Waiter used my newly wed dusky wife

Hello friends. My name is Kevin and I am from Bangalore. I work in a Call Center and have a good body with a 6 inches dick. I got married to one of the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Our marriage was arranged by elderly so I never got much of a chance to know her before our marriage. This story is about my wife’s escapades after our marriage and during our honeymoon. I found a new face of my dusky wife during our little adventure. Be sure to read it with your dicks in your hands and don’t miss other soon to come parts.

I got married to Sharon 2 years ago. She is a beautiful dusky maiden. She has a curvy body, nice ass, medium sized boobs and nice juicy pussy. After our marriage, I booked a honeymoon package to Udaipur. I always wanted to visit the palaces and spend some time boating in the ponds nearby. Honeymoon was a good option. I can spend some good time with my wife, privately and enjoying the scenic Udaipur.

So on the 3rd day after our marriage, we arrived in Udaipur. Checked into a Hotel, I had pre-booked our rooms in and made ourselves comfortable. Sharon and I had some good sexual time in the room before bathing together. I bit her on her boobs, fucked her pussy and caressed her body. She was like an angle during sex and responded well with her hip movements and Ooohhss and Aaahhhs quite often.

Once we were fresh and all dressed up, we paid the hotel restaurant a visit. It was good. We ordered some rice, curry and vegetables and had a good lunch. After that, we hired a local cabbie and visited some popular places around the city. We got a chance to visit and participate in some Boating activities too.

At around 8pm, we reached hotel and ordered some Wine and food in our room itself. Sharon was quite picky about Wine and stuffs, so we ordered a red wine and a small Scotch Whisky for me.

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“Kevin, I’ll take a bath. I feel tired a bit,” Sharon said, as she got nude.

“Sure,” I nodded as she went in the bathroom and turned on the shower.

After some time, the door bell rang. I opened it. A waiter came in with a trolley. It had our food, wine, Whiskey, some glasses and water as ordered. He was putting them on the table when suddenly Sharon came out of the bathroom. She wore a skimpy bathrobe. It revealed most of her legs upto her thighs and half of her Cleavage. She didn’t mind the waiter staring at her.

“Put the Wine and Whiskey on the table near the window, please”, I broke his stare.

He fumbled a bit and did as asked.

“Do you need anything else, sir?”, he asked.

He must have been in his mid thirties, average height and build but smart nonetheless.

“Not much for now, I will call the room service when needed”, He replied.

He nodded and left with a smile.

Sharon was still in her bathroom, looking at both of us as the waiter left. Once he left, Sharon removed her robe and wore a gown dress. She didn’t wear anything beneath the dress. No bra or panty. She was all nude below.

Then we sat down and had some drinks. Her gown dress was bit loose and I can easily see half of her boobs from it. Sharon was a free minded girl and liked to wear dresses that showed her dusky flesh.

After around 30 minutes, I was done with my whiskey and already in bliss. My head was spinning. I might have overdid this time.

“I can’t take it anymore Sharon.”, I said slumping on the bed,” I’ll take a short nap, while you have something to eat”.

Sharon didn’t respond. She was still sipping her wine when my eyes closed and I went to deep sleep.

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I woke up with a sudden jerk. I must have slept for 2-3 hours. I had a severe headache. I don’t know why, but I felt my head spin. I looked around. Sharon was nowhere in the room.

I looked in the bathroom and she was not there too.

Maybe she went to restaurant to get something, I thought as I went downstairs. Down below I saw her sitting at the resto-bar counter. She was laughing and talking to another waiter as he served her some drinks.

She was drinking WHISKEY!

She never drank Whiskey in front of me. But here she was, drinking whiskey and chatting with a complete stranger.

I decided against alarming her and sat on a nearby stool, ordered some soft drink and watch Sharon from distance.