while and then both of them got up and dressed.

I was still in shock watching Sharon get dirty and fuck a waiter. I noticed a backdoor in the alley and made my way out of the hotel. I needed some fresh air after watching my dusky wife’s escapades.

She fucked other waiter and lot more people on our honeymoon. I’ll tell that story in next part. Stay tuned and don’t forget to leave your comments.