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Koel moved the camera to her mother’s anus. It was dark, round and puckered. It throbbed and bulged in and out. The crevice that separated her big butt was slightly dark and it was wet. Indranidebi had hair even around her anus and Koel made a lot of close up shots of that sensitive hole. Her thick black pubic hair attenuated her skin fairness and Indranidebi opened and closed her legs again and again for the camera.

Indranidebi’s brother Jay knelt down and put his head between his respected Didi’s fleshy legs and began to eat her lovely pussy. Sitting at the computer Koel Chatterjee moved the camera to the desired locations.In this moment Indranidebi’s husband Ranjt Chatterjee entered into the drawing-room and began to cooperate his daughter for the shooting.

Then Koel rose from her chair, did Pranam to her respected father by touching his feet and then removed her saree and blouse, wearing in bra & panty she sat beside her mother. Adibasi servant Kalu also did Pranam to Ranjitbabu and sat another side of Indranidebi with Ranjitbabu’s direction. Now both Kalu and his didimani Koel were ready to suck on those lovely, ripe and succulent and big Indian mangoes.

Ranjitbabu revolved the camera around his wife’s big boobs. They were big and tight. The areolas were large and her nipples were long and thick. The heavy boobs jiggled as she breathed. Koel held her respected mother’s left breast in her hands and rolled her thick nipples between her fingers. She rolled it and then tweaked it all of a sudden sending goose bumps all over her sexy body.

” Oh ! oh m m m m m m m ma a a a ” Indranidebi moaned softly at the sweet sensation that filled her body with her daughter’s caressing.

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Kalu did exactly what his didimani Koel did and soon both of them were working on each of Indrani Chatterjee’s luscious boobs. With open palms they rubbed her boobs and massaged them slowly. Indranidebi’s boobs jiggled and bulged and her nipples became hard and erect.

At the same time she pressed her brother’s head on her pussy with her hands.Her brother’s swirling tounge in her sensitive pussy created electric shocks. She twisted her body to cope with the new pleasure. Kalu and Koel both took her breast in their mouths and began to suck lustily. Both of them did exactly what the other did.

Indranidebi’s brother Jay parted his didi’s legs even wider and moved his tongue over the dense pubic jungle. Her grabbed the bush in his mouth and made it wet with his tongue. He moved his thumbs over Indranidebi’s thick pussy lips and massaged it gently.

Indranidebi was getting it and her cunt responded rather quickly. Her cunt pulsated and it bulged out and blossomed like a flower. Her pouting cunt lips gapped open and her sticky cunt juice formed thick strings between them. It was a gorgeous sight and her husband Ranjitbabu never missed the shot.

Ranjitbabu made a very close up shot of it and his wife’s hairy fuck twat appeared like a hairy cave on the computer screen. Jay loved the natural smell of his didi’s hairy pussy and he slowly licked her sweet crack that was filled with her juice.

“Hmmmm m m m didi re ki sundar tor guder rasta ” Jay said and smacked on the juice like a cat swirling its tongue in a bowl of milk.

“Oh-h-h a-h-a kha ah a bokachoda, amar rasta bhalo kore kha ” Great Bengalee Celeb actress Indrani Chatterjee let out a loud groan with slang bengali word as her brother Jay let his tongue lick her syrupy cunt nectar.

Jay flayed his tongue all over his didi’s fuck twat and held her thick cunt lips between his lips and nibbled it. Using both his thumbs he splayed open her upper folds of her cunt lips and caught her erect clit between his lips. He worked his tongue on it slowly. The tip of his tongue moved around her clit and he flicked over it faster and harder.

“Oh ah h h gudmarani khankichoda bhai re, chos chos a a a a, gelo re, amar rasta jhore gelo ” famous mature Bengalee actress Indrani Chatterjee yelled and twisted her body.

In the meantime Koel & Kalu sucked her boobies again and again and the two big globes were fully wet. Kalu now trailed his tongue to her belly flab and licked it up and down and pushed his tongue into her round navel. He swirled his tongue inside her navel and made her extremely horny.

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Kalu, Jay and Koel pleasured the famous mature Bengalee sex-bomb of Tollygung film industry and she loved it all. She grunted like a wild animal and bucked up her hips again and again. Jay held his didi’s big butt and massaged the lovely rumps. Indranidebi’s bulky body jerked as she was overtaken by the intense orgasm and she came in waves after waves.

Koel clamped to her mother’s lips and Ranjitbabu quickly turned the camera to his wife’s sexy face. Her eyes were closed and her mouth wide open and she grunted loudly from the depth of her throat. Her face had turned pink and she removes her daughter’s bra & panty one by one. Then cupping her daughter’s one boob, Indranidebi pushed a finger in her already soaked pussy and began to fuck her with her finger.