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Excited Koel sucked her respected mother’s each lips in her mouth and dabbed her tongue over her teeth. She darted her tongue deep inside her mother’s mouth and played with her tongue. Indranidebi flayed her daughter’s tongue with hers as she was in throes of her intense orgasm. Koel swirled her tongue in pool of saliva in her mother’s mouth and enjoyed every drop of it.

Ranjitbabu turned the camera to capture his wife’s fuck twat after it had been licked to the core by his brother-in-law Jay’s wild tongue. The thick hair was all wet and dripped of sweat, saliva and cunt nectar. The sticky mixture of liquids had glued the thick black hair to a bunch and it lay plastered to her skin all around her fat cunt lips. The thick cunt lips bulged in and out and the slit opened and closed. Indranidebi had her hips still raised and continued to moan softly as she enjoyed her entire orgasm.

“Are you guys horny to screw my hot wife ?” asked Rajatbabu who had been turned on immensely to observe his beloved wife’s hornines.

“Yeah, we want to fuck this luscious and erotic beauty of Tollygung film industry to our heart’s desire” Kalu & Jay said together.

” OK Kalu , you fuck my wife doggie” Ranjitbabu said and moved over to position the camera.

48 yrs old Bengalee actress Indrani Chatterjee stood on all fours and her big buttocks looked like an opened jack-fruit. The globes were huge, tight and saucy. Adibasi servant Kalu who had been horny got to his job at once. He wanted to fuck this famous film-heroine’s intoxicating butt first before he fucked her steaming fuck twat.

Indranidebi’s plump butt turned on Kalu and Jay as well and they wanted to fuck her in her great looking buttocks. Kalu spread her big butt rumps and placed his throbbing cock on her dark anus. Her puckered anal-hole entrance throbbed and popped like the mouth of a small fish.

Realising Kalu’s intention to fuck his wife’s ass-hole, Ranjitbabu said to her daughter,” Koel ma, Kalu tor mayer pod marte chaiche, phutota ektu rasie de” Hearing her father’s direction naked Bengalee actress Koel Chatterjee walked over to her mother.

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As she walked her big butt and her soft boobies jiggled back and forth. Sucking her own fingers she pushed the wet fingers into her respected mother’s anus and loosened the tightness and then gripping Kalu’s cock, she placed his cock head into the puckered entrance. Kalu pushed and her anus opened up for his cock. He tried again, this time his cock entered her puckered anal-hole slowly.

“Its too big for my hole , push it more, yes yes ah h h oh issssssss ” Indranidebi screamed clutching the carpet.She breathed out heavily in anticipation of Adibasi Kalu’s entry into her tight asshole. Koel moved near her mother’s face and knelt down in front of her.

Indranidebi’s face is now on her daughter’s hairy pussy and she fed her her itching pussy. Indranidebi loved her daughter’s pussy-juice taste. Koel held her respected mother’s head and moved her mouth over her soaking pussy.

In the meantime Jay moved under his didi, placed his throbbing cock head in his didi’s pussy, with an upward thrust he pushed his cock all the way inside her pussy. He moved it in and out and began to fuck her hot cunt with upward thrust.

Whenever Jay’s cock shoved inside her juicy cunt, Indranidebi’s huge ass lifted upward with his brother’s upward thrust and at the same time Kalu, holding her ass tightly with a heavy downward thrust pushed his 10 inches nigro dick totally into her ass and began to pump his cock in and out of her huge ass.

In this way the top Bengalee mature actress Smt.Indrani Chatterjee was being fucked in her both holes same time by her brother and her daughter’s adibasi cook cum servant. Holding her hips Kalu was fucking rapidly into Indranidebi’s tight anus from behind. Her anus now opened easily and accommodated Kalu’s cock.

Indranidebi was extremely horny and her pussy dripped of her juices. Being fully impaled in her ass by Kalu’s nigro-like dick Indranidebi was fucking her brother vigorously. Being double penetrated first time in her life, Indranidebi’s hornines picked up high.

“Un n n n n n n g g gn g ” famous tolly celeb Smt.Indrani Chatterjee screamed in joy and pressed her mouth more on her daughter’s juicy twat and sucked the overflowing sweet nectar. Bending forward and cupping her mother’s hanging boobies, Koel Chatterjee began to knead them.